Gerard Way: 'I Never Saw MCR Going Beyond 'Black Parade''

artist: My Chemical Romance date: 07/16/2014 category: music news
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Gerard Way: 'I Never Saw MCR Going Beyond 'Black Parade''
Gerard Way has been speaking with NME about his thoughts on My Chemical Romance. As the singer of the recently disbanded group notes, he never saw the band progressing beyond their third album, "The Black Parade."

"To be honest, I never saw My Chemical Romance going past 'The Black Parade.' I plan things pretty far in advance. Before we'd even done the first record, I would write out titles of things. I definitely knew I had the title for the second album before we'd even recorded the first.

"By the time I got to the third album, which didn't have a name, I felt like that was the end. Basically, the time spent after The Black Parade was me fighting against that instinct and against myself. So, at the end of 'Black Parade,' it felt like a very natural ending. To go beyond that felt like betraying some sort of artistic command.

"I'm still proud of the shows we played especially, and the music we made after Black Parade, but I definitely didn't have anything planned after the third."

Way also noted that he doesn't expect his solo music to appeal to a large number of My Chemical Romance fans:

"There's people that understand [the MCR breakup] and there's people that don't understand it. Amongst those two groups of people, I think a third of them are going to love it, a third of them are going to hate it and a third of them aren't going to care. I don't worry about the numbers. I definitely don't worry about winning people over. To me, this album is coming from someone that is choosing to survive rather than prove something."

Way's debut solo album, titled "Hesitant Alien" is scheduled for release this fall.

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