Geoff Tate Talks Queensryche Split: 'It's About Who Has the Money to Buy the Band'

"It's my creativity, my vision, my art," the frontman says.

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Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate recently discussed his ongoing dispute with the members of the group's original lineup, attributing the band's success mostly to his own work and creativity.

While discussing his chances to win the rights to use the Queensryche name with KIRO Radio (via Blabbermouth), Tate commented that "it's about money."

"It's a matter of who has put the most time and energy into it," the frontman said. "I'm the major songwriter, I've written 81 percent of the songs in the Queensryche catalog. It's my creativity, my vision, my art. And it's about money. Down and dirty. It's about who has the money to buy the band."

Tate commented that he had filed an injunction because Queensryche is "a brand and brands have a value and they can be damaged."

When it comes to differences between his version of the band and the one Todd La Torre is fronting, singer said that "most people are pretty smart and they can figure it out."

"I think one of the situations, creatively, that came to a head and caused the breakup of the band was that you have a camp that was still exploring and still working to redefine themselves with every record. And you had a camp that wanted to stay the same. Sort of rest on their laurels and play the same kind of songs. So it's philosophical difference, really."

Tate was kicked out of Queensryche in June 2012 after fronting the band for three decades. The dispute over the rights to use the Queensryche name will be finally decided in court this November.

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    Ironically, the person damaging the 'brand' the most right now is Tate himself
    "Queensryche is a brand and brands have a value and they can be damaged." Says the guy responsible for filling Youtube with videos ranting about how bad his allegedly precious brand's most recent offering sucks. Makes perfect sense.
    Tate commented that he had filed an injunction because Queensryche is "a brand and brands have a value and they can be damaged." Aaaaaand any credibility is lost.
    "It's about money" - the sad, sad truth these days *sigh*, oh and what a dick.
    I didn't think he could be any more stupid... Boy, I was so wrong... He makes me laugh, though. He seems to think that writing the lyrics for the majority of the songs automatically makes him the sole author of those songs. He never wrote anything but lyrics and vocal lines, so in fact his contribution to songwriting is minimal compared to what the rest of the band did. And well, regarding the "damaging the brand" topic, he's an expert for certain; he's doing a master class on how much can you damage a band name in a record time, and he's doing pretty well! I had never seen someone so full of himself, lie so much and throw so much crap at his former partners, being him the sole reason all this stuff is happening.
    Every time I look at this fool I feel its a genie who never got the power grant wishes. Mainly his own.
    The only reason Queensryche could be considered entirely his vision blah blah blah is because he unfairly made it so, by pushing his bandmates out of the writing process and replacing them with people like Kelly Gray, Jason Slater and Randy Gane, none of whom were official members of the band at the time of the split. Whatever happened to writing internally? Why are so many bands these days using outside writers to craft songs that are NOT on par with the earlier internally written stuff? *cough* Motley Crue *cough*... Anyway, Geoff is also going on about brands being damaged and all. The only negative things that I think about when I think of Queensryche are the things that Geoff Tate has done - the Brazil incident, Frequency Unknown and the hate contest. I wouldn't say encouraging people to bash your work publically is helping the brand - that's like Bill Gates trying to get people to bash the Xbox One, you're not going to get much good out of it at all.
    F-Geoff Tate. Fan since 84. Go away douche bag. you are the biggest loser! I never want to hear your voice again.
    spit on band mates makes you the worst frontman in history!!! F-U is the deal Douche Bag!
    Does anyone actualy still care? I've never seen any interest in this band and they are on UG news every week..
    UG definitely puts FAR more weight on certain topics than others. For example, there's been a lot recently on Tim Lambesis' arrest, Richie Sambora's absence from Bon Jovi, interviews with Alice and Chains about their new album etc. and also the Queensryche split. On the other hand, I don't think UG reported ANYTHING on Saxon's latest album. (random example I know, but just getting the point across)
    You tell 'em, GT. Exploring new ideas and working to redefine yourself. That's what progressive music is. Those Rising West guys are totally stuck in the past. Same old, same old. All they care about is "returning to history," "the first 5 albums," blah blah etc. Please. Those albums would not even have been worth a damn if not for the creativity, the vision, the art of Geoff Tate (and Chris DeGarmo). Whatever. At this time next year, nobody will care about that band of leeches. Name or no name.
    All I care about are the first 5 albums, because after that they were shit. There is nothing progressive about the road GT dragged Queensryche down in the last 15 years.
    lol you're clearly not very attentive, are you. The last thing Geoff Tate wants is to create progressive, evolved music, he's the one whose obsessed with doing stripped down, basic, mass appealing AOR horseshit that's been plaguing Sryche for the past 20 years. Have you heard any of La Torre-fronted Queensryche? Cos even though it harkens to the past, it's more modern and relevant than Tate's Boston/Journey worship. And I mean, even his rebuttals are primitive and basic. HURR F-U THAT'LL SHOW EM!!! If Tate gets the Srych name he'll pult it into the ground and the legacy will no longer belong to the actual Queensryche name, cos no one would want to associate with that prick, as he'll surely only get worse.
    Face R1pper
    You people are so horribly bias. Stop pretending you know what is going on in Queensryche. Just shut up and listen to the music.
    Yeah, putting up with Tate's crap for almost 20 years as a disappointed Queensryche fan is being bias, sure... Open your eyes, the vast majority of the band's supporters are glad to see him gone, numbers speak for themselves. Now that Todd has joined Queensryche is the first time I've felt positive about them doing something good again.
    Face R1pper
    Well there's your first problem. Judging music with your eyes instead of your ears won't leave you with an accurate impression of the music.
    He spit on his bandmates while on stage! F-him. he will get his Karma! It IS coming Geoff, you F#*KHEAD!
    Creative differences split the fans, and the band after DeGarmo left. I respect and appreciate Geoff's desire to constantly try something different with the band to help prevent them going stale. The split was for the best, but the Queensryche name needs to be dropped by both. The brand has already been damaged by their being two Queensryche, neither of them actually sounding like Queensryche. Queensryche started bleeding out when Chris left, they finally died sometime around DTC. Every album (for me) up until then still held some of the spirit of Queensryche (except Take Cover which was almost worse than DTC) but something went horribly wrong and now Queensryche are history. Stop the fighting, stop the drama. Have two separate bands (Rising West and whatever Geoff wants to call his band) and move on from the whole Queensryche bs.