Ghost: 'Anonymity Makes Our Lives Miserable'

A nameless ghoul discusses the difficulty of remaining anonymous these days.

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A nameless ghoul from Ghost took some time to discuss the band's infamous anonymity, revealing just how hard it is to maintain it.

During a chat on Full Metal Jackie radio show, the ghoul also pointed out that the group members "aren't really from big bands as people tend to believe."

"I think what were doing with our anonymity is very hard to maintain because it makes our lives miserable to some extent," he said (via Loudwire). "What we're working towards with everything else in terms of we want to put forth a grander show and in order to do so we need to reach a lot more people. Since we have been at the mercy of the good will of people liking the band for so long I think the further we reach above the radar, people that aren't into the band will be more prominent."

The ghoul continued, "For anybody that wishes to just f--k the band over it's very easy to do so, so I think it's just a matter of time before someone will go, 'Oh so youre anonymous, right?' and then they just take a photo and 'Here they are, here you go.'

"I think as long as we don't screw with our music or our performances and how we like to present the band on a live basis - having an image and being covered up onstage is not the same thing as being anonymous, those are two different things but they go hand in hand in our case."

The latest Ghost record, "Infestissumam," dropped back in April as the group's sophomore release. Apart from topping the Swedish album chart, it also managed to peak at No. 28 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    Well, I wonder if NSA knows their identities..
    Scott O
    Damn! I was gonna have these guys play at my birthday party this summer but after seeing their picture, no way! Gonna have some really bad dreams tonight.
    You passed up an opportunity to have Ghost play a private party for you all because of the way they look? God damn, you're stupid.
    Im prety sure I know who the singer is *spoiler* Tobias forge from subvision, check it out
    It's probably best that they remain anonymous. It might be a bit harsh to say, but the whole reason Ghost got so much attention is because of their personas and anonymity. The magic would be sort of ruined if it turned out that it was 'Bob, Jerry and Klaus from Denmark' That said, love the new album.
    There's an interview where a ghoul asks the interviewer if he really wants to know their identities... after a short thinking he said no.. deep inside we dont want to know who they are! same story with KISS... when you saw who they really are you got a bit dissapointed.
    It's not really harsh to say though, they admit that the idea is that they are putting on a show. It's the same idea of seeing a broadway musical. As long as the music doesn't suffer, there's no problem with having an image like that, and In my opinion the music is good.
    to the person who reveals their identities....i will find you, i will kill you.
    I'll never get the "sorry who?" people who comment. It's as if they are someone proud of the fact that they don't know who someone/a band is.
    You'll excuse the irony of this but, who the hell are these guys?
    The metal band Ghost (called Ghost BC. in the USA). They have released two albums so far. James from Metallica has been wearing some of their T-Shirts and Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters dedicated a song to them at a festival were i was at. That's why people think the band consists of famous musicians since they are quite new and already have a big fan-base under the "superstars".
    Mr Winters
    An overrated band. Here come the downvotes.
    agreed. its amazing how a bunch of inverted crosses on pope outfits makes a band so popular
    Face R1pper
    They are though. They're not bad, but out of all the 70s/80s revival metal bands who have been getting big record deals lately there are many that deserve more attention than Ghost.
    Name some, please. I'm not trying to call you out, but people who make comments like this never mention any of the music they're claiming to be out there, and I would really like to hear it because I'm apparently not finding it on my own.
    Face R1pper
    Yeah no problem. I'm not saying Ghost is bad, but here's some of my favorite bands that came out in the last 5 years that are all better than Ghost: Steelwing, Holy Grail, Cauldron, Christian Mistress, Castle, Volture, Skull Fist, White Wizzard, Katana, Mean Streak, Crucified Barbara, Portrait, Argus, Vanderbuyst, Stryker, Enforcer, Crystal Viper, Iron Curtain, Witchcurse, and Atlantean Kodex. Sorry that most of those bands lean more toward the 80s style than the 70s, but there are many out there.
    the sword kylesa torche baroness witchcraft Texas Hippie Coalition Honky Mount Carmel just to name a few, go on wikipeida and look at the list of sludge metal doom metal and stoner rock/metal bands, that's the sound you want.
    For 70's revival, two words - MARS VOLTA. I know it's not Metal, but it is the best revival band around, and they actually have a NEW sound. As for 80's revival - VEKTOR. Again, they actually have a NEW sound.
    i love TMV but have you ever listened to king crimson and al de miola? check out 21st century schizoid man then listen to goliath and you'll shit yourself. when it comes to art, pieces get borrowed from everywhere. again, TMV rocks and im with you that theres a metal aspect to them
    Face R1pper
    Yeah Vektor is awesome but blackened thrash isn't what comes to mind for most people when they think of 80s metal.
    FUELED BY FIRE... Best band you need to know. New album 'Trapped in Perdition' comes out at the end of July and it will surely be one of the best albums of the year. Chris is a hell of a guitarist.
    I just can't describe them as metal... More like alternative rock or something, but not metal.
    Though I'm not a fan of Ghost, saying that they're not metal is pretty much equivalent to saying that Black Sabbath, early Judas Priest, early Iron Maiden, or even Mercyful Fate (their most obvious influence) aren't metal either. They're far from the most brutal thing out there, but they're definitely metal.
    Ironically one of the members was 'revealed' awhile ago to be the son of King Diamond, the lead singer of Mercyful fate.
    Just checked them out for the first time... If this is the type of music James has been listening to lately... Smh it all makes sense now
    If you read the entire interview, he says that it's not true. They all come from small bands we've probably never even heard of.
    Have you heard about Repugnant, Watain, In Solitude?
    link no1
    Yes I have and I don't even really like that sort of music. They've had front cover features on big selling music magazines...whilst they're not super big, they're not unknown either...
    A pretty cool band with a real cool sound and feel who get a lot of their coolness from their image and anonymity. I know that sound superficial and ridiculous, but every time I listen to Ghost, I visualize their personas and their image enhances the music for me. It's like seeing a live show on Broadway; the music would be the same regardless of what they dressed like, but you'd lose a lot of the effect if you saw Wicked and instead of being dressed like a witch, she was dressed in some sweatpants and a t shirt.
    Saw them last night at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. They were awesome and the show just makes it that much better. Something would be lost if they just wore the standard metal wardrobe on stage
    sooo...if someone were to "out" the band's identities they wouldn't be able to put on the same costumes they're wearing now? as if anonymity makes them actual ghosts? i see....
    Once people got photos of the guys in Slipknot, that didn't take away from their fans still wanting them to wear the masks at shows. This whole thing reminds me of a combination of the KISS makeup thing and Slipknot's masks. It's a gimmick and it works. Let's all just roll with it. No harm done.
    It does change how the band works though. Some diehard fans have already figured out some of the members, but what is interesting is that sometimes the lead singer will dress up as one of the other members and conduct interviews. It means that he can talk about the bands direction without loosing this moody and never-seen-except-on-stage character.
    Actually... Papa Emeritus II cant... his voice is too dominant.
    Its rumored that they are actually the same person. I heard that they did it just to emulate the changing of the Pope
    Oh... I did not mean it that way... I say that even if Papa Emeritus I/II wanted to be on an interview he just cant... his/their voice is just too dominant and they would be comprimised in a second!
    HEY! What if someone did find out who they were and took a picture, and then the band asked someone to wear the same outfits?
    They would.. but it would ruin the magic and mystery! take KISS as an example (when they were anonymous and now)
    An open letter to Ghost. Out yourselves then go back to playing your roles on stage as you are now. We all like the theatrics but we all know its a show being performed by real people. Tell the people who is in ghost then go back to business as normal. Your popularity isnt because people dont know who you are but because what you do you do so well.
    i think that keeping the identities unknown is a crucial part of the whole concept of the band, they are like ghosts, if the identities come to light, the impression of the show they have wouldnt be the same. i think that the uncertainty of seeing 4 completely random dudes in stage, and think, are they the same 4 dudes? have they change someone?... that uncertanty of not knowing these answers its great, of course the music would be the same, but i think that the combo of music and show its why they are so famous right now.
    It is a crucial part of their stage and theatrical concept and that doesnt have to change. When they go on stage they will still be playing the part of nameless ghouls and playing the part of nameless ghouls inside the book with the cd but it would probably be easier for them to just come out and say who they are so they no longer have to worry about someone outing them (which is gonna happen sooner or later). Someone else mentioned Kiss and Slipknot but i think a better band to compare them to is Gwar and people knowing who Gwar really are hasnt harmed their theater in the least.
    Right. That might not have made sense a couple years ago, when everyone was all "omg look at this new band, they're so spoooooky", but the novelty's worn off enough that I don't think people would mind.
    People who are into Ghost would be well served to give Blue Oyster Cult a listen. I played the death out of "Fire of Unknown Origin".
    I'm not really into theatrics (probably why I enjoy PTH live so much), but I think this band is really cool. They just look really awesome.
    I saw them in march, following a ****ing incredible set from Gojira. Couldn't connect with it. And if anyone is impressed with the way Papa Emeritus moves about on stage, go look at Jaz Coleman. Still, good luck to them and that.
    I went to see them on the same tour. It was badly planned, because Ghost just don't fit with Gorjira. I went for ghost, and a lot of people left early because they weren't interested. the genres of the bands were so different, it just seemed odd having them tour together.
    No matter how popular this band will get they are nothing compared to King Diamond\Mercyful Fate, and other excellent occult-style bands like Blood Ceremony.
    Face R1pper
    They also sound nothing like King Diamond and Mercyful Fate so it doesn't make sense to compare them.
    Good point, I guess that's why I like King Diamond/Mercyful Fate and not Ghost. Because they don't sound anything like Ghost. No offense to Ghost, but everything is to flat. There's no power in hearing it on record, and it doesn't give me any interest to see live. I hear King Diamond and I hear POWER. I hear Ghost and I hear flatness.
    These guys have a cool sound and their image is definitely interesting, but I get bored as soon as the singing comes in. It's just too bland compared to everything else they have going on.
    everyone already knows the singer is the guy from Repugnant, I don't think that revelation has damaged their popularity at all. anonymity is unsustainable in today's music business