Geezer Butler Gives Iommi Update

artist: Tony Iommi date: 01/23/2012 category: music news
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Geezer Butler Gives Iommi Update
Despite his recent cancer diagnosis, Tony Iommi is apparently on a creative roll. Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler revealed on his website that Iommi recently wrote the music for two songs for the forthcoming Sabbath album. "Today [January 19], we got the engines back up and running at Tony's home studio," Butler writes. "Far from being down and depressed about his lymphoma diagnosis, Tony had already written the music for two new songs, and I must say it has given us all a kick up the rump. It's great to hear him churning out those riffs again, assuaging the Demon C. Takes more than that to stop Tony. Can't wait for you all to hear our workings; it has been great working on this stuff." Butler continues: "I want to thank the lovely encouraging emails sent to this site giving Tony love and encouragement and great vibes. It really does help, not only Tony, but us as a band. It raises up our spirits and restores our faith in this tarnished world. Sabb fans are good people. Time and again you have proven your faith in us and boosted our endeavor." Black Sabbath are slated to tour Europe this summer. The trek includes a headlining post at the Download Festival. Thanks for the report to Russell Hall,
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