Gene Simmons: Dio Was Wrong Thinking He Started the Devil Horns Gesture

"I've heard Ronnie say that to my face and I said, 'God bless you.'"

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Gene Simmons: Dio Was Wrong Thinking He Started the Devil Horns Gesture

Classic Rock Magazine posted an archived interview in which he discussed the devil horns he is now trying to trademark, saying:

"We laid down the templates. When you see bands rocking out in sync, that's us.

"When you see bands putting up that two-fingered devil horn salute, that started with KISS.

"I've heard Ronnie say that [he first started using the devil horns] to my face and I said, 'God bless you.' I mean him no ill will, but I think he's wrong.

"Mine came from Spider Man doing his hand signal, as a homage to him. If you see me in photos, I'm sticking out my thumb.

"That's the sign in sign language which means 'I love you.'"

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    Oh gimme a break.. stop giving this clown the publicity he wants
    Yabba Who
    But... that's the whole point of this. It's why Gene's doing it. He's generated an enormous amount of publicity over the past few days.
    How can you say it " came from Spider-Man" but still try and trademark it?
    And in one sentence say it's the "two fingered devil horn salute" and in another it's the universal sign language symbol for "I love you?"  Which is it Gene?  And if you copyright one, how do you enforce it against people using it for the other meaning?  And why am I wasting my time writing this, it's Gene Fucking Simmons for gods sake  
    Yeah I fucking hate him. I try to not open articles with his name but this was just fucking blasphemy. How dare he. Dio is musical legend KISS are hacks in make-up.
    Silly dio dont you know gene filed that patent back in 1934
    But didn't you know Gene Simmons patented air 100 million years ago? You should be paying royalties for every breath you take, mister!
    nice of him to wait for Ronnie to die to say shit about this
    The girls in Babymetal make a similar hand gesture, and John Lennon is even making one on the cover of Yellow Submarine. You can't trademark a hand gesture that has so many universal uses. Gene Simmons is so desperate for money and is such an egomaniac, he doesn't even know what he's talking about. We've all had five fingers on each hand since the dawn of time, can Gene Simmons actually be so retarded he thinks he was the first one to ever do it?!!
    Big companies can lose their trademarks if a name is being too widely used, for instance Bubble Wrap and Coke.   Gene Simmons is a dumbass if he thinks he will get the trademark for it.
    Gene Simmons got his version from Spider-Man, so if anyone has the rights to it, it's fucking Marvel.
    This is not only Gene Simmons trying to get too much attention, but UG also GIVING him too much attention....unfuck yourself. 
    "Mine came from Spider Man doing his hand signal, as a homage to him." No 'LOL' big enough. 
    "When you hear musicians using the chromatic scale, that's US."--a direct quote from Gene Simmons' next sorry attempt.
    KISS would be so much better if the frontman had a bigger dick so he wasn't so Ego-tistically eager to prove that he's God's gift to heavy metal. Douchebag of the century goes to you Gene.
    "That's the sign in sign language which means 'I love you'." So you're trying to trademark a symbol used in ASL? Fuck you bud, you're life's a goddamned fairytale.
    "But I would never say I take credit for being the first to do it. I say because I did it so much that it became the symbol of rock and roll of some kind." That was a comment from Dio. Fuck off Gene.
    He calls dio being wrong when he wants to trademark a gesture that comes from old Italian culture... you are gonna need a lot of zeros and comas to calculate the level of irony Gene is on right now.
    Hey Gene, KISS sucks really bad. Don't get too creative on the bass there, you might break a nail. 
    Not at all surprised since this is coming from the same money grubbing jag-off who tried to patent "OJ" years ago
    SMH if that's the fucking case then, Gene (and it's not), then Marvel Comics might as well go ahead and trademark it. 
    I'm sure that the first human ever did that gesture with his hand, he can't trademark it!... unless Gene Simmons was the first human ever.
    I still like KISS and Gene Simmons. I'm not going to get pissed about this because I gain nothing if he gets the trademark, and I gain nothing if he loses the trademark. WTF cares.....
    You have poor taste and judgment but hey, that's, like, your opinion, man.
    You're right. I should drop everything else I'm doing and give a flying fuck about the "devil horns." 😂
    I have poor judgement because I didn't settle in the "controversial" devil horns debate. Who the fuck are you? You just have the ability to downvote? Doesn't make you right.
    Bullshit. He makes this stuff up. In an interview he says he invented it because of how he holds his pick. So he could salute or wave at his fans. Which is also bollocks.
    So he stole a hand gesture from Spiderman, which itself was lifted straight from sign language? And he think that somehow gives him a right to "own" it and try to make money from it? How delusional, selfish, and greedy do you have to be to actually believe this shit as it flows from your mouth? I had already lost most respect for Simmons, but it's officially completely gone.