Glastonbury Protestors to James Hetfield: 'This Is Not Hunting for the Table'

"With fame comes responsibility," the anti-Metallica page admin states.

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As we previously reported, an online petition and a Facebook page demanding Metallica's removal from Glastonbury 2014 bill have recently surfaced, expressing outrage over James Hetfield's hunting endeavors and his narrator role in the upcoming bear-hunt History TV series "The Hunt."

Explaining the anti-Metallica stance, "Remove Metallica From Glastonbury" page admin Richard Fraser told that "this is not hunting for the table, for food or survival."

"'The Hunt' is being broadcast at the same time as the festival is on," Fraser stated. "This gives 'The Hunt' extra credence and tacit support because every time Metallica gets mentioned in the context of Glastonbury Festival by a magazine or article anywhere they will almost certainly mention in passing that James Hetfield is also fronting the show.

"This is perfectly sensible for any journalist to do and to be expected. Journalists would not be doing their job if they did not report this kind of information."

The admin further stressed, "This is not hunting for the table, for food or survival. Bear meat can be eaten but it rarely is. Nor is [it] hunting for conservation although its supporters say it is. The Kodiak Bear hunt is done using 'traditional' methods, long/compound bow and black powder single shot rifles.

"These rarely result in a 'clean kill' as you would get from a high velocity hunting rifle. Often the animal is wounded and is put through a great deal of pain that they may or may not survive. Animals that have been wounded are far more dangerous than healthy ones."

In conclusion, Richard pointed out that the protest isn't directly aimed at Metallica or James. "I would like to add that this is not particularly against Metallica, I would do the same if any other band found itself in the same position," he said.

"With fame comes responsibility and much as I applaud the work that James and the other members of the band has done in other causes, this dose [sic] not let them off the hook in this case. It is also a great opportunity for them to stand up for a cause and make a statement against Big Game Hunting."

Both page and the petition are garnering more support, as the page has grown for a total of 22,000 likes since yesterday (June 4). The petition on the other hand, has also fetched about 7,000 more supporters since yesterday and is now at 8,000 signatures.

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    I refuse to make the infamous joke we're all thinking of. Way too easy.
    When I first saw the title I thought that the protestors were making the joke(somehow). I was confused.
    Agreed. Let's not say anything until each side brings their arguments to the Table.
    "With fame comes responsibility." Actually, no it doesn't. Just because James has written a bunch of awesome songs (and a few more accessible ones) doesn't mean he must become a shining beacon of morality for the rest of us.
    Any person who is in the public eye should set a moral example to the rest. Like Miley Cyrus is a prime example of how not to be a celebrity. This Hetfield thing however is rather exaggerated.
    I don't see how you came to that conclusion. Different people become famous for different reasons. Quite often inadvertently. It doesn't mean that one is responsible for his/her fame, especially if he never sought it to begin with. Some famous people, such as politicians and religious leaders, certainly should be held responsible for their ethical choices; their roles as public figures are directly correlated to ethics. Most of the rest however just become famous due to the nature of their work, which does not include the need to act as a "role-model." And the fact that impressionable children and adults at times, through lack of any other moral compass in their lives, end up imitating celebrities can't be on the celebrities themselves. Poor parenting, and immaturity, even in adulthood, are a major part of the real causes. And those are not dealt with by having celebrities be "nice." If anything else it propagates the problem, making it seem natural for the wrong people to tackle such issues. If Hetfield likes to hunt bears for sport with a rifle that wounds but is not good at killing, if he used to drink himself to death; if Kirk was doing lines of whatever was around in the past; if Miley Cyrus is having an "I am getting freaky because I am in my 20's, filthy rich and famous and can do whatever I want without anyone to control me" phase, after all those years of being forced to play the role of "good kid that has a saintly teenage-period" unlike all the rest peasant kids just to make Disney good rating numbers, being treated as a product not a human being; etc, that is their personal matter and problem. Not the public's. If a child wants role models he/she should seek the appropriate ones, guided by their parents, their supposed guardians; not people that made a name for themselves by touring the world helping people headbang. Each to his own.
    I liked the 80's Hetfield that was pretty much aggressive and disrespectful, and under the influence. Not the new era well behaved and centered Hetfield.
    Is Glastonbury a vegan festival? not to my knowledge. Is there anything more jarring than moral crusaders? 'I don't like/want to see this, so nobody else should like/want to see this'. People say the far right is scary, the far left is just as worrying. On that facebook page they whine about 'spreading awareness' maybe they should be made aware that most people don't give a shit about their self-righteous crusade.
    1) Attack the whole band for something one member does. 2) Try to stop the issue by getting a band removed from a festival instead of tackling the whole issue directly. 3) Don't give a shit about any other hunting 4) ????? 5) Profit Seems like a good plan.
    Step 5 might be in danger if the prior steps are removing Metallica from the bill.
    How do you figure? Glastonbury has been around for years and is quite profitable with or with out Metallica. I still find it weird that a metal band is playing at basically a hippie convention
    Says the douches with iPhones and expensive name brand clothing that children in China make for dollars an hour lol. Says the dipshits who send 100k on school just to get an average 30k a year job. You never hear a word out of these vegan *******s about child trafficking, slavery, child abuse, rape, etc. but God forbid you kill an animal and eat it!
    Most vegans are very conscious of all social injustice. I do wish to point out that James Hetfield killing and maybe eating a bear is no different than Lars having bacon for breakfast. I don't like either of these things but I dare say there are other bands in the festival that aren't totally vegan. We can't kick out Metallica for that.
    Well I can only speak for myself here, but I think it is disgusting that anyone needs to go and prove their manliness by killing a beautiful and endangered animal just for kicks. I am a vegan, and you are correct that I don't particularly care about humans in sweat shops or anything relating to human injustices, but that is because I prefer the company of animals to other people. I really doubt that Mr.Hetfield eats his kills, and we all know that he certainly doesn't need to hunt his food. I personally think that his name and his practises should be public knowledge, and hopefully if it effects his hip pocket he will give pause to think about what a wanker he is being. I doubt it though, he seems like the sort of person whose ego arrives 2 mins before him.
    "I don't particularly care about humans in sweat shops or anything relating to human injustices" You say crap like that and are really going to call other people out on being wankers?
    Yeah from a fellow vegan, you're an arse Jimbio. If you care about morality when it comes to animal welfare, yet don't care about other humans, you're as guilty of selective morality as many "animal lovers" who then eat battery-farmed chicken. From my standpoint, I very much disagree with hunting, as it's pretty much never eaten, the animal is used as a trophy by small men who need kicks. However I think it's ridiculous trying to get Metallica off the bill. There's gonna be thousands who wish to see Metallica play, and won't get that experience, just because of Hetfield's stupidity. Regarding the idea of "focus on human problems, not animal cruelty" why not do both? For instance, my sister and role model, has spent the last 8 years working with save the children, going out to places like Guatamala and Africa, yet doesn't eat meat. Being a vegan isn't this huge thing everyone makes it out to be - You just don't eat meat and dairy. Raising awareness about it is good yeah, but I think there's too many militant vegans, it's damaging everything we're about. And a retarded comment like "I don't particularly care about humans in sweat shops or anything relating to human injustices", you sir, should be ashamed of yourself. You damage our cause by reinforcing the stereotype of mad vegans, and your morals are as lacking as those you attack. -J
    Do you live in the wild, forsaking all modern conveniences because, you know, you wouldn't want to be involved in something that requires other humans? Oh wait, you're using a can piss off now.
    WHAT? They edited THAT? Well, you are. You should care a lot more about the human sickness than the plight of cows, bro.
    Mr Winters
    "With fame comes responsibility" Oh, so if you're famous you have to stop doing certain things that other people might not like? I'm no fan of sport hunting, myself, but this is absolute bullshit.
    If it wasn't this, it would have been a protest over his environmental insensitivity because he likes muscle cars over hybrids. Everyone's looking for something to gripe about.....
    I'm going to laugh my arse off if James comes out on stage at the festival and instead of the hippie commune crowd interaction he's been doing lately he all of a sudden starts acting like he used to on stage. See Seattle '89 for references
    "We can't allow a band whose members claim to be tables to play at our hipster festival".
    I don't get the fascination with going out and killing bears. It's not like they do it to survive. They're probably feeling like strong guys hunting down bears, when really all of them could call in a helicopter to fly back home and order pizza at any time. One shouldn't kill unless it's neccessary to survive. And the fact that Hetfield likes and supports this is something I don't like at all. Oh well...
    Exactly! Why kill your own food when you go to the supermarket for poultry, fish, beef, pork, etc. That's obviously the more humane approach right? What you don't see won't hurt, right? You ****er
    While I agree with what youre saying, hunting your own meat is REAL, rather than letting someone else do it for you: No one eats bear meat and this is nothing but a bunch of guys beating their chests like mad heathens. Gonna hunt deer or elk? GOOD. Killing bears on the other hand is a despicable act, anyone who knows anything about nature knows you DONT KILL PREDATORS or else the prey gets out of control and then the prey suffers too! Stop killing wolves, bears, etc, stop killing whales, dolphins, etc.
    You are such a tool. "Its ok to kill some animals but killing big game is dispicable". Lol. Hunting is in our DNA. I don't personally hunt but if someone wants to do it legally I say have at it. You are the same kind of person who says drugs are bad then goes home and drinks a fifth JD.
    Hey moron: Apex predators arent "game", you don't kill predators, everyone knows that.
    What about all the meat and fish in the supermarkets that goes off because people don't buy it? Wasting thousands of tons a year... Killing for food is no different than for sport, there is always waste would you prefer 1 bear of tons of wasted meat? because either way it's both going to happen.
    That is the responsibility of the producers of said products, not the buyers'. I am in no way obligated to buy something just because someone wants to sell it to me. They should plan better. Also have you seen what happens in slaughterhouses? Not much in humane conditions quite often Personally, between meat found at the supermarket and game or meat from homegrown animals I will almost always prefer the latter, obviously. And as for the remaining product, there is always charity. But oh no, companies would rather trash it in most cases than help anyone with it because it's cheaper that way. Honestly, they dug their own ethical graves and nobody is obligated to help them in that.
    in the immortal words of Cliff Burton, to all the haters out there...KILL 'EM ALL!!
    pinches hipsters de mierda no valen madre los puñales. Feels good to swear in spanish.
    he has been an avid hunter for over 20 years....they decide to make this an issue about a concert now? They do realize that hunting has no bearing (no pun intended) on the music they play right?
    additionally, if these people were really concerned about bear hunting, or hunting in general, they are taking their concerns to the wrong place: music festivals don't regulate or enforce hunting laws. Bunch of tards...
    Couldn't agree more. What has the hunting to do with their music? I'm sure every artist has done something bad, so everybody should be banned?
    Here in Canada bear hunting is extremely common so I've come used to seeing it, even though I don't like sport hunting. Doesn't mean I'm more right than the other guy. I'm often fascinated when I see a bear. Extremely beautiful creatures.
    Honestly… Hetfield should have a drink. A total loser since the late 90's. His band blows since 96.
    Didn't Jay Z headline a few years back? I'm sure a thin slice of his music could be seen as promoting the shooting of people and I don't remember any big publicised petitions. But stick some fur and beady eyes on it and the hedge monkeys have got petitions hanging out of their a-rse. I was really annoyed by all this, take Metallica off the bill, they don't deserve the pleasure, give Miley a call, I'm sure she will be game (for Hetfield to point blank with a 12 gauge).
    Yeah this makes perfect sense. We don't put Michael C. Hall in prison for pretending to be a murdered so we should let all the actual murderers out of prison. This is ****ing infallable, why did I ever stop coming to this site?
    Charlie Walker
    I really could care less or more on wether Metallica plays Glastonbury or not (I would actually prefer they didn't, instead of just embracing "mainstreamism"). I'm not British, nor am I going to attend. I also do not hunt, nor would I ever for any other purpose than to eat in case of necessity.Despite all that, I have to defend regulated hunting. We sometimes forget that we have deeply perturbed the food chain (it's actually a net) in a lot of environments, and unbalanced the fine balance that was in place. We also regularly forget that we USED to be part of that net, hunting dears, boars, and yes, even bears, to eat and cloth ourselves. When we remove ourselves and other animals from the environment and, therefore, the food chain, we create an unbalance, which sometimes needs to be corrected, otherwise the whole food chain breaks and destroys the environment. Sometimes, when properly regulated, hunting is actually a good thing. Not when it's hunting endangered animals, or a stable population, but when it's hunting a species that is over populating a determined area, unbalancing the food chain. In those cases, hunting restores the balance. That said, do whatever you want, but I would ask for more information about his hunting practices, before burning him at the cross
    As much as I worship J, I agree--killing or harming innocent animals is WRONG! duno if it's necessary to remove the band from a gig, tho. at the end of the day, if they are running the event it's their call. \m/