Ghost: 'ABBA Will Always Overshadow Everyone in Sweden'

Band also streaming their latest "If You Have Ghosts" covers EP.

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Ever since shaking the music world back in the '70s, Swedish pop icons ABBA have become eponymous of the country's musical success. And now, over four decades later, they are praised even by their metal colleagues Ghost. Chatting with Team Rock Radio, one of the metallers' Nameless Ghouls couldn't help praising the legendary four-piece, saying that ABBA is the band that will always stand far above any other Swedish act. Discussing the band's latest covers EP "If You Have Ghosts," Ghoul noted: "ABBA is world-widely known, but in Sweden I think it's - Swedish musicians have a similar relationship with ABBA as Liverpool musicians have with - Carcass. Everything that you do is sort of compared to them. Even if you're musically not trying to conquer their throne, it's always gonna be 'Oh, you sold a million records did you? They sold 300 million records. Oh, you wrote good music did you? Did you write a musical? Did you write three?' "They're always gonna be overshadowing everybody else in Sweden," Ghoul added. "I do not however feel intimidated by that, I really love their music and I really respect everything that they've done very much. Most of their material is exquisite and sort of full and rich," he concluded. Speaking of "If You Have Ghosts," the EP is available for streaming in its entirety via Loma Vista Recordings. Featuring four covers, one of which is an ABBA tune, as well as a live rendition of "Secular Haze" track, the effort was produced by Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl. When it comes to ABBA, the band has recently hinted at a possible reunion to mark the 40th anniversary of Eurovison "Waterloo" triumph.

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    Ghost already covered Beatles. That was obviously a joke. Satanic jokes, people just don't get them.
    Cracking blokes
    i always said an im a marionette metal cover would sound amazing. they didnt make it as metal as i would have hoped though. it sounds so eerie when abba sing it that makes it stand out from their usual music that a metal band could and should make so epic
    what a really modest and cultured bloke. it's hard to find those types of people in our current music industry. I'm going to listen to more Ghost
    The first time I heard this band I thought they had a song called 'Monstrous Cock' and I was expecting some comedy metal. This is much, much better. They're a great band, I'm very happy that someone has resurrected good old we-care-about-the-music bands.
    The first Liverpool band that comes to my mind are The La's. I think my subconscious is a hipster.
    The La's aren't really that hipster, pretty much everyone I know has heard of them. The Boo Radley's covered There She Goes for the film So I Married An Axe Murderer.
    Abba and Ghost blow
    Don't Ask
    Why thank you for your enlightening, insightful and well thought out comment. It is clear that your musical understanding is superior to everyone else's here, and we are all very thankful that you made this deep, indisputable statement.