Geoff Tate Talks Queensryche Court Case: 'If I Lose, I Win; If I Win, I Win'

The latest Ryche drama update shows the singer as confident as ever while discussing the upcoming court date.

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Queensryche drama is still very much in the limelight of the rock world and is bound only to steam up even further as the November trial to determine the rights for use of the Ryche moniker steadily approaches.

Singer Geoff Tate recently addressed the upcoming trial as confidently as ever, basically proclaiming himself as the winner regardless of the final outcome.

"There is really no situation like that," the frontman told My Global Mind. "It's a really simple case - it's a corporate dissolvement. It's all about exchanging money, you know, who gets compensated for what. So if I lose, I win; if I win, I win."

Tate also pointed out that he tried to reach out to his former bandmates on several occasions, but was "met with hostility each time."

Finally, the singer discussed the court case a bit more thoroughly, once again saying that the publicity the group received resulted in a significant rise of the ticket sales.

"Well, actually, you know, it's a strange thing, but the controversy has only been over the last year, really, and that's because we're in a court case, which is really counterproductive and actually kinda ridiculous because the court case has nothing to do [with the music or anything else], it's with monetary compensation," the vocalist said. "It doesn't have anything to do with music, it's just a corporate dissolvement, you know, money exchanging hands."

The singer continued, "We're all corporate officers and we all get compensated for the dissolvement, the breakup of the corporation; so he-said, she-said, he did this, whatever, it doesn't matter. But, I have to say, the publicity has been incredible. On this run that I just completed, on both legs of my tour, we had more sell-outs on this tour than formerly Queensryche has had in 10 years. So I guess there's something to the idea that Gene Simmons came up with, any publicity is good publicity."

Tate-fronted Queensryche released their new record back in April via Deadline Records. Titled "Frequency Unknown," the album sold just over 5,500 copies in the US within the first week, debuting at No. 82 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Tate also pointed out that he tried to reach out to his former bandmates on several occasions, but was "met with hostility each time."
    But you never thought about the way you treated them for years and years, have you Geoff?
    Tate embodies the very definition of delusion. As he said in another recent interview, his "state of mind is truly elevated". So elevated in fact that he's totally out of touch with reality.
    Or, you know, "elevated".
    I am implying that he's on drugs.
    I thought you were gonna say 'in a 90's porn kinda way'.
    Well, he's got the punchable face for it. Besides, that vest gives him a kind of leather-daddy vibe, and you didn't say it had to be straight porn.
    I hate how he constantly refers to Queensryche as a "brand" and a "corporation."
    this cat, looks like a douche, sounds like a douche and acts like one. People talk bout Mustaine, and maybe somethimes he ought ta tone it down a bit but atleast he can shred and play...this guy's just one bald goofy lookin target
    At least Mustaine gives his opinion on important issues when he opens his mouth... I suppose Tate believes that he does, too - what issue could be more important than him?
    Then again, you don't pay to hear someones rant about their political frustrations. Also I wouldn't pay for music by any one of them, but that's just me I gues.
    Geoff is a funny lookin' dude. Like, Lucifer's left testicle, or something.
    Haha!! Dude i couldn't stop laughing when i read that, absolutely classic. And despite your name i wish i could upvote it more times! I can totally see some metalcore band calling themselves 'Devils Left Nut' now...
    He reminds me a bit of Charlie Sheen now..WINNING.
    I have fun reading the comments, sometimes more than the actual article..
    I thought that was the only reason to read UG, because surely it can't be for the high quality journalism X]
    I love reading the comments too. Or seeing who gets down votes or up votes.
    I have come.back to this article three times just to catch up on comments! Bookmarking! UG should do a poll: which side are you on?
    "Yo! IT'S LIKE A DAMN SPACESHIP UP IN HERE.. I DON'T KNOW THESE CONTROLS." Sorta how I feel about this Queesnsryche bs.
    Geoff, even if you win you'll always be a loser in my book type define:beta male in google and it shows a picture of Mr. Tate, pervert terrorist coming to a local gym shower near you.
    I wish someone would ask him if he's listened to the REAL Queensryche's new album. And how it feels to hear the "Queensryche sound" that he doesn't believe exists, and we fans have been dying to hear more of.
    All of this Queensryche nonsense as of late is really sad. They created arguably one of the best metal albums of all time in Operation Mindcrime. Then it was a three album slide after Empire and I couldn't listen to thier new stuff anymore.
    The band sounds better and stronger w/ LaTorre singing anyway. "Excuse me Mr. Tate, I'll supersize my order today, Thank you!!"
    "Tate also pointed out that he tried to reach out to his former bandmates on several occasions, but was 'met with hostility each time.'" Yes, he REALLY reached out to Rockenfield during that last show. It was very heartwarming and touchy feely to reach-out-and-spit-on Scott. Why would someone react in a hostile way to that
    Sounds like Tate figures he's losing the name. I have no problem actually with Tate being able to use "music of Queensryche" when touring, and "Geoff Tate's Queensryche" for studio albums. While I side with the band, Tate is a huge part of the legacy, and if they make a clean break, I bear him no ill will, and I would go see his solo band, tho Queensryche is the LaTorre lineup to me.
    He's right. Both sides are cashing in on the publicity. Whoever doesn't get the right to use the name will be bought out and get paid not to use it - and then probably call themselves something that has Queensryche in the name: Geoff Tate's Queens of the Ryche or something.