Geoff Tate Apologizes to Queensryche Fans for 'Totally Distasteful' War of Words

Singer promises bright side to court proceedings.

Ultimate Guitar

In an interview on Eddie Trunk Rocks (via Blabbermouth), Geoff Tate has apologized to Queensryche fans for the "distasteful" war of words that has played out in court documents and the media following his departure from the band:

"Thank you for all the amazing letters and support people have given me in the last couple of years. It's been inspiring.

"I feel so sorry for people that have loved this band and watched this totally distasteful situation happen in the press."

Tate also promised that there will be a bright side to the court proceedings and that he is looking forward to it as much as the fans are:

"It's so confusing for people, 'cause they can't discern what is hype and what is Internet rumor versus what is truth and what's a court case. In any other court case, there's so much untruth that gets said because people are trying to win. And the fans really get caught up in the middle of it. It's a very frustrating, confusing situation and I'm so sorry that it had to play out this way. But there will be a bright side, I promise everybody, and I'm looking forward to that as much as I'm sure they are."

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    What a ****ing douche this guy is. He spits in his drummer's face, starts a very public war of words with his former band mates, then tries to apologize and act like a good guy. Sorry Tater, nobody's buying this BS "apology."
    Well sure, the guy acted like a douche. But surely, apologising would not be accepted either. So forgiving we are in this world.
    Maybe the Judge is siding with the original band over him because of all his douchebag actions in the past year and now he's trying to backtrack and make himself look more appealing in order to get back in favour
    I really hope that the court recognizes the Wilton lineup as Queensryche over the Tate one. A singer doesn't make a band. A band makes a band.