GFX-5 Guitar Effects Console from Zoom

Expected to begin shipping within 30 days, Zoom's new GFX-5 can use up to 10 of the 75 built-in effects at once and play back recorded audio at slower speeds to aid transcription.

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New from Zoom this year is the GFX-5, featuring a solid-steel body, easy-to-tag pedals, hundreds of possible effect combinations, drum machine, sampling and two brand new features: "Energize" and "ARRM."

The GFX-5 starts with 75 guitar effects. Up to 10 effects can be used simultaneously, all can be mixed and matched to create original tones. Effect combinations are saved as "patches". The GFX-5 comes with 60 preset patches, all of which can be tweaked and re-saved. There is enough internal memory to save another 60 original effect combinations.

The GFX-5 also introduces a new Zoom feature: "Energize." Intended primarily for playing live or in a rehearsal space, Energize is an EQ boost that adds power to leads and muscle to rhythm parts. It's for guitarists who hate getting stepped on by their band.

Zoom has been making expression pedal effects for years and now, the GFX-5 adds a new dimension to these effects with "ARRM" - Auto-Repeat Real-time Modulation. This feature allows the user to control modulation of expression effects without using the pedal. For example, the user can adjust Wah speed using the tempo control to sync it with a song, or a pattern on the internal drum-machine.

On top of the effects possibilities, the GFX-5 also has Zoom's "VAMS" amp modeling. VAMS gives the user 30 types of amplifier simulations, from classic combos to latest high-power stacks; from warm overdrive to radical fuzz. Besides an acoustic simulator, the modeling module also has "Turbo" and "Edge" that add further tonal variations to each model. The GFX-5 console also features a 4-band EQ with on-deck knob controls, and "Presence" control.

For writing and rehearsing, the GFX-5 comes with a built-in drum machine. It features 60 different rhythm patterns, covering a wide variety of genres. The "Tap Tempo" control allows you to adjust tempo quickly and easily.

The built-in memory allows the user to record an audio sample of up to 6 seconds. It could be a guitar riff played through the 1/4" input, or any signal (CD Player for example) plugged into the L/R RCA AUX input. Phrases can then be played back at 1/2 or 1/4 speed without pitch change--perfect for learning a fast lead from a CD.

The GFX-5 also includes an auto chromatic tuner and a dual power supply system that uses batteries or an AC adaptor. The List price of the GFX-5 Console is $349.99.

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    Sounds good...i have a gfx-707 and never looked back, can't wait to check this baby out!