Geoff Tate: 'They Paid Me a Large Amount of Money for Queensryche Name, So I'm Taking a Year Off'

"We finally settled our differences," the singer adds.

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Addressing the recently-closed Queensryche trial, singer Geoff Tate pointed out that his former bandmates have paid him a significant amount of money for the 'Ryche moniker, allowing him to "take a year off."

Chatting with Daytime at Nine, Tate noted, "We finally settled our differences with the former band. And they get to keep the name and I get to keep the large amount of money they paid me for it. Which is nice, so that's why I'm taking a year off. [Laughs]"

Asked about future plans, the vocalist added (via Blabbermouth), "I'm gonna make a new record. I'm going in the studio in the winter to record a trilogy project, which is three records, all at the same time, and then we'll release them over time. But it's a very involved story, in conceptual format, which is what I like to do."

Explaining the name switch that his rendition of Queensryche undertook, Geoff concluded, "We're calling the new band Operation: Mindcrime. And it's kind of similar to the situation that the guys in Black Sabbath went through when they couldn't use the name, so they used the name of one of their more popular records, 'Heaven And Hell,' and went out and made new music and toured with that name."

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    Maybe he should team up with Gene Simmons, he puts money before music too
    Nah, Tate would spend all of Simmons' money and blame it on Peter Criss' aviators. Simmons would sue Tate, and the case takes multiple years before it's settled out of court with Tate replacing Paul Stanley. But then I like to be imaginatively sadistic about douchebags
    Carl Hungus
    At least Dio could still sing well when he toured with "Heaven and Hell".
    And Heaven and Hell was the complete Mob rules lineup. Now It's Geoff and a bunch of hacks. (And no. Kelly Gray does not legitimize the band).
    How about you take the rest of your life off so we can focus on the better music that the real Queensryche is putting out.
    A word of advice for Geoff... Stop being so butt hurt. You sound like a second grader.
    Isn't Operation Mindcrime already a trademarked name used by a Tribute band?
    Now THAT would be hilarious, if he lost a suit against a cover band.
    i highly doubt a cover band would be able to trademark a name of an album by the band they emulate. they would probably have the right to sue another cover band trying to use the name, but the copyright for the album name would supercede.
    Never really got into Queensryche, but all this shit lately just turns me away even more!
    It's a joke, people. Why else is he taking a year off when he will enter the studio in the winter? Stop seeing what you want to see.
    Nobody cares about his year off, it's his "LOL I GOT MONEY" that's pathetic on every ****ing level imaginable.
    I havent listened to Queensryche and im not really interested, but just reading the latest headlines i have learnt ll the drama around those dudes and this guy.
    I'm gonna go ahead and say that I haven't met a single person who has cited Queensryche as a good band.
    Their first 3 albums are usually considered prog metal masterpieces (at least IMO Rage for Order and Operation Mindcrime are), definitely worth checking out. The following two are also pretty good, though not at the same level. Avoid everything they released from 1997 to 2011, it ranges from plain bad to embarrasingly awful (mostly thanks to the douche mentioned in this article). Then the self-titled album they released last year without Tate is again quite good, on par with their work on the early 90's but far from classic, as expected after all these years. Queensryche is pretty much the perfect example of "the band that could have been": they had the talent, they had a solid following and a personal style, but in the mid 90's Tate just ruined everything and this is the aftermath.
    Well Tater, gotta do what's vest for yourself. Maybe inVest your money or inVest your time towards your wine.