Gibson Announces Joe Perry Signature Guitar

Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul is now available.

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Gibson have unveiled details of a new Joe Perry signature Les Paul. The guitar, is a recreation of the Aerosmith axeman's own 1959 Les Paul with serial number 9-0663. Says Perry of the original:

"It's got everything a great Les Paul is supposed to have. The neck isn't quite as fat as, say, a '54 Goldtop, but it's still got a good, meaty neck. It's not a high-output guitar, so it's got a lot of tone... And it's got all the natural sustain and warmth, and when you turn it up it growls."

According to Gibson, the Les Paul is available now in a limited run of 50 guitars aged and hand-signed by the artist, 100 aged guitars, and 150 finished in Gibson's VOS process. Prices start at $10,351.

9-0663 is perhaps one of the most road travelled Les Pauls in the history of rock and roll. The guitar, which originally belonged to Perry, was at one point sold, being passed on to such luminaries as Slash, Boston area guitar legend Billy Loosigian, and Eric Johnson before Perry was eventually able to re-buy the axe.

You can find out more information about the guitar here.

Photo credit: Neil Zlozower.

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    The SRV Stratocaster is $1699 The Kurt Cobain Mustang is $999 The Joe Perry Les Paul is TEN THOUSAND???? Gibson = highway robbery. Fender = the peoples' guitar.
    Yes, the CEO has a really great business model. FOR THE 80's. He is leading GIbson into the fire. Quality is decreasing as price increases, and that just isn't sustainable. He also mistreats his subordinates so they won's speak up with concerns. He really needs to pull his head out of his ass before we lose what was once a great brand.
    Like most American Republican business owners, he's only focused on the green. I can't wait till my generation takes over and actually treats customers and employees well. It's already happening, but you wouldn't know with how loud the "job creators" are yelling "we built it!"
    Or, you could buy a Les Paul copy and throw a set of good pickups into it and have the same guitar for about 1/100 of the price.
    $10,000 on a guitar is way too much. No matter who's name is on it. Well, maybe some hand made PRS 10 Top custom stuff may be worth that, but I mean, for another 59 Reiussue, $10000. Whoever buys this guitar will be way too scared to play it, let alone gig with it. Such a waste of a good LP.
    It's strange, Gibson has been reasonably pricing their standard guitars, but when it comes to guitars like this, and Peter Frampton's too I believe, they price them at 10 thousand dollars, what the hell?! I guess if I was a millionaire I'd buy the limited signed one for a stellar collection.
    I would better add a little bit and take genuine Les paul from 60's.. Or DIY goldtop replica.. lol
    Cue The Price is Right: "Drew, THAT'S TOO MUCH!" Seriously, this is ridiculous. Joe is my hero, but Gibson can crap in one hand and wish in the other and see which gets full first. I'd rather buy Tommy Thayer's new Epiphone for $700.