Ghost Are Ready to Be Unmasked, Nameless Ghoul Says

"In many ways, we are no longer anonymous," the musician adds.

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One of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls recently proclaimed that the band is essentially ready to be unmasked, explaining how he's "very comfortable" with the idea.

Asked by Ghost Columbia if the group could ever exist without masks and the theatrical show, the musician replied:

"I don't think so. I am very comfortable with the idea of not potentially being anonymous, because, in many ways, we are not anymore. Every show there's 50 people outside our bus and we do informal meet-and-greets all the time, because we have to.

"We cannot ... The laws of gravity ... in the sense that we cannot play an enclosed arena where we can completely shy away from everybody, just hovering in a helicopter."

The Ghoul elaborated further, noting (via Blabbermouth), "We have chosen not to officially claim anything, just because that was never the idea. Whether or not we will do that in the future, we'll see, but I think that what is the most important thing is that we don't change too much of how the actual craft is being presented.

"I wouldn't like to see Ghost as being just a normal band," he added. "I mean, on stage, the way that we portray ourselves. Just because people wouldn't know, like, the name of a member or anything like that ... It's not like we're gonna start writing out the names on the record.

"So I think there is a way where these things [Ghost members' identities being known to the public and the band members portraying themselves as 'nameless' on stage] can coexist. But obviously, that's up to fans to decide. If knowing who we are destroys everything, OK," the musician concluded.

The identity of the group's frontman Papa Emeritus has been up in the air for quite some time, as a series of claims pointed that Tobias Forge is the man behind the mask. The latest, subsequently deleted photo of Tobias and Behemoth's Nergal can be considered as a definite proof.

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    Please don't. The coolest thing about ghost is the mystery.
    Chances are if you dont know who they are now then you still wouldnt know who they are once you see their names. As long as they keep the masks on stage and shy away from the public eye it doesnt really matter if their real names and faces are reveled. They should just do it themselves and make a non issue about it then get right back on with business as usual.
    I agree. Everybody knows the names and faces of the members of Gwar. Though, in almost all interviews/public appearances, they remained in costume and character. Nobody seemed to be bothered by that.
    It must get really freaking hot playing full shows in those costumes and make-up. Respect.
    Not sure they would have to even shy away from the public eye. Bands like Kiss and Slipknot really haven't been hurt by being unmasked and are still expected to perform in costume
    matteo cubano
    Yeah but not knowing gives a child like ignorant sense of enchantment that doesn't exist in a world where we know everything about everything and have let rationality eat up what remains of our imaginations. They're Santa Clause for adults (or teens).
    No, the music is the coolest thing about Ghost. I'll listen to them with or without masks.
    You are listening to them without masks, just as anybody else, because I doubt they were wearing them in the studio while recording the albums.
    I personally think the coolest thing bout Ghost is the music they make. If you think a gimmick makes a band, than I have nothing but negativity to deliver your way. That's just dumb.
    They should do unmasking together and film it. After they take their masks of it only reveals new masks under old ones !
    Go The Residents route. Just take 50 years to release your identity and when you do, it doesn't add up at all. There are 4 residents supposedly but he only gave the first names of 3 "randy, chuck, and bob", and we still haven't seen their faces.
    No, Ghost, don't do that! You'll remove the gimmick that's the only thing keeping your mediocre Pop-Occult Rock afloat! Actually, go ahead.
    I love Ghost first and foremost for their awesome music and image! Ofcourse the mystery is part of their image, but for me (and I know many more), the music is the reason why I love them. Wouldn't care much if they reviel their names
    My hope was to see Ghost releasing their three albums and disappear from the music industry without ever removing their masks. I really don't care about what they look like. Okay maybe playing shows with a cloak and a mask can be uncomfortable.
    It would be funny to see who is behind the masks. You find out its a super group then just a band , so many peoples' minds would be blown.
    I really really hope they stay cloaked. I love Ghost and the costumes just make them THAT much more amazing! I am sad that they keep talking about "changing" Papa. I don't want another Papa.... I love Papa Emeritus II!
    I really think Ghost is just a one or two man project, and the nameless ghouls are "named" like that because they are mostly hired guns (with a confidentiality contract) that way Tobias Forge has all the control behind the band, has more profit and that way he can invest more in paraphernalia and props, is only logical.
    I would be crushed if this was the actual case, because I love the instrumentation on every album and like to think of each ghoul as their own unique person... even if they are 'nameless'
    I'm pretty sure at least 2 or 3 of the Nameless Ghouls have a hand in the song writing as well . If you dig into it enough you can find out the two bands where most of the guys come from. One was mainly Tobis' but the other wasn't, yet you can hear the "Ghost" sound in it.
    Clearly the masks and all the theatrics give these guys a more interesting air and stuff, but at the end what really counts is the music and as far as the music doesn't change to something bad and mediocre, im cool with whatever they do.
    If anything I want them to unmask themselves at their final show. That'd make it even more "special". If they do an unmasking now they should do what Papa Emeritus did.
    The only thing is... who the **** is Tobias Forge?
    Former guitarist of Crashdiet, Vocalist/guitarist of Repugnant and painfully clearly the singer of Ghost.