Geoff Tate: 'I Never Realized How Miserable I Was'

The Queensryche singer says he's happier to be moving past Queensryche, and says fans shouldn't be taking sides in the Queensryche legal battle.

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Geoff Tate might be moving on with his life with his own version of Queensryche, but it's only now he's moving forward that he can see how unhappy he used to be in the original Queensryche lineup.

Tate was kicked out of Queensryche in June last year, but a legal battle means there are now two versions of the band using the same name - one with the original backing band, and a new version fronted by Tate. Both have been recording a new album, and Tate's "Frequency Unknown" has been officially released today.

"I never really realized how slightly miserable I was, you know. I guess you get used to your misery," Tate told Eddy Trunk (via Blabbermouth). "You get kind of used to the way things are and you just accept it and you live with it. But then when you're divorced from that situation and you realize, 'Gosh, I'm so much happier now.'"

"It's a wonderful revelation really to realize that you don't have to be miserable. You don't have to be stuck in the situation you're in. Life goes on and it is what you make it. So I'm busy making it."

There may be two versions of Queensryche at the moment, but that will end in November when a court decides which version of the band gets control of the official Queensryche band name.

For now, Tate says old Queensryche fans shouldn't be taking sides:

"I don't think people have to choose a side at all. These things happen with people, relationships, bands, where people go their separate ways ... If you don't like something somebody's doing then no big deal. Go listen to somebody else. It's not worth getting all worked up about, and getting emotional about. It's music. It's subjective. It's art."

Hear Geoff Tate's full interview with Eddy Trunk here:

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    I'd hardly call the core songwriters a "backing band". A backing band is more what Tate's new Queensryche is
    I think they may have meant "the band that backed him" instead of referring to them as a backing band if you get me...
    I'd hardly call Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton the "core songwriters." No Tate and no DeGarmo = no Queensryche.
    How is the original Queensrche a "backing band" more than Tate's new band, UG?
    I actually find myself agreeing with the last thing he says in the article. It seems like maybe he's stepped back from the whole situation now and realized what it is. Very cool and calm statement from an otherwise hot-headed and immature Tate.
    Tate didn't ask for the re recorded classics. The label wanted them. He didn't ask to re record Empire. Also, the courts are going to mediate a separation of the assets. It's going to come down to who can afford to buy who out.
    Smartest thing Tate or QR has said during this whole thing. Probably because he still owns part of the QR name... If both are successful more $$. But really, picking sides makes no sense. This is music not sports or politics
    HE was the miserable one?!
    Wouldn't you be miserable if you got your way but nobody inside the band really liked it? At least now he's surrounded by people who agree with him, so yeah, I get why he's happier. I like his final statement though, but that's not what 'The Weight of the World' suggests.
    I purchased Tate's new Queensryche project, as I will the original three and first to start the band. I liked it, other than the re-recorded classics. Surely could of done without that. I think it was a big error on his part to put them on there. The new stuff I found easy to listen to and some of Tate's best work since Empire. There were a few tunes in between that were ok, but as a whole, the first 10 tunes on FU are good. Then again, I like some of the musicians he has brought on board for this. Most likely they will not be around long. If they are, I will be surprised. If the original guys go back to the Lady Wore Black type formula, that will be great. That is the direction I hope they are going.
    I will be LIVID if the courts give Tate the name. The inclusion of those rerecorded tracks are pretty damning.