Ghost Aiming at October Studio Entrance, New Album Due in Spring 2015

artist: Ghost date: 01/20/2014 category: music news
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Ghost Aiming at October Studio Entrance, New Album Due in Spring 2015
Further pinpointing the new album release, Ghost have now announced the spring of 2015 as a tentative date for "Infestissumam" follow-up to drop.

Chatting with Metal Trails, the Ghoul also confirmed plans for entering studio during fall, specifically around October or November.

"In October/November, something like that, we're gonna record, so a fair estimate would be spring time of 2015," the guitarist said about the release date.

As the Ghoul further explained, Ghost needs to grow commercially in order to grow aesthetically. "It will be a different sort of era," he said about the shift. "We're just sort of building, it'll get cleared out as we go along.

"We want to be able to produce the show that we've always been talking about and that means automatically that we need to grow commercially, because if you expect your show to be sort of big and grand and playing in big places, obviously you need to have a certain fold, you need to have a certain X amount of people interested in coming and seeing that," he added.

"So obviously there's a commercial goal that needs to be happening more or less in order to achieve the aesthetic goal. The aesthetic goal is always much more important, but in order to do that you need to have resources," the Ghoul concluded.

Back in December, the band announced plans for a "more metal" album with "more guitars playing and more things happening." Are you up for that?
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