Glastonbury Organizer Defends Metallica Booking: 'They'll Do the Best Set of Their Lives'

Meanwhile, finance expert estimates that an average Glasto trip will cost about $750.

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Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis, the man who founded the prestigious UK event back in 1970, has defended the decision to add Metallica to this year's bill.

Responding to claims that metal titans don't fit with in with Glasto's "hippy" vibe, Eavis told Sky News that 'Tallica is extremely "keen" to deliver a top-notch performance, going far enough to say that the Worthy Farm gig will be the "best set of their lives."

"We have been going for so long that people don't expect us to put on a heavy metal band," Michael kicked off. "We had Rage Against the Machine and we have had lots of fairly heavy metal bands in the past, but this is not a typical headline. We usually have bands like Radiohead, Coldplay and U2, the Rolling Stones, but I am really looking forward to them.

"There's no other band in the whole history of the festival that has been so keen to play, they will do the best set of their lives here," the organizer pointed out.

Mr. Eavis is known for spending as much as 12 hours walking around the 1,200-acre venue, which happens to be his own farm, and soaking up as much vibe as possible.

As reported, a portion of fans has strongly voiced out against Metallica booking, even launching a petition demanding the band's removal from the bill. As protestors claim, frontman James Hetfield's hunting endeavors and the narration role in History TV's bear-hunting show "The Hunt" (first episode available for streaming here) go deeply against the festival's spirit.

In related news, a finance expert gave Glasto a thorough analysis, estimating that attending the event is hardly cheap these days. As report reads, an average festival goer will need to cough up about £440 ($750) to attend the event in full.

Specifically, the article includes the cost of tickets (£222 or about $375), transport (£48.40 or about $82 for a return coach from London Victoria), food (£80 or about $135), drinks (£42.50 or about $72), groceries (£26.75 or about $45) and £20 (about $34) for a souvenir t-shirt.

The costs can be cut down, of course, since the festival allows you to bring your own food and drinks, and the souvenir tee can be easily removed from the equation, but you can still hardly go below £300 (just over $500). Too much or well worth it?

This year's Glastonbury will take place from June 25 to 29 featuring Metallica, Arcade Fire and Kasabian as headliners.

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    Good for him, way not to give in to the pretentious, holier-than-thou hipster douchebags.
    Would be awesome if they played the heavier songs they have, Dyers Eve, Battery, Disposables and that kind of stuff. Biggest middle finger in the air ever.
    Since they're playing their most main stream songs on their current European tour anyway (seriously, what the F?), I bet they're itching to play some rare shit. Can't wait.
    They actually played St. Anger when they visited Denmark, and that was the first time in many years :3
    They played it well, but it's still not a very good song in my book - I lost my shit when I heard the intro of Orion, seeing as even though they actually have it in their setlists and play it in its entirety, they still only very occasionally take it up. It was also pretty awesome when they played Disposable Heroes.
    they're trying to convert fans, would make sense to focus on the 'hits'. That said, I do hope they pull something like Unforgiven II or Fixxxer just for the hell of it.
    the fans have been voting on the setlists so cant really blame the band..they've played st. anger and frayed ends of sanity, not exactly "hits"
    Why are these people saying metallica dont fit in with the festivals "hippy vibe" but have been quiet in recent years with the likes of jay z and beyonce playing? Up their own arses if u ask me. Im not a metallica lover by the way, i just cant stand these, what do u call them. Hipsters? Wan**rs more like
    I think a lot of people don't realise that Michael Eavis supports the Badger cull. If they do, then I don't believe this petition has anything to do with James Hetfield's association with hunting in the slightest and more to do with the fact that Metallica aren't what you'd normally have as a headliner for Glastonbury.
    He's not just a supporter of the badger cull but of hunting in general. Hetfield's hunting is just a convenient excuse for trying to get Tallica off the billing.
    Look, regardless of this petition being manipulative or not the fact is hetfield is killing endangered defensless animals for fun. Just keep that in mind when you worry about pets or watch cat videos. Are you ok with someone killing those? obviously not, but it's ok when it's other, huge beautiful animals? I'm not here to preach or hate just sayin' we should be aware that by not sayin' anything we are quietly supporting pointless animal murder. You're allowed not to care but don't live in denial.
    link no1
    Hunting helps to control animal numbers. The big difference here is that more people care about being attacked by a Bear due to overpopulation, rather than being attacked by a Cat from the creepy old cat lady's house down the street that was seen in a youtube video having sex with a sock.
    You realize that he is just the shows narrator. I knew he hunts, but show proof that he's killing endangered animals.
    On other more interesting and stranger news, Randy Blythe burnt his penis...
    I was reading his description while the picture was loading and was really hoping I wouldn't see something traumatizing. Thankfully the picture didn't have much to do with the story
    If I was Lars, I would put Last Caress and So What on the beginning of the set. And close with Whiplash or Metal Militia.
    You guys can't go one day without Metallica as the top come down vote me Metallica fanatics, I was 16 once too.
    they should play all of Lulu and st. anger and then play poor twisted me 3 times to end hahaha Seriously though, I hope they bring an attitude and some fierce energy to the show
    The best set of their lives happened in 1986 with a different bassist, and they were opening for Ozzy.
    Maybe it's because I'm from a part of the US where hunting is so common it's weird if you don't (I went on my first hunting trip at 6 years old), but I just don't give a **** if James hunts or not. One of the biggest bands around wants to perform for you and hasn't said a word to your whiny petition. Shut the **** up and let them play.
    I feel it's worth giving a little bit more accurate view of how common hunting is in the United States. I have never hunted before and neither have most of my friends. It's largely dependent on where you are in the US. In more rural areas and particularly in the South it is much more common.
    I live in North Carolina. I seriously feel like I was one of maybe 5 guys in the whole school who never went deer hunting. 9/10 trucks you see on the roads also have some sort of bumpersticker showing what animal of choice they like to kill.
    In all seriousness they can't be any sloppier than the Stones were last year, I'm sure at least Metallica would have rehearsed.
    My god, are the Glastonbury fans sissies or what? i wouldn't play that festival if i were metallica.
    Something like this, maybe: Fade to black Welcome home One The unforgiven Nothing else matters Hero of the day Mama said Bleeding me Ronnie The unforgiven 2 Low man's lyric Turn the page Tuesday's gone The day that never comes The unforgiven 3 Astronomy Encore: Fight Fire with Fire Dyers Eve Whiplash
    Best set of their lives? Sorry but you don't see 60 year old athletes besting their scores from when they were 25, much the same, regardless of talent level, people get old, even rockstars.
    Iron Maiden > Metallica.
    every time this is posted loads of people get mad, why dont we all chill out
    Its sad this got so may downvotes. He only made one mistake of making a ">" instead of a "<".
    link no1
    As for the 'Metallica news'. I've stopped giving a damn. A majority of people that attend Glastonbury are whiny, hypocritical morons. Metallica should have told them to **** themselves weeks ago. As for a festival and whether it's worth it? £300 for a big name festival sounds about right to be quite honest. It cost me around £200 for download and sonisphere tickets in previous years and around £40 in travel. If you don't take beer with you, you're just an idiot considering the prices they charge. Same with food. You can either buy a burger for about £10 or take the ingredients for 6-10 burgers for £5 and cook it yourself. Considering I would spend the same amount/more to just see the individual bands on their own + travel throughout a year AND the fact that a festival is also a place to get wasted with your friends for 3-5 nights in a row, it's highly worth it. Though Glastonbury isn't worth it in my opinion. I don't see the benefit of paying £300 to be surrounded by people who complain that "they don't like thing" and bad music for an entire weekend.
    i started watching that show. It's actually really good, its not a bunch of yokels running around killing bears randomly. This whole thing is stupid