Geezer Butler Leaks RATM Plans

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 02/07/2013 category: music news
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Geezer Butler Leaks RATM Plans
Geezer Butler has accidentally revealed that Rage Against The Machine will reform in 2013 for a new album recording or live shows. If true, it could be massive news for fans who have been waiting over 13 years for a new record. Rage drummer Brad Wilk has been recording drums on the new Black Sabbath album, so Metal Insider asked if he would be touring live with them once the album is released. That's when Butler let slip: "We're not sure yet. We don't know because I think Brads got commitments with Rage Against The Machine. So it'll probably be either Tommy [Clufetos, who has performed for Black Sabbath in the past] or Brad, depending on their commitments." Last October bassist Tim Commerford hinted that they would record again, but guitarist Tom Morello has frequently denied that they have any solid plans - though, tactfully leaving the door open just in case: "When bands make albums, it's because everybody wants to, and that's not the case with Rage Against The Machine at the moment. Everyone in the band gets along very well, we consider each other friends and comrades in arms, but people sometimes don't feel ready to do it," he said on one of several occasions. "I don't have one minute of one day that's not filled with music, or politics, or family. If at some point Rage were to get it together to work more, I would be open to that, but that's not on the table right now." What do you think? Is this the best sign yet that Rage are making solid plans to record or tour again? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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