Geoff Tate on Queensryche Trial: 'We're in Settlement Talks'

artist: Queensr├┐che date: 01/13/2014 category: music news
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Geoff Tate on Queensryche Trial: 'We're in Settlement Talks'
Geoff Tate recently gave an update on the Queensryche trial, announcing a possible settlement within the next several weeks.

Marking the pinnacle of one of the biggest rock dramas in recent years, the trial is set to determine the rights to the Queensryche moniker between the band's original members and the estranged vocalist.

"Right now, we have two Queensryches, which is way too confusing to fans. We have to give someone the name and someone has to pay the other person off," Tate told, just before bringing up the settlement. "We're in settlement talks now, and I hope that we can come to a conclusion in the next couple of weeks," he added.

Discussing the 25th anniversary of Queensryche classic "Operation: Mindcrime," Geoff was up for the idea of recording concept albums in the future. "Yeah, I love that format," he said. "I love telling a story. It's an intricate puzzle that you have to figure out. It's like solving a crossword puzzle to a point."

Back in July, the singer declared himself the winner regardless of the trial outcome. "There is really no situation like that," he told My Global Mind. "It's a really simple case - it's a corporate dissolvement. It's all about exchanging money, you know, who gets compensated for what. So if I lose, I win; if I win, I win."
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