George Lynch Talks Dokken Reunion

artist: Dokken date: 08/05/2008 category: music news
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Co-host Red and intern Jim Bob of the "Rockin Metal Revival" show recently conducted an interview with former Dokken lead guitarist George Lynch. When asked about the possibility of a Dokken reunion with him on guitar, Lynch said, "I did an interview yesterday with Metal Hammer [magazine] in Europe and the guy had just spoken to Don [Dokken]. And Don's response to that same question was the interviewer told me was that this is all coming from George, nobody else has any interest. Now that is absolutely not true. The actual truth is that, yes, my management company has been instrumental in encouraging this to happen, and I'm all for it. But everybody else has agreed in principle at three different occasions over the past few years at looking into doing this to try to put it together and have it make sense. And for various reasons it has not happened. But to characterize this as I'm the one that is pounding the table, and everyone else is reluctant astronauts is completely false. My management company would get a hold of Don and he'd say, 'Yeah, I'm down. Let's see what we can put together.' We've tried to put various tours together and recording sessions together and different reformations and all that, we've had VH1 on board, our own show, record deals, reasonably good tours and other things. For one reason or another, it doesn't happen in the 11th hour. And that's OK, but he mischaracterized it and was being untruthful about that. Just to set the record straight, I'm always down. Of course, this is a business, and I'd love to see some closure of the Dokken thing for myself, the fans, and the band before I hang my guitar up." To hear the entire interview go to (the interview is in hour #3 of the latest show). Thanks for the report to
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