Geoff Tate on Queensryche Settlement: 'I'm Just Waiting for the Paperwork to Be Dry'

Parties have 3 weeks to reach settlement before case goes to court.

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Geoff Tate has been talking with 98.7 the Gater in Florida (via Blabbermouth) about the ongoing legal battle between him and his former band mates.

As Tate notes, they are hoping to have the dispute settled by the end of the month:

"Actually, we're in settlement talks right now," Tate said. "I hope it doesn't [go to trial]. I'm kind of hoping that it will all be settled by the end of the month."

Regarding how the settlement will turn out, the singer noted:

"Either way, it's in my favor. So I'm just waiting for the paperwork to be dry."

King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus recently signed a new stipulation and order continuing trial date, allowing the parties three more weeks to come to an agreement over the use of the Queensryche name and its associated trademarks. If an agreement can't be reached during that period, then the case will go to trial on March 3rd.

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    Geoff Tate is an assclown. without the band, Tate is just another ******* with a microphone and inflated ego.
    "Either way, it's in my favor." Way to not come across as a douche. You would think someone who has had as much backlash as he has had in recent years would sound a little less like an *******.
    Enough with the GT hate already
    Why? He's an ass and has been for many years, he deserves every bit of hate he's getting right now. All the damage he's being doing to the band and the fans for the last 15 years is turning back to him now. If physically assaulting other band members, trying to sell the rights of their work at their backs, using outside writers and musicians in studio in order to not deal with his partners and without their knowledge, his wife using her management advantages to help her friends band to tour with them... basically destroying everything the band once was, and still to this day blaming the rest of the band of it all, isn't enough to call Tate the biggest douche in rock/metal, I don't know what is.
    I'm not saying he hasn't done bad things. It's just time to move on. Queensrÿche has moved on, the fans should move on too. This "vest"-tramping has become old, and I for one am convinced that where two camps fight, both are to blame. And no, I'm no "tatertod", I'm just neutral and not picking sides.
    Well, trying to get the rights to the band name just for him (1/5th of the band) and suing them, or forming another band with the same name but has nothing to do with Queensrÿche (appart from his presence) isn't exactly what I'd call moving on. Queensrÿche has found a new singer and they're doing great with him and the fans are happy to have Queensrÿche back after 15 years of absence. If he moved on when the rest of the band fired him none of this drama would have happened, but the one who has been badmouthing and started up this crap has been him. The only blame from the rest of the band has been sitting up too comfortably and letting Tate and his gang ruin everything for so long. After the clash between DeGarmo and Tate during the recording of Tribe they should have realised what was going on and reacted immediately. At least that would have saved us 9 more years of terrible music released under their name.
    I'm not saying Geoff has moved on. Queensrÿche has (Wilton, Rockenfield, Jackson, Lundgren & La Torre). And yes, the blame for the rest of the band is letting it come to this. Absolutely. So when a product called "Dedicated to Chaos" is released under the QR banner and the entire band goes on tour supporting this album and playing its songs, then how come they did that and put up with Tate's tyranny? If I'd face such a tyrannical person, I for sure would not put up with that. Therefore, I doubt if it's really true. In the end, none of us know what really happened. In the court documents the stories are all one-sided and contain selected info. But of course, I'm defending an unpopular opinion here. It's easier to pick a side and hate on the other. It's more difficult to ask questions and to refrain from judgement until you hear the full story.
    Fair enough, I don't know what were the guys thinking either, probably they stood there because they were still getting paid, so wrong choice from them. It was visible that something was very wrong in the band after '03 (at least I noticed), and that abomination that was the Dedicated to Chous tour was the last stage. Everything that came after that was just a plus. I'd surely have kicked him out after Tribe, I have zero tolerance with people like Tate, but it seems like they had their reasons to keep him around despite all the stuff he was doing. I really want to know what happened.
    Whatever happens, happens. MOVE THE F**K ON, ALREADY!! Life is too short to be Tate bashers. Find something more constructive to do with your time! Walk in someone else's shoes before you pass judgment.