Glastonbury's Emily Eavis: 'We Can't Name Saturday Headliner for Contractual Reasons'

Festival organiser says the three headliners are in place, but one cannot be revealed until May.

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Glastonbury festival organiser Emily Eavis says the mysterious Saturday headliner missing from today's line-up announcement has been booked but cannot yet be revealed.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music (via NME), Eavis, pictured with father and festival founder Michael Eavis, said that "contractual reasons" prevented them from putting the name out, explaining that the full line-up would be revealed in May.

Asked who the missing headliner is, Eavis said: "We can't give you that yet. We're under ... It's just for contractual reasons, but it'll be with you soon. We've got it all booked, it was all confirmed a couple of weeks ago. It's purely that we can't give it to you yet. The full line-up, the thousands and thousands of acts playing across the hundreds of stages, will be with you in May. This is just 80 or 90 bands, a few handpicked to give you a taster."

Eavis also suggested that Jack White will not be appearing at any other UK festivals. "Getting Jack White was a really big deal for us," she says. "He's got a history here that goes way back and obviously he's had some brilliant moments here across all the stages. When he said he wanted to play here and didn't want to do any other UK festivals, we were really excited. Having him here on a big Pyramid [stage] slot will be just right – he's obviously got all the songs."

Kasabian were today announced as Sunday headliners (June 29), joining Arcade Fire, who top the bill on Friday (June 27).

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    Full line up can't be released until May, oasis albums reissued in may and beady eye pull out of cochella.... Don't shoot me down guys, but I think the Gallagher brothers have rekindled their love
    to be honest it's just going to be dissapointing at this point they've hyped it so much and it's just going to be either generic indie hero band or flavour of the month pop sensation
    Its Metallica. Sonisphere don't want them to announce it until the festival sells out.
    Oasis won't cover Kasabian. Thats my vote. Can't stamnd the ban, not a fan but I think it will be Oasis
    Yep , spend all that money a year before a festival that big with no clue who is playing , I wouldn't . Disposable music 'fans' following whatever Eaves can book and others then hype .
    Its a contemporary arts festival which us over 40 years old. I know people that go and dont go see a single band there is that much to see and do. Sometimes some bland pop stuff gets booked but there are always alternatives a recent example being qotsa being on during Beyonceheadline a few years ago. But yeah you're wrong about everyone going with no info because of a trend.
    To be honest, I can wait. Whoever the headliner is, it'll just be the icing on the cake. With Pixies, Jack White, Interpol, Arcade Fire, Massive Attack, The Black Keys, Warpaint and The Wailers already confirmed, I don't think I can get any more excited.
    Isn't it a tradition at Glastonbury for the Saturday headliners to cover a song by the Sunday headliners? Whoever it is, it looks like they'll be covering a Kasabian song(!)