Ghost Are Ready to Be Unmasked, Nameless Ghoul Says

artist: Ghost date: 07/17/2014 category: music news
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Ghost Are Ready to Be Unmasked, Nameless Ghoul Says
One of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls recently proclaimed that the band is essentially ready to be unmasked, explaining how he's "very comfortable" with the idea.

Asked by Ghost Columbia if the group could ever exist without masks and the theatrical show, the musician replied:

"I don't think so. I am very comfortable with the idea of not potentially being anonymous, because, in many ways, we are not anymore. Every show there's 50 people outside our bus and we do informal meet-and-greets all the time, because we have to.

"We cannot ... The laws of gravity ... in the sense that we cannot play an enclosed arena where we can completely shy away from everybody, just hovering in a helicopter."

The Ghoul elaborated further, noting (via Blabbermouth), "We have chosen not to officially claim anything, just because that was never the idea. Whether or not we will do that in the future, we'll see, but I think that what is the most important thing is that we don't change too much of how the actual craft is being presented.

"I wouldn't like to see Ghost as being just a normal band," he added. "I mean, on stage, the way that we portray ourselves. Just because people wouldn't know, like, the name of a member or anything like that ... It's not like we're gonna start writing out the names on the record.

"So I think there is a way where these things [Ghost members' identities being known to the public and the band members portraying themselves as 'nameless' on stage] can coexist. But obviously, that's up to fans to decide. If knowing who we are destroys everything, OK," the musician concluded.

The identity of the group's frontman Papa Emeritus has been up in the air for quite some time, as a series of claims pointed that Tobias Forge is the man behind the mask. The latest, subsequently deleted photo of Tobias and Behemoth's Nergal can be considered as a definite proof.
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