Ghost's Nameless Ghoul: 'US Is So F--king Hypocritical, It Makes Me Want to Throw Up'

"You're selling f-king guns, people laying on the streets smoking crack, and people protesting because Twinkies aren't around anymore."

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One of the Ghost's Nameless Ghouls has recently expressed frustration over the ban they had received for the original cover of their latest album "Infestissumam," bashing the hypocrisy of certain groups in the US.

Asked by Alternative Nation to name the "most obscene reaction" to the band's satanic imagery, the musician replied, "Being from Sweden, which is very desensitized , it's not a problem there at all. I'd say it's here in the States.

"Like when we printed the album, one of the pressing companies didn't want to do it because one of the pictures depicted giving a fellatio or blow job from an angel. I mean I can see that, but come on, what the f--k are you selling on the other side of the spectrum?

"You're selling f--king guns, people laying on the streets smoking crack, and people protesting because Twinkies aren't around anymore. It's so f--king hypocritical, it makes me want to throw up. When we get reactions from right-wing Christians in the US it makes me want to throw up, because look at what they're doing. What is the real downfall?" the Ghoul ranted.

During the rest of the chat, the musician confirmed that a new satanically-themed effort is looming on the horizon, but without sharing much fresh info. "We're going to record a new album, starting in fall. It's just going to be a new step from our other two albums, but you shouldn't expect techno music from us. It's pretty much worked out with all the ideas. It's going to be the third part in the Antichrist themed releases," he said.

Asked to single out a contemporary act he's a fan of, the Ghoul took an unexpected trance music detour, saying, "I follow this trance band from England called Above and Beyond, who are very kicka-s songwriters. I don't dance though, I'm too shy for that."

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    I live in the US, I agree with this man, we are a very hypocritical kind.
    But so is every other country. Everyone is hypocritical, it's just human nature (as is making mistakes).
    there are so many people in the US, saying "we" is flat stupid. There is no way you can represent every person or even a majority with a broad sentiment. You agree? Good for you. Stop generalizing.
    I don't like how he uses "desensitized" here. Yes people are able to take more things when it comes to enternainment, but that doesn't mean they would if they were real. People are able to diferentiate between real life and entertainment.
    "I don't dance though, I'm too shy for that." I think I just figured out what I'm doing for a Halloween party this year.
    I really wish that artwork was on the album over here in the U.S. It looks so cool. I'm also shocked by the amount of Ghost haters on UG. Isn't there anyone here that respects them or likes their music. I feel so alone here with my opinions on this site sometimes its sad.
    I love Ghost, I think they're great at what they do. F*ck the naysayers, you're the one enjoying something, they're too busy getting angry over it. That's how I've always viewed "haters" anyway.
    Dude... its not because its satanic that people have an issue. I'm sure there are some that take offense to it, but the overtly sexual acts on the cover are a much bigger reason. If I had kids, that's not something I'd like them to see in the store
    The US has too much of a stigma around sex. Weird because they're perfectly fine with violence on TV but when a tit is shown they freak out. Maybe it's just a cultural thing.
    The US hypersexualizes everything, but to compare a boob to a picture of one girl blowing a guy and another fingering herself is a huge stretch. There are sex scenes in all sorts of tv shows and movies here- its really not as stigmatized as everyone makes it out to be. The difference here is that on tv, there are warning labels and stuff that let parents decide whether they want to let their kids watch a show with sex scenes or not, as opposed to artwork on a cd, which people won't know exists until they see it in person... and if you don't want your kids seeing it, you're SOL. But I can see the "DAE US HIPPOCRATES!!!!1!" circle jerk is pretty strong in this thread
    Ive been to Europe and ive seen tits on tv. But ive never seen an orgy and people getting blowjobs during the daytime. What country are you from?
    They dont print that, but they print that putrid, disgusting artwork for Lady CockCunts new album, that thing is repulsive
    It weird how violence is more acceptable in the US. Stuff like this gets banned, but I can go to a retail store like FYE and see extremely gorey album artwork from bands like Cannibal Corpse.
    First off, F*U*C*K* off if you dont like it. Go play somewhere else. Secondly, we are a nation of 300 million people, of course we have people of differing opinions. They have their right to protest just as you have your right to play s-hitty music. If you have a problem with it we will have one of our crack smoking, gun toting, homeless people explain it to you.
    Gotta agree with you there. If people don't like it here, they should go and see how they like it elsewhere, where it's probably much worse.
    Gotta love all the political BS ug keeps posting to get a rise put of people. Then again look at the idiot being interviewed... Ghost puts out content intending to shock and offend people. Then OMG!!! People are shocked and offended. "I want to throw up". What an idiot
    I don't think you're capturing the point, here. He and the band aren't aiming for the kind of shock that causes protest for their will to do art. He's upset because people protest this as a piece of work that is of bad influence, yet we allow things like obesity, drugs, and war to be commonplace in our society. You have to admit it's quite hypocritical to be upset about something not even proven to exist and continue to ignore and allow a very existent problem on the side.
    "Like when we printed the album, ONE of the pressing companies didn't want to do it..." Only one company didn't want to do it. He is talking about a country with a population of 313.9 million people as if it were a single minded institution where every single person thinks, believes and behaves in the exact same way. If you ever been to America you know that's far from true. There are groups of people opposing everything just like in most countries. The whole "we" mentality is just flawed.
    As a huge Ghost fan I have to agree. If ignorant idiots weren't afraid of Satanism and the Occult, Ghost would just be another metal band with a mainstream crossover appeal, who have costumes. It's the same with Mercyful Fate, there is a reason why they are kind of unknown amongst non-metalheads, the lyrical content, not to mention the fact that King Diamond is a LaVeyan Satanist. Band's like this choose imagery that shocks the masses to get attention, Sabbath did it (although the record label added the inverted cross), Venom did it, Slayer did it, Carcass did it, Mayhem, Slipknot the list goes on. It's all done to get a reaction. If you are so weak that it's gonna "make you want to throw up" when you get that reaction stop doing it. You are going to get censored, that's the idiotic society we live in. The government isn't censoring you (so the first amendment doesn't apply). Sadly Christianity is the popular religion and some of them are very ignorant and afraid that simply sneezing in church without genuflecting or something is going to send them to burn for all eternity.
    I used to think we had a 1st Amendment
    Second Rate
    And I used to think people understood the constitution. The first amendment prevents government censorship. The government didn't prevent them from selling the album. One (as in one of many) of the manufacturers who was cranking out whatever cheap Mercyful Fate knockoff these jackasses are peddling now was uncomfortable with the cover design. What to do? Secure an alternate manufacturer. No harm, no foul. The first amendment does not apply in this situation.