Geoff Tate Details Queensryche Fight

Geoff Tate details the brawl which led to him being fired from Queensryche, and claims they would have done it anyway to make more money.

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Geoff Tate has told his side of being fired from Queensryche, including the moment when he "lost it" and attacked drummer Scott Rockenfield, and claims that the band's actions were motivated by greed.

The band fired Geoff last week and wished him the best for his future endeavours, but reports detailing a fight before a show in Brazil suggested a more dramatic ousting.

Geoff disputed claims that he drew a knife on another member of the band after overhearing them talk about firing him.

"There was no knife involved," he told Rolling Stone (via Classic Rock). "Before the show we had a meeting and I asked them straight up about the rumours I'd heard about them replacing me. They said they weren't planning on replacing me, but they had just fired our manager, our office assistant and one of the guitar techs who all happened to be my family members.

"I asked them, Why is this happening?' They couldn't give me a straight answer, or any answer that made any kind of business sense. It seemed like a personal vendetta against me.

"We went to do the show. I'm getting ready by my station and Scott looks at me, smirks and says: We just fired your whole family and you're next.' I just lost it. I tried to punch him. On my way I managed to shove Wilton, and, really, that was it."

Now the singer plans to take his former bandmates to court, and claims they don't have a right to fire him and continue using the Queensryche name without him.

"Of the 144 songs Queensryche has released, I've written 116 of those," he said. "I'm a 25 percent holder in our companies. I think it's just business cut me out and split 25 percent and hire some young guy that's going to work for a weekly wage so they make more money. It's just ridiculous."

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    The pic on the main page looks like a bald Leonardo Dicaprio with a goatee
    Of the 144 songs Queensryche has released, Ive written 116 of those," and 98 of them sucked, cos you were a dictating douche who wnated to do radio rock isntead of prog. Even if it was for money, and as much as he is a good/identifiable singer, Queensrcyhe's material has been record bad for a record breaking amount of time, due to this man.
    I was watching the Flash Gordon movie from the 80s the other day and noticed that Geoff Tate now looks like Ming the Merciless, just saying!!! Anyway, I have a problem with the following quote...Geoff states "Of the 144 songs Queensryche has released, Ive written 116 of those". That quote is only half true!!! Now, as of late, Tate may be the main song writer but during their prime the vast majority of songs were written in partnership with Chris Degarmo. It should also be noted that whether or not Tate is still in the band, depending on how the contracts were drawn up, he can still get a piece of the band going forward as well as piece of the writing credits on those songs he wrote!!!!
    Sorry Tate. You have great abilities as a singer, and ou helped create some of the best albums of all time, but your time is up now. It's time for some new, fresh energy to bring life back to this once great band! Best of luck to him in the future!
    Tate is Queensryche. The rest of the band are talentless bums. They have tried how many guitarists now, 5? 6? I used to think Wilton had some talent but he is a horrible song writer and his playing has declined over the years. Eddie Jackson flat out sucks and always has. Scott Rockenfield is a great drummer and an even greater D-bag. Tate is also an ***** but it's his band and would be accepted as QR w/out the other *****s.
    to be succsessful as a band without tate they really need a strong song writer to join like degarmo who will provide them with strong songs for a new album.
    behind Geoff 100 percent. These guys career as queensryche is over without tate. HE IS QUEENSRYCHE! sue their asses off you deserve every penny and the queensryche name. start over and the new band will be better than ever.