Gaslight Anthem Frontman Says Struggle of Divorce Shaped 'Get Hurt'

Brian Fallon speaks the inspiration sources of the band's latest record.

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Brian Fallon has revealed he struggled with the making of latest Gaslight Anthem album "Get Hurt" as he lived through his divorce from wife Hollie.

The band's fifth studio outing launched last month - but while the frontman says the split shaped much of the material, he doesn't see it as a breakup album.

Fallon tells Canoe (via Classic Rock): "It's what happened during that period, and a lot of the stuff in there is about that. A lot of it is my frustration and my struggle. But I'll tell you one thing: it's not Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks, that's for sure - but I'm developing my opinions as I go."

He insists playing the songs from "Get Hurt" live won't trigger any emotional response from that period of his life. "You work through whatever you're going through at the time you write the song," he says. "Once you have something done that people are resonating to, it almost becomes more about the people you're singing to and what it means to them."

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    Never really got into Gaslight Anthem properly before this, but this track is solid. Definitely going to have to give the album a listen.
    Nero Galon
    As far as albums go in general its a really solid album, however if you find yourself into Get Hurt then it would be a crime not to explore their other stuff.
    I will delve back in then methinks. Any particular recommendations on where to start?
    Nero Galon
    Depends I think. I am a big fan of all their work but in particular Sink or Swim and The 59' Sound are outstanding. You will notice a big change from SOS from the later stuff however. Since you've taken a liking to Get Hurt though, maybe it would be a good idea to work backwards and listen to Handwritten, then American Slang, then 59 Sound and then SOS.
    What does he mean "it's not Blood On The Tracks"? 'Cause that's a great album!
    Fallon wasn't referring to the album's quality...Blood On The Tracks was deeply open, and obviously a very personal album for Dylan, which had to do with his estranged wife.
    I know BOTT well, it's just that apparently their album is about his divorce too so I suppose it's also very personal and has to do with his estranged wife. I didn't get his point.
    Blood On The Tracks is the saddest and most heartbroken of heartbreak albums. Can't lie though Get Hurt ain't far off. Great album but I'm not used to Gaslight being on such depressing roads.