Ghost: We Actually Had 10 Lineup Changes Over the Years

Many musicians are not satisfied with staying anonymous, the band's leader explains.

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Ghost: We Actually Had 10 Lineup Changes Over the Years

One of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls - probably Papa Emeritus since he's the only member of the band now - revealed lineup changes are actually quite frequent in Ghost, telling Merkur (via Google Translate):

"The masks are usually misinterpreted. It's not about dressing up. It is about anonymity. [With anonymity,] one can make quite different music."

Ghost Unmasked: Nameless Ghoul Known as Omega Reveals His Identity, His Name Is Martin Persner

He continued: "This is actually a problem with this project. For many musicians, this is not satisfactory.

"That is why we had many changes - 10 by now [since the band was founded in 2008]. On the other hand, you can get out of your own artist role and look a little more objectively. You never see yourself as the others see you. And you always see only how you want to be. This is a problem for many."

Asked whether all the lineup changes had a major impact on Ghost's sound, the musician replied: "No, it's all fixed. In the end, Ghost is like a play. If you see 'Faust,' you do not expect the text to be changed."

Discussing his role in the band, the nameless one made it pretty clear he's the group's leader, saying: "I've created the whole project. I've been working for six years, composing, designing stage shows, giving interviews. I feel recognized. This is more difficult for others. [I'm behind] around 95 percent [of all things Ghost]."

Asked about future plans, the fella replied: "Ghost is clearly outlined. Personally, however, I would also like to play guitar in a band. Currently, however, this is difficult, because Ghost takes all my time. I'm like a CEO. [Laughs] When I started, of course, I did not think what might become of it."

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    Let's be honest here. They've become much more prominent than they thought they would be and some ppl in the band weren't ready for that. Still, in the past they could smoothly change members but now that every rock/metal news source is following them the rules of the game changed. Hence the publicity stunt and much more background info on the band that wasn't given before. As we all know, concept of ghost changes between each album with new papa, new ghouls etc. so this is just regular stuff. Except this time around they need to work with the media or the media will work against them. Simple as that
    The anonymity thing is really dumb.  They should just go out the same way Slipknot does. Just go out doing interviews without the mask. It's always the same guy doing stuff publicly, and everybody that been following this band knows who he is already. You check on google and his name and pictures pop out. The ghouls were just a bunch of nobodies, fuck that.
    I disagree. I think a lot of magic is lost in internet age because artists are too exposed. I prefer when there is some mystery about it, even gimmicky like ghost. One of the reasons I love Steven Wilson is that his private life is an enigma, you can see it coming out through lyrics a bit , but nothing defined. Then you have ppl like Portnoy, who are well.....Portnoy
    Gimmicky or not these arguments are extremely dull damn... So I'm gonna dislike this and just leave you in the dark all right.
    Like slipknot never made us believe that they ate, slept and shitted while wearing their masks.
    I understand completely what he means, and Ghost are one of my favourite bands... but I still find this disheartening. I loved the guitar players they had, and both drummers had very distinct playing styles. Looking forward to the future of the band, but still wary of what may follow. They've not let us down yet!
    You "loved" them?! What about them did you love exactly? The boring, simplistic Blue Oyster Cult Tribute Band Tribute Band Tribute Band drone riffing, or the horrible tone?
    That Blue Oyster Cult reference is always funny to read.  Admit you read that out somewhere and keep repeating that thing off. Because you sound like you don't really know what you're talking about pal.
    Yeah, I never got that reference either. Other than that middle section in Don't Fear the Reaper and the song Nosferatu, almost nothing BOC has ever done is similar to Ghost.
    the lead singers sound alike and they play similar music.. Other than that yeah they are nothing like blue oyster cult. Lol
    Ghost's material has never been a collective collaboration of the musician's in the band, past or current. One, maybe two member's are the core writer's and recording musician's. So with that in mind, if ghoul's were replaced, the song writing process wont change.   
    Yet if you watch the Loudwire Fact or Fiction a Nameless Ghoul says there are 2 or 3 main songwriters and papa does even write the lyrics?
    Yeah...If the new album sucks, I'm done with that band. You can immediately feel Omega absence in Popestar for instance. Not much guitars. Pro-tools synths all over the place. I think it was decent, but definitely their worst shit.
    Popestar was a covers EP with one original song. It is meant to be a take on how stupid pop is (in my opinion), and does not represent the bands main album series. It's an extension of Meliora, but meant to have a light, poppy feel, so as to contrast Album IV, which is said to be their darkest material yet
    I don't understand the whole drama. There has always been tons of synths in most Ghost songs. Popestar is what it is, a revisited collection of popsongs. Songs on the "If you have ghost" EP didn't sound like anything from Infestissumam or Meliora. They justified it many times, that's why they put that kind of stuff on EPs and not on regular albums. I for one don't feel that much Omega's absence on Popestar. I'd say it's not as obvious as I thought it would be. The last couple of shows they did on the other hand, yes. He clearly had a strong stage presence. Which leads to what Papa explains... Omega wasn't anonymous anymore. He was Omega, not just a ghoul anymore and maybe it started to be a problem.
    I think they can easily change members because the "music" is terrible. Listening to Ghost is painful. How about another change firing everyone and going far, far away.
    My best bet is that all of this 'I fired everyone' is all one big publicity stunt and we will probably never know what really happens or happened.
    who cares. You, your band, Dave Grohl and Tool can get in a plane and fly it into ISIS' headquarters .. win-win situation
    Yeah, musicians are such assholes for inspiring people and makong their day a little better and they deserve to die for it, right? /sarcasm
    i think, is actually the keyboardist guy, not papa that writes 95% of their music he said that in some interview i have read (sorry for my English )
    The faust comparison is a little of, since actors of Faust don't record new versions of the play where everything changes and record that. I somehow think I understand what is the goal, the comparison to a play is just off.
    What a horrible non-band. Can you people wake up and stop giving this idiot your money?! His songwriting is horrible, he can't sing, and he's obviously just another Dave Mustaine/Josh Homme type dictator masquerading as a band.
    I love how you think you are somehow above all these mere mortals (Ghost fans). Buddy, they have well written songs, good arrangement, solid riffs, and killer melodies. Yeah, the singer may be an acquired taste, but I honestly don't think you can say he "can't sing".
    and LOL 'I'm behind around 95% of all things Ghost" Can't get more douchy.
    It's not douchey if it's true.
    95% of all things that made Ghost great weren't because of him.
    How do you know that? "I've created the whole project. I've been working for six years, composing, designing stage shows, giving interviews." If it's true than it clearly is his baby. It seems to be a solo thing and he hired a bunch of buddies. If people thought it was a collective work than it's their mistake. There's nothing right or wrong, who should care ? Live and let live, let it be all about the music and not about drama.
    Well the thing is everyone knows who he is, I mean fans. If he has all the publishing and stuff it must be hard to be a member of that band, you can't write songs, and you don't get recognised.  You're just a puppet. "Nice guitar solo puppet". Fuck that.  I feel sorry for the former members, and I'm pretty sure they were paid like shit. You're working for the king, but the king is just one random douche.
    Everybody's working for someone. When you're playing for ghost you probably know the deal. Millions of people around the world are working for some King and most of them are anonymous and don't get recognized or have the feeling they never get what they deserve. It's nothing new. The other option is to take the throne yourself and be a King / a boss. Then you'll see, it won't take very long for you to be someone's douche eventually. That's how it works everywhere. That's how we are.
    I don't want to say you're extremely du... But you know, the former members, you know.....the mcc guys. not employees.
    Well there's probably a reason why it's not called MCC. Being a member of MCC doesn't make you automatically a Ghost founding member I guess. It's more like Tobias invited his buddies to HIS project.