Ghost Aiming at October Studio Entrance, New Album Due in Spring 2015

Band looking to grow commercially and aesthetically, Nameless Ghoul explains.

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Further pinpointing the new album release, Ghost have now announced the spring of 2015 as a tentative date for "Infestissumam" follow-up to drop.

Chatting with Metal Trails, the Ghoul also confirmed plans for entering studio during fall, specifically around October or November.

"In October/November, something like that, we're gonna record, so a fair estimate would be spring time of 2015," the guitarist said about the release date.

As the Ghoul further explained, Ghost needs to grow commercially in order to grow aesthetically. "It will be a different sort of era," he said about the shift. "We're just sort of building, it'll get cleared out as we go along.

"We want to be able to produce the show that we've always been talking about and that means automatically that we need to grow commercially, because if you expect your show to be sort of big and grand and playing in big places, obviously you need to have a certain fold, you need to have a certain X amount of people interested in coming and seeing that," he added.

"So obviously there's a commercial goal that needs to be happening more or less in order to achieve the aesthetic goal. The aesthetic goal is always much more important, but in order to do that you need to have resources," the Ghoul concluded.

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Back in December, the band announced plans for a "more metal" album with "more guitars playing and more things happening." Are you up for that?

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    I can sense that topics like this will slowly turn into a war between the newer fans of Ghost versus the fans from their "Underground" days when they were somehow a better band in some way because of that factor of obscurity. Either way, that's a good start for 2015 releases from where I'm standing.
    I'm kind of torn. On one hand I love the first album, but I'm sure I would've gotten sick of them if they kept making that same album over and over. It's one of the reasons I like Metallica more than Slayer. On one hand you have this brutal thrash band but on the other hand there's a diverse and exciting band that is spontaneous and unpredictable.
    The first album is a great record, and in my opinion 'Infestissumam' is as well, but I like them for different reasons. The first was the starting point, and at that point they'd formed the basic idea of what they wanted, but the second album with its bigger budget and more confidence behind it allowed the band to see what they could achieve with less constraints. I liked 'Infestissumam', I still do now, but I think what's needed is a better balance between both albums on the next record. They can have bigger production and arrangements if they want a fuller sound on record, bur they also need to focus more on guitar riffs and think more about how you can put the song across live instead of just in the studio. Especially if they're still working to get the big show they've wanted since they started. In short, the next record should be a mixture of both previous albums. Great riffs and hooks similar to 'Opus') with richer arrangements like 'Infestissumam' and (hopefully a great mix to go with it (The latter not getting that as much as the former). I think they can do it, but we'll see. They need to be able to do things differently, a band like Ghost isn't obviously about adhering to enforced stereotypes (Their latest collection of covers is a prime example), bur at the same time avoid losing too much touch with what got them here in the first place.
    Bets on which Nameless Ghoul said this? a. Nameless Ghoul b. Nameless Ghoul c. Nameless Ghoul d. Nameless Ghoul e. Nameless Ghoul
    I saw these guys support Alice In Chains a couple of months ago, and I tell you - pleasantly surprised.
    Jacques Nel
    You know, I don't care much for their music but the whole costume gig cracks me up. The stormtroopers and meth-head pope is just great.
    Commercialism is the only excuse for wearing a Star Wars mask.
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