GNR Guitarist: 'Fans Don't Want to Hear About New Shows, They Want to Hear About New Music'

Bumblefoot also addresses the fans who only accept the band's classic lineup.

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Axeman Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of rock giants Guns N' Roses recently addressed the matter of the group's new album, basically calling it the thing fans are interested in the most.

During a chat with Time Out Dubai, Bumblefoot was once again very honest in his statements, saying that "fans don't want to hear about new shows, they want to hear about new music."

"Well we were supposed to start writing after the end of this last run but I went to India! When I get back, I hope we can all get together, and live it and focus on creating new music together," the guitarist said. "Fans don't want to hear about new shows, they want to hear about new music."

The axeman also addressed the fans who refuse to accept any of the GNR lineups besides the classic one, drawing an interesting parallel to the iconic Star Wars saga.

"There were six Star Wars movies," he kicked off. "If you only watch up to 'The Empire Strikes Back,' that's fine, but you're kind of missing the rest of the story. And there's probably some good things in there that you can get out of it. But it's your choice; it's there for whoever wants it. If not, that's fine. There's enough of everything in the world to please everybody."

According to the previous reports, the new album is nearly complete and should drop sometime during 2014.

The band's latest release, "Chinese Democracy," saw its release in November 2008 as the sixth GNR studio effort. After debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, it ultimately went on to sell well over 615,000 units in the US.

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    I'm one of those fans who only accept the original lineup, but kudos to him for being so diplomatic about it, after all the reason a lot of fans only accept the original lineup isn't Bumblefoot or any of the current musicians, it's Axl.
    forget the classic line up..this current line up kick so many asses now..they still got the gnr tune anyway!
    well yeah people are asking about new songs, it gets boring if you play the same stuff over and over again
    New album is nearly complete and should drop in 2014?Wouldnt bet on it.
    Axl is just some washed-up fat, pretentious, narcissistic prick who everyone thinks is this fantastic performer when the only thing he can really do is imitate a strangled cat. The sooner he can scuttle off into a hole and stop ruining the image of a legendary band the better.
    Back in the day, very few frontmen were a match for Axl. He did get ****ed up somehow, over the years but he was an amazing singer and he is still pretty damn good. Now he is kind of a prick and that's pretty sad because GnR was awesome but imitating a strangled cat? Get the **** out of my office.
    Hey, why don't you post your resume here so we can see how great your accomplishments are/were? People all around the world still pay a lot of money to see this "fat, pretentious, prick". He may not be what he once was, but thats what happens when you get older, get over it. He also may be a prick, but he put together some great musicians to fill some pretty big shoes.
    I really like Ron Thal, he is a very nice, genuine, and humble dude, but I get this feeling he is just being hopeful as Axl pretty much controls every aspect of GNR's music. I would love to hear some new music from this lineup as I really liked Chinese Democracy.
    Am I the only one who thinks the photo looks like Robb Flynn?
    How can you even name-drop a musician as talentless as Robb Flynn in an article about the genius that is Ron Thal?!
    It would be splendid if he put out some more solo material instead of spending so much time with G'n'R. Pays bills though, I guess
    ^ Amen, hope Ron has a mahoosive stack of riffs and ideas that, if they don't get used for a Guns release, can be worked into a future solo effort. Either way, he rocks.
    I wouldn't go see GNR now, not because of the line-up, but because most of their shows are jams and cover songs, and it doesn't help that they've been playing the same setlist for 10 years, First 3 fast songs, then Live and Let Die cover, then guitarist solo, couple more fast songs, November Rain,Axl piano solo, another guitar solo, couple of chinese democrasy songs, more jams, Pink Floyd cover, estranged, SCOM, Paradise then done.
    Rather confused as to why my comment pertaining to the comparing of Robb Flynn to Bumblefoot has been down-voted so much. Silly Machine Head-loving UG fanboys.
    its probably because you fail to recognise Robb Flynn as being amazingly talented, while stating Thal as being a genius...