Gene Simmons Tried To Reunite Led Zep?

Kiss man was given $200 million to get the band back together.

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With the release of "Celebration Day" last week, talk has resurfaced of the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion. As usual, the band has refuted claims that they might get back together in response to this. One of the stranger stories that has come about though, is the length that promoters have gone to in attempts to get the legendary band back together. Specifically, giving Kiss bassist Gene Simmons a basically unlimited budget in order to play negotiator between Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

"God Of Thunder" singer had the following to say when interviewed by The Sun newspaper:

"In 2009/10 I was given a few hundred million dollars in an account by a large concert promoter and given the task of reaching out to Jimmy and Robert and trying to convince them to get back together. Of course, it didn't work out Robert just doesn't want to do it."

In other Led Zep news, the band have released an official statement after receiving complaints about "Celebration Day", the film of their 2007 reunion at the O2 arena in London. Specifically fans have been taken issue with the fact that cinemas haven't been playing the sound track at the appropriate ear-splitting volume:

"We have been made aware that at some screenings of 'Celebration Day', there have been complaints that the sound is not loud enough.

"Omniverse, the film's distributors have been working with local cinema chains to ensure that this issue is addressed urgently. However, it is a good idea to check with the cinema before the screening that they will be playing it loud!"

Kiss's new album, "Monster", is available in stores now. The DVD, Blu-Ray and CD versions of "Celebration Day" will be available from November 19th.

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    Some bands know when to just let the curtains close. Other bands make caskets with their face on it
    I can bet that Gene didn't give those few hundred million dollars back...
    Hey that casket doubles as a cooler! You're right though. More bands and artists should be honest with themselves and hang it up, e.g., Aerosmith & Kiss...
    Why all the hate for Aerosmith? About the only things they put their name on are CDs and t-shirts. I'm pretty sure Joe Perry could mortify you in a guitar battle, too.
    Not everybody is such a sell-out as you, Gene Let legends be legends.
    somehow everyone thinks its awesome that the Rolling Stones have their new song out, but when it's Led Zeppelin you get comments like these...?
    You cannot reunite the Zepplin. The Zepplin will live on. Gene Simmons tried to reunite the Zepplin. HE FAILED! As he was stricken down, to the ground!
    Gene Simmons could reunite Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath AND Pink Floyd and I'd still think he was a giant d-bag.
    "In 2009/10 I was given a few hundred million dollars in an account by a large concert promoter" The only good reason to give Gene Simmons any large amount of money would be to shut him the hell up. He is about as Rock and Roll as Vanilla Ice.
    It's lucky Jimmy Page and Robert Plant didn't listen to him because if they got together, Gene would probably be expecting a cut lol
    No, Gene would somehow insist that he discovered Led Zeppelin. I think he invented earth. Oh no, wait, he thinks he invented earth.
    lmao like how he claims Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Iron Maiden as some of his other discoveries xD
    He really said that? Aerosmith released their first album the year KISS formed.
    Yeah, I'm not sure how Gene thinks this, but in an interview, he was bragging about how "KISS took Aerosmith out on their first tour"
    The sad thing is that I love KISS - I even have 2 KISS tattoos - but I have learned to hate Gene over the past several years. The guy is a total tool.
    Yeah, I'm a big KISS fan too, don't have any ink though. He writes good songs, but he is a douche too, Paul Stanley even called him out on it a few times
    NO REUNION! It was one epic and historical show, now leave it at that!
    Josh Reubenking
    I'm so sick of hearing about this egotistical douchebag. Does it really matter of Led Zeppelin get back together anyways? Their music will live on forever. That's a fact. They're still gonna be legends. Gene Simmons on the other hand is just trying to do everything he can to get money and attention.
    Hey Gene, I have an idea, "KISS Ketchup" Think about it, everybody and their brother has a bottle of ketchup in their refrigerator. With some slick advertising and packaging, this could be huge money maker.
    I love clicking the negative sign on all the KISS and Gene Simmons haters. I could do it all day long.
    Hey that casket doubles as a cooler! You're right though. More bands and artists should be honest with themselves and hang it up, e.g., Aerosmith & Kiss... I do agree somewhat about your comment. But if the bands ENJOY WHAT THEY ARE DOING and people still enjoy them in concert whose the person that decides THEY NO LONGER DESERVE TO KEEP GOING. PERSONALLY I DO NOT CARE IF THEY KEEP GOING BUT what is good they CAN DECIDE THEMSELVES. It is not football where your time to do your thing is DIRECTLY related to age if people still enjoy the music they play then I think it is a personal choice.
    It wouldn't be right without John Bonham. Let's just allow Led Zep to be remembered as one of the best bands ever, do we really need old bands to be resurrected? No we don't.
    Hot Sauce, motorcycles, American Idol, commercials that endorse Burger King, The Gap, and Pepsi, Just Push Play and more recent crap albums, stupid feuds with other over the hill artists, falling off stages high on 'scripts... My original statement wasn't about them selling me gimmicky stuff. It was that they just keep sticking around and beating the dead horse that is their career while looking like over grown 17 year olds. It's embarrassing. They had a good run for decades. Move on. Don't need 700 remakes of "Walk This Way" to sell me things. Unless it's a casket that doubles as a cooler and plays "Walk This Way" when you open it.
    I honestly like the idea but yeah LED ZEP sure knew how to close the show and they deserve to say hey we honestly do or do not want to do that stuff again
    Well, if it involves bragging rights while getting some sort of pay then Gene Simmons is your guy. And getting Led Zep back together would do just that for him.
    If you were in his shoes would you of said "no thanks I wont even try to get them back together for a few hundred million dollars because im a ****ing retard." Of course he tried. and he failed. because led zep answers to nobody.
    they have all the money they ever need, money is not going to be the decider on what gets led zeppelin back together
    Agreed,Plant would be touring right now with Zep if he thought he could pul it off.Jason Bonham was saying that Plant was surprised when he first saw the footage.It was not as horrible as he thought it would be.Maybe a positive reaction to this movie will make them reconsider doing more shows.Plant promptly ended Zeppelin when John Bonham died.He is not one to go out half-cocked or to beat a dead horse.He has done a great job of protecting the legacy of Led Zeppelin.
    kill it
    I think Robert Plant would like to do it but can't, certainly not at Led Zeppelin standards of expectations. He's not a young man anymore and those are high notes to hit for a vocalist.