Gene Simmons: Current Lineup 'Should Have Been The Lineup Of Kiss From The Beginning'.

Kiss main men prefer Tommy and Eric to Ace and Peter.

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For some fans, the ultimate Kiss line up will always be the original: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. For Simmons and Stanley, however, it would seem that the definitive Kiss is the current version of the band. So much so, that they wish the current line-up had been in place since the band's beginning. Simmons had the following to say in an interview with Revolver:

"We're so comfortable now, this should have been Kiss always: Tommy (Thayer), Eric (Singer), Paul and myself... We like each other's company, we like playing onstage with each other. And the creative process is just second skin. We could have just as easily gone into the studio and done another record."

"I want to go on record: Eric and Tommy have revitalized the band, made Paul and myself realize what lucky bastards we are to be in Kiss and to have each other. And this should have been the lineup of Kiss from the beginning."

Paul Stanley went on to add:

"Eric's been in and out of the band for 20-some-odd years. And Tommy, too", added Stanley. "The only people who would complain, I think, are people who don't really follow the band at this point. The myth that sometimes surrounds the original lineup is purely myth. Some of it was of our own doing. The whole projecting the idea that it was four guys giving equally. Quite honestly, it was kind of our take on The Beatles: four guys that spend all their time together and run down the street jumping up in the air. But it's not a reality. And maybe part of the problem was that some of the guys in the band really bought into believing it. The band always had two people who were leading it and the idea that anybody is entitled to having songs on an album is crazy."

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    Why do I remember Peter Griffin saying "no one wants to be Peter Criss, Lois, not even Peter Criss" everytime that Gene disses him?
    First Ace and Peter were the right ones for the beginning and now they are not... Get over it Gene... In my opinion kiss will always be Peter Ace Paul and Gene.
    Well, they're happy and that's all that matters. I will say this though, the current lineup could never hold a candle to the original. I'm not bashing on their work or anything like that; they are all talented musicians. Kiss will always be remembered for their original lineup and classic hits. I honestly haven't heard a single song form this current lineup that I feel is worthy of being a hit. Songs like C'mon and Love Me and Detroit Rock City will always be my favorites and will be remembered forever. This is all coming from a 21 year old guy. I love classic rock and wish I could have seen bands like Kiss when they were in their prime. I know there is no hope seeing a Kiss reunion anytime soon, but hey, a guy can dream
    I love the fact that it takes the current line-up 3-4 years to make two studio albums whereas the original line-up made 6 studio albums AND 2 live records in their first 3 years together. Where do you go from having little to no money and putting out a ton of great music, to having megabucks and making 2 mediocre albums. Nice workmanship.
    That's just typical of bands these days. It took Van Halen a little over a year to release their new album since they started recording (even though they technically didn't do much recording).
    Sheep Shagger
    "even though they technically didn't do much recording" Ummm... Yeah they did. Do you really think they used their old poorly recorded demos for the final version of the album?
    I agree. Eric Carr fit the band better, was a better drummer than Peter, and had cooler make-up.
    I don't think so. None of their old stuff would have had that typical 70s KISS groove if it wasn't for Peter. Peter just swings.
    Orlando Gomez
    i loved the stanley/simmons/carr/frehley lineup i wish that was the one right now :/ R.I.P Eric Carr
    Please, if that was your line up from the beginning Kiss would not be Kiss, it would be something else. Eric Singer is a great drummer, but would rather see him do some more Badlands or something. Thayer, well, while he is good, he is not a legend, nor has he even hit one of his own notes. Ace is the man and while he was enjoying himself a little too much at one point and misread a contract or whatever happened to make the cards fall where they did, he will always be the real deal.
    I think Simmons & Stanley don't show enough respect for what Peter & Ace brought to the band, soundwise. Peter had a unique drumming style, and Ace's guitar playing - even though Simmons & Stanley wrote most of it, the other guys gave KISS their sound. And they never did sound like they did with Peter & Ace ever again. I do like Revenge, Sonic Boom and some other later ones, but just take a look at their live setlists. 70% material from the first few albums. Says enough.
    Gene, lose the makeup. I see the mask is climbing up your forhead, to cover up the receding hairline. It's time. Do you really want to spend the rest of your career putting on makeup for 2 hours or however long it takes, before a show. That is time wasted. You guys could be spending that time writing new riffs or something.
    Gene is so narcassistic and he doesn't have the slightest clue what true KISS fans believe. I love the original line up and will always prefer it over the other line ups (althought I love Eric Carr's work with them, as well as Bruce Kulick.) Tommy and Eric are great musicians, but for Gene to say they should have been in Kiss to begin with? There would be contradictions. No rocket/smoke guitar, Beth, Shock Me, Cold Gin, etc. The list goes on. Kiss wasn't just Gene and Paul, despite they are the founders. Oh yeah, the ****ing Kiss logo. Ace made that. So Gene Simmons is a narcassistic, stereotypical penny pinching Jew (no disrespect to those of the Jewish faith/decent). Seriously, **** Gene Simmons, as a person. As the Demon, I'll kneel before thee.
    Bruce Kulick > any other KISS guitar player... in every way. As a person, player and songwriter.
    I'm a huge Kiss fan, but this is just ridiculous. I agree that Paul and Gene pull far more weight than anyone else in any lineup, and I have almost nothing against the new lineup (except reusing the classic makeup), but Ace and Peter really rounded out the band better than any future members. The only lineup that begins to approach them in my mind is the early '90s lineup with Bruce and Eric when they stopped trying to reinvent themselves image-wise and just played their freakin' music.
    Gene is basically biting the hand(s) that fed him all that cash he has today. I guess he wishes that one of the world's greatest guitarists had never been in the band... Anyway, although I like the original lineup the best, I like the current lineup as well, but I don't think the quality of the music would have been exactly the same if the current lineup began the band.
    Nice and classy as ever... I wonder if it would kill Gene and Paul to show a little humility and respect?
    Anyone ever listen to Peter's god awful solo album? His crappy version of Tossin and Turnin? I prefer the late great Eric Carr any day. I miss Ace though. As a huge KISS fan I wish Ace and Gene (and Paul too) could have worked things out. It's not just Gene and Paul's fault. Ace was no angel either.
    Stony Lix
    Gene, while driving in L.A. side-swiped my buddy of mine a couple years ago - and tried to play it off like it wasn't his fault, and then told my friend "This isn't gonna turn out well for you... " sound familiar Gene ? - pompous piece of sh*t . . . and the new kiss is the way it always should have been ? what a lame-ass statement - things might be different now Gene, but without Peter or Ace, you never know that it may not have ever happened . . . just an ass. Paul is cool, Peter is cool, Ace is the Man - I think the problem is that we see and hear too much of Gene - he really luvs himself - stupid ass hair - chop it off.
    why so you and Paul could monopolize the band even more and that Tommy & Eric don't have the balls to stand up to you? The last 2 albums have been absolute shit so if KISS started with this lineup there would be no KISS
    And everyone seems to forget, if there was no Ace there would be no Kiss. Name wise anyway since he was the one who came up with the name.