Ghost Talk Band Anonymity: 'Have People Not Found Google Yet?'

artist: Ghost date: 01/14/2014 category: music news
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Ghost Talk Band Anonymity: 'Have People Not Found Google Yet?'
Discussing the band's anonymity, Nameless Ghoul of Swedish metallers Ghost couldn't help pondering over a few questions, confessing that remaining fully anonymous is an impossible task these days.

"Sometimes you start wondering that - have people not found Google yet?" the Ghoul asked during a recent press conference in Paris. "People ask these questions that are so easily found out. I don't know, maybe there's people on the label just throwing them out there or something just to make it look good, but sometimes you get surprised by the fact that it's still a debate."

During the rest of the chat, the guitarist also discussed the headway band's been making with the new album. "We are just now very much into the creative phase, we're building up the whole concept of that," he said. "A lot of the things that we sort of work on is always built out of live context, so being on tour is actually one of the most creative times I think."

The band has previously announced a "more metal" album, confirming a tentative release during the spring of 2015. "From a guitarist point of view, I think that 'Infestissumam' turned out a little bit too vocal sometimes," the Ghoul told Berlin Metal TV back in October. "I'm pleased with the record, I'm just saying that in the future, we're probably gonna add more instrumental parts, which you in a way can probably regard as 'more metal' just because it's gonna be more guitars playing and more things happening."

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