Gene Simmons: New Superstars Will Be From Canada

artist: Gene Simmons date: 11/22/2010 category: music news
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Gene Simmons: New Superstars Will Be From Canada
Bassist, vocalist, songwriter, reality TV star, magazine writer Gene Simmons has done it all. As an original member and a co-founder of Kiss, one of the highest selling rock bands ever, Gene Simmons has had an undeniable impact on rock music. Even after a successful career he still continues to actively contribute to the world of music.. for better or for worse. Now, once more Gene Simmons demonstrates that he isn't content with just sitting around and reminiscing about the days of old. Instead, he's resurrected his own record label. And that label, aptly named Simmons Records, has just confirmed it's very first signing. The band that will be signing to Simmons Records is a group from Toronto, Ontario called The Envy. In addition to releasing their debut album sometime next year, The Envy will be one of the openers for Finger Eleven on their Canadian tour in early 2011. When Gene was talking with the Montreal Gazette about his label and the band, he said: I really believe that the next generation of superstars is going to come out of Canada. You've got perhaps the biggest marketing entity in the world right next door. You can take advantage of America, but you've got to have the goods. Gene has decided that the label will be for artists from Canada only. If you're interested in submitting a demo you can do so at the official website where they're looking for any type of talented Canadian musicians. So, even if you think Gene is a sellout he is still without a doubt one of the music industry's most successful businessmen. And besides, anything that can help shine some light on unknown, talented bands can't be a completely bad thing, right?
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