Ghost Share Plans for Two New Albums, Additional Orchestration Yet to Come

Concept and theme fully worked out, execution yet to come, Nameless Ghoul explains.

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Although their new album is tentatively due way down in the spring of 2015, cult metallers Ghost have confirmed worked-out plans for not one, but two full records. And the plans include more orchestration.

As reported, the band is aiming at a "more metal," guitar-driven vibe on the third album. Chatting with Ghost Cult mag, the Nameless Ghoul delved into the group's long-term plans, saying, "The new record we are working on will not be more orchestral because we plan on using more of that on the fourth album. We have it all planned out in terms of concept and theme, we just need to execute these ideas."

He continued, "I think we are clear on what will happen, at least two records ahead from now. We have ideas on changing the appearance and the thematics in order to make it interesting. We have painted ourselves into a corner in a sense that we will reinvent ourselves every time to keep this interesting. Papa will be reinvented each time too. He will evolve alongside our albums."

The Ghoul also touched on the matter of band's anonymity, adding, "We have found this is becoming easier. Anonymity is not all about wearing masks. If I sat here in my stage attire we would not be able to have this conversation without being bothered."

When it comes to more current events, Ghost are hoping to enter studio sometime during October and start "a different sort of era."

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    More metal = great news, even though I really liked both albums
    Year Zero is my favorite from the newest, and that's definitely the most "metal" on the album. If they do more stuff like that, i'd be more than satisfied
    Really enjoyed both albums from them. So I'm really looking forward to this and apparently their 4th album too! Also possibly seeing them in April so I'm psyched for that
    I really liked the 2nd album, it's a lot more melodic than most metal albums. I feel like if they go more 'metal' they could lose their uniqueness and sound like any other band.
    Papa emeritus 3 will be Papa John!
    JD Close
    the first album hints at 3 Papas, so I'm not sure what persona the fourth will be. Maybe no masks, maybe Satan himself will sing for Ghost.
    The Spoon
    Is it just me, or has this band exploded since their last album came out? Not hating, just curious.
    I agree, they have been in the news a lot since the newest album. I think that's great though!