Glastonbury Organiser Michael Eavis: 'I'm Sure Led Zeppelin Will Play One Day'

Festival boss says he always wanted rock band to play Worthy Farm.

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Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis has said he is "sure" that Led Zeppelin will reform in the future, NME reports.

The classic rock band have long resisted offers to reform and play together again, and their last proper show was at London's O2 Arena in December 2007, where they were joined by Jason Bonham, son of the band's late John Bonham, on drums.

However, in an interview with Ireland AM, Eavis said he was convinced they would share a stage once more and that he had always wanted them to play at Worthy Farm. Asked if the group would ever reform, he replied: "That will happen one day – I'm sure of it. They will do it."

He also made a cryptic comment about a band who he would never invite back to play the festival again, but only referred to them as a band from Manchester "who aren't famous any more ... they fell out".

The team behind Glastonbury festival have confirmed they will release the full line-up for the event later this month. Already confirmed for the festival are Lana Del Rey, Arcade Fire, Dolly Parton, Lily Allen, Disclosure, Blondie, the Black Keys and Warpaint.

Arcade Fire are the only confirmed headliners for this year's festival, and will play on Friday June 27. William Hill suspended betting in February on Kasabian headlining the Pyramid Stage, while on March 27 Paddy Power made Metallica and Prince joint favourites to headline the Saturday of the festival. However, Emily Eavis recently said that Prince "wasn't booked this year."

Glastonbury Festival takes place from June 25-29 at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset.

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    I respect Led Zeppelin alot. They are not super money greedy. They do what they want.
    So I guess Oasis will never play Glastonbury if they get back together.
    Glastonbury would jump at the chance to have Oasis reform and play there again. I think hes referring to The Fall. But lots of bands are blacklisted from glastonbury these days. They wont even consider a band like the offspring to play because they're too heavy. Its a festival for the upper middle class greenpeace supporting faux hippies.
    No chance. If there's one band that sticks to their guns on not reuniting, it's Led Zeppelin.
    this guys ****ing deluded what makes him think his two-bit pop festival could get ZEPPELING to reunite? they could sell the amount of tickets for the whole festival 3 times over. what makes him think he has the power and draw to pull a band to reform who've refused millions of pounds offers to reunite already? deluded old fool
    Glastonbury is arguably the biggest festival in the world, having had headliners such as Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney in recent years, and being a headliner there is seen as quite a prestigious thing. If Led Zeppelin were gonna reunite for any commercial thing, I can see it being at Glastonbury
    It's not about how big the festival is though, the point is that they won't reunite for the sake of money.
    But if they were to reform for whatever reason, there would be a high possibility they would play Glastonbury, just to cross it off the list. And yeah it is that prestigious. 250,000 tickets sold in an hour and a half.
    Two bit? It's one of the biggest festivals in the world with the huge media coverage.They reunited a few years ago for celebration day.
    Glastonbury don't pay big acts more money than others. The rolling stones were paid the same as usual headliners its prestigious. Also it started in the same era zeppelin so of they did get back together where better to play in front of 80,000 plus. Jpj played last year with seasick steve and plant is playing this year so I could see it happening. Up ye.
    Floyd Phoenix
    It won't be this year anyway; Robert Plant's already got a solo spot on the line-up they released today.
    doesn't necessarily mean they won't, Glastonbury has a reputation for having bands/musicians play across different stages throughout the weekend. Unlikely, but we can dream.
    I've heard that Robert Plant no longer enjoys playing Led Zeppelin music anymore and prefers his solo folk country stuff. Any truth in that?
    Well, according to this chick I met who met him, no, he does not enjoy playing zeppelin songs.