Geoff Tate Talks More on Queensryche Split: 'I Wish We Could Have Settled It Like Gentlemen'

Frontman discusses his departure from the band, wishing that all the drama was avoided.

Ultimate Guitar

Although it may seem like Geoff Tate was the one fueling the entire Queensryche drama during the past several months, the singer has recently expressed his regret over the way things have developed.

Tate also admitted that Queesryche was never much of a brotherhood, but rather a "bunch of kids that got together and achieved success at an early age."

"I wish it happened differently," the vocalist tells Jam Magazine. "I wish it would have been handled with a lot more privacy and decorum. I wish we could have settled it like gentlemen and moved on with our lives without stretching it out for a year and playing it out on the Internet like some sick drama."

Frontman described the court case with his former bandmates as a corporate dispute, calling it once again a simple matter of affording the rights to Queensryche name. Tate made it clear that he is looking to get compensated, saying, "You cannot fire a corporate member without compensation and proper protocol, which happened in this case. I have to be compensated for my part in the corporation. If they can't pay me, I will get compensated in some other way. We have to figure out what that is. It is strictly nuts and bolts dollars."

Tate also stressed that the artistic freedom is what matters to him the most, regardless of the way the court dispute ends.

"I just want to be able to write what I feel," the vocalist said. "And I don't want to be dictated to by anyone. I don't want anyone to say, 'You can't do that because, fill in the blank!' I don't believe in categorization or genre-fication. I think that ruins art. I think that is elitist. Art is not meant to be confined or put in a box. It's an uphill climb, because so many people want you to conform. They want you to be what they think you should be."

As far as the Todd La Torre-fronted version of Queensryche goes, the group has recently premiered new single "Where Dreams Go to Die." La Torre recently lashed out at Tate, calling his actions "disrespectful" towards the entire brand and legacy of Queensryche.

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    Dear UG, if we all promise to sign up for Tab Pro or something, will you please stop posting "news" articles about this hypocritical doofus?
    ??? wasn't he the one in the media complaining. I don't remeber hearing much from the band.
    I think that went out the window when he started spitting on his band mates...
    Because there's nothing more gentlemanly than taking the name of your old band to spite your former bandmates.
    First he's demanding the band name, now he claims he just wants money. And I haven't heard the rest of the band dragging this conflict on as much as Tate has regarding his 'settled like gentlemen' comments. Utter, utter bullshitter
    "I wish we could have settled it like gentlemen." What a hypocrite. He started slagging his ex-bandmates during interviews and spit on his freaking drummer! Yeah, very gentleman-like behavior Mr. Taint.
    I wish Geoff hadn't turned out to be the opposite of the public image that he had created of himself. But well, Geoffrey, wishin' it doesn't make it true.
    Im guessing this genie is the one taking the pictures, writing the stories, somehow breaking UG's firewall and uploading them himself. Because regardless there cannot be a single soul on this whole site that needs to be updated daily about this.
    Jack Darkley
    "I wish we could have settled it like gentlemen." "Yeah, I wish the same," says Scott Rockenfield as he wipes the spit from his face.
    Geoff Tate should have his own section where he can vent his frustration.
    Also, the new Queensryche album with Todd La Torre is gonna stomp all over the crap Tate calls Frequency Unknown.
    More like shit my album isn't doing good. I wish I was back with the other guys lol
    Dr. Knox666
    "I wish it would have been handled with a lot more privacy and decorum." The ****s wrong with that guy? Every I read some bullshit about their split he was the one who was talking shit about the other guys. And btw I tear out my hair when I hear him talking about being corporate member in the corporation Queensryche. It's a ****ing rock band so quit whining you ass!
    Yeah, most bands are indeed rock bands, but they have made the terrible mistake by founding the Queensrche corporation in 1990, which is why, apart from a band, it is also a corporation. Pure business. Heartless and cruel. Cold. Just give him his 25% and go on already.
    I just want them to get back together. I frickin love the queensryche sound. Operation Mind Crime was awesome!! Peace
    I'm starting to get tired of all his bitching about being booted from queensyrche here's my message to him: cry me a river builder a bridge and GET OVER IT!!!