Ghost's Nameless Ghoul: 'US Is So F--king Hypocritical, It Makes Me Want to Throw Up'

artist: Ghost date: 08/05/2014 category: music news
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Ghost's Nameless Ghoul: 'US Is So F--king Hypocritical, It Makes Me Want to Throw Up'
One of the Ghost's Nameless Ghouls has recently expressed frustration over the ban they had received for the original cover of their latest album "Infestissumam," bashing the hypocrisy of certain groups in the US.

Asked by Alternative Nation to name the "most obscene reaction" to the band's satanic imagery, the musician replied, "Being from Sweden, which is very desensitized , it's not a problem there at all. I'd say it's here in the States.

"Like when we printed the album, one of the pressing companies didn't want to do it because one of the pictures depicted giving a fellatio or blow job from an angel. I mean I can see that, but come on, what the f--k are you selling on the other side of the spectrum?

"You're selling f--king guns, people laying on the streets smoking crack, and people protesting because Twinkies aren't around anymore. It's so f--king hypocritical, it makes me want to throw up. When we get reactions from right-wing Christians in the US it makes me want to throw up, because look at what they're doing. What is the real downfall?" the Ghoul ranted.

During the rest of the chat, the musician confirmed that a new satanically-themed effort is looming on the horizon, but without sharing much fresh info. "We're going to record a new album, starting in fall. It's just going to be a new step from our other two albums, but you shouldn't expect techno music from us. It's pretty much worked out with all the ideas. It's going to be the third part in the Antichrist themed releases," he said.

Asked to single out a contemporary act he's a fan of, the Ghoul took an unexpected trance music detour, saying, "I follow this trance band from England called Above and Beyond, who are very kicka-s songwriters. I don't dance though, I'm too shy for that."

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