Gear Test: Here's the Difference Between $100, $700, and $10,000 Bass

Lindo vs. Fender vs. Fodera.

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Gear Test: Here's the Difference Between $100, $700, and $10,000 Bass

In his recent video, Davie504 tested three basses from various price ranges.

Specifically, the musician rocked a $100 Lindo P-Bass, a $700 Fender Jazz Bass, and a $10,000 Fodera Emperor Deluxe.

You can check out the results in the embedded player below.

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    Ok the Fodera sound good but still doesn't deserve this kind of price... The fender sound just as good without having to sell your left nut !
    To be fair I don't think I'd even get $700 for my left nut... My right nut however, that's a totally different ball game.
    Some of the price isn't about sound.  It is about the skill the craftsman put into it.  Their work and attention to detail is the price.   #Musicmansaren'tthatgreat
    I don't care what anyone says, i would never pay over 1000 for a musical instrument, and yes Musicman's really aren't that great.
    This might be somewhat useful if they were the same kind of bass. As it is, who knows if the price makes the sound difference or if we're just hearing Precision vs. Jazz vs. Dual Humbucker.
    Honestly, through a good amp & speaker almost any bass will sound good. The reason I play a Lakland at the moment is mostly the feeling, comfort and durability. It came perfectly set up, feels awesome to play and I never had the slightest problem with it. That's why I spent a little more.
    What a great video! No talking, no acting the fool. Just some dude with some real talent playing the bass. Pretty sure if I did the same test they'd all sound equally crap. 
    Sigh... Why three different models? A P-bass, J-bass and some super deluxe Fodera. Does not make any sense. I prefer the P-bass though since that Fender sounded too thin and the Fodera lacked interesting sound.
    it's like a $100 fuck vs a $10k fuck give you the same moans, but you just can't leave out the fact that Miss World get her crown not only for her moans.