Gerard Way: 'My Chemical Romance Can Never Die'

In a statement to fans, Gerard Way suggests that part of the reason My Chemical Romance split up is because of his return to drug abuse. What do you think?

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Following their sudden breakup at the weekend, My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way has posted a lengthy statement hinting at the reasons for their split.

Way says there are many reasons that the band ended, but suggests that part of it was how his battle with drugs and alcohol addiction which he first conquered in 2004 came back to haunt him after a show in New Jersey in May 2012.

He claims that a voice spoke to him during the show, and while he won't reveal what it said, it led to dramatic changes in his behaviour.

"The following months were full of suffering for me," writes Way. "I hollowed out, stopped listening to music, never picked up a pencil, started slipping into old habits.

"Slowly, once I had done enough damage to myself, I began to climb out of the hole. Clean. When I made it out, the only thing left inside was the voice, and for the second time in my life, I no longer ignored it - because it was my own."

The singer goes on to thanks fans of the band for the sense of love he feels from them, and parts with this message:

"Since I am bad with goodbyes. I refuse to let this be one. But I will leave you with one last thing.

"My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. Because it is not a band - it is an idea."

Can you read between the lines and guess why My Chemical Romance broke up? Do you think that Way's possible return to substance abuse contributed to the band's downfall? Share your theories in the comments.

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    What a tit.
    I used to love this band, but then this guy turned into a totally pretentious butt-hat and I hit puberty.
    mat hazelwood
    all the hate for this band is pretty sad, if people actually listened to an album they would realize they actually had some pretty heavy guitar songs, dare I say some metal solos. yea gerard looked a little femmy but so does motley crue, alice cooper, cobain with his dresses, manson... my point is judge a book by its cover and you end up only listening to top 40 radio s***
    lol. because they have "metal solos" people shouldnt hate them? ...seems logical
    yeah really. I've seen people shred over Justin Bieber songs on youtube and I still don't like his music....
    People don't hate this band because of the way they look, they hate it because they don't like the music. No matter how hard you defend them, it won't change anyone's opinion on why they don't enjoy the sounds this band produces. Most people find it immature, whiny, and generic. It's not 'sad' that people don't have the same musical tastes as you. It's awesome. It's the very basis of musical freedom.
    Have you read the whole thing he wrote?? It's pretty confusing. I guess I have never considered myself super intellectual when it comes to metaphor to the point that he uses in his big write up..hahh
    dammit! I tried to up vote it and clicked down by accident...I hang my head in shame
    dammit! I tried to up vote it and clicked down by accident...I hang my head in shame
    Just read the full statement. The guy had a realization and a turning point in his life it seems. I salute him.
    I'll never understand all the hate for this band.
    It's a common trend on UG to trash any music even slightly related to emo culture.
    It's a common trend on UG to trash any music even slightly non-metal related. FTFY
    Its a fact UG is mainly full of dicks who hate on every genre other than metal, im sick of it. Which is why we need to build our own site with flapjacks and hookers.
    There's non-metal and then there's just plain shite. Post a MCA song that shows any originality and I'll retract that statement.
    "My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. Because it is not a band - it is an idea." Nah dude, I'm pretty sure it's a band... I wonder if he was actually serious when he wrote that sentence. If so, poor fella!
    Well, does music truly die? Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Edward Grieg. All listened to long after their death. (How many years now?) He did not mean that his band could never die, more that the music of his band would never die as it as an idea. As in V for Vendetta; "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr Creedy, and ideas are bullet-proof."
    Yeah I'm not a moron, I know what he means by it. I just wonder if he realises it makes him sound like a pretentious knobcheese. Of course the music lives on, but claiming your band is not a band, but an "idea" is a total cop-out. Can't they just stop making music without all this melodramatic nonsense? I suppose even after death they are still catering for the teenage fanbase who lap that sh1t up.
    Exactly. Aren't their fans mainly teenage girls? They love stupid, pointless melodrama. It's not like MCR fans are typically intelligent adults.
    you're... so... stupid...
    Stupid? Why? Because I don't like sh*t music? You assume a lot based on knowing one thing - That I don't agree with you on this subject. Besides that you know NOTHING about me. I'm expressing my opinion... You're pretending that you can judge my intelligence based on me not liking a band on a message board on the internet. Who's "so... stupid..."?
    I had to double take that line. That's so profoundly stupid! Ideas hit dust every day. Any band is essentially an idea or a group of ideas.
    not gonna read anymore comments. this is one of those bands people needlessly troll and hate on, yet they'll suck all the old classic rock dicks over and over again.
    Practically everything I listen to is post-80s and I still see MCR for the brainless crap it is.
    Why does everybody hate them? Personally if I had never heard Dead! on my 12th birthday from the itunes card that I got, I wouldnt be listening to music the same way and probably would never have discovered some of my favorite bands. They actually are honest, talented musicians and have probably the most distinct personality I've ever heard in a band. Plus Ray Toro is a ****ing amazing guitarist. Anyways, I was sad to see them go. RIP.
    I caught Ray Toro's pick during the Honda Civic tour. I had this crazy idea that using it might convince myself that I had more talent than I actually did. It didn't work...
    I'll miss this band. An abstract view on life is not always an immature one, so I never saw them as catering to teenagers. I respect Way very much for the way this group ended. He let be known what needed to be and nothing more.
    Could you imagine having a drink with this guy? He'd have one peach schnapps and cry for the rest of the night.
    You spend 12 years working your ass off to reach where he got, and see if you don't get emotional over ending it.
    There's emotional and then there's self-indulgent whiney pseudo-poetry. Plenty of bands have split up after being together WAY longer then MCR without making a big romanticised scene. I don't really care, it just bugs me when a bands final act lacks humility.
    Yeah, I feel ya. Gerald has always seemed....sensitive. Maybe he's just dealing with it in his own way.