GN'R Plan Late Shows In Advance

A roadie has revealed that the band scheduled a late appearance 13 hours in advance - an insult to fans who are left standing in the crowd.

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One of the Guns N' Roses road crew members has revealed that the band are intentionally late to their shows - and even tell staff to arrive hours after their scheduled performances.

The news is an insult to fans who are left standing for hours while the band intentionally wait backstage.

One of the roadies revealed to Classic Rock that the band told staff not to start setting up the stage until two hours after the scheduled performance:

"They called us in at 9am and said the call-back would be at 12.30am, when it was meant to have been 10.30pm," said the roadie. "Our job was to help load the band's gear out into 10 articulated lorries. You would normally expect to go back about half an hour before the band finishes playing, so you're ready to get to work the moment they come off.

"That means Guns n'Roses knew at 9am they weren't going to finish playing until at least 1am and actually they finished at 1.30."

Late appearances have frustrated GN'R audiences for years. In 2002, a promoter cancelled a show in Philadelphia when he band didn't show up, which prompted a riot. It took until 2012 for Axl to apologise, where he admitted being sued for "everything I own."

This week, many fans in Manchester were forced to leave to catch transport before the band even arrived, with Gigwise reporting that 40 percent of the audience leaving before the show had finished.

Representatives for the band couldn't comment on the matter, but the news revealed by their roadie could lead to scores of fans calling for an explanation.

Axl - this has gone on long enough, and your fans deserve better. It's time your band paid them more respect.

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    Guys guys guys Axl is on a VERY strict nap schedule!
    The last line of this article is probably one of the best things written in any U.G article ever.
    He wont give a shit, he will keep showing up late because people will keep giving him money. Its not going to stop unless people stop paying to see this asshat preform
    "Axl - this has gone on long enough, and your fans deserve better. It's time your band paid them more respect". Er, is this a news article or an open letter?
    Fuck Axl. He takes his status for granted. I'm laughing my ass off when he is forgotten.
    Show usually starts around 7, we go on stage around 9...
    Axl - this has gone on long enough, and your fans deserve better. It's time your band paid them more respect.
    Next week, Axl sues Ug for defamation...
    I saw Axl'n'Friends a few years ago on the first Chinese Democracy tour. They were late, of course, but the upside was the titty-cam went strong for the entire delay. Not a bad way to kill time.
    Axl - this has gone on long enough, and your fans deserve better. It's time your band paid them more respect.
    And I thought I was on a news page.
    seen them in Glasgow on the 25th of May everything was fine and everyone was on time and the set list was pretty good too must just be a hit or a miss
    I remember when they played Download festival in 06, they were on stage 2 minutes early ....nearly shat myself out of shock
    to everyone who i've seen leave a comment talking about how shows never start on time, have you ever been to a festival? bands HAVE to start on time in order for the festival crew to keep things flowing at an even pace. in like 2008 or 2009 kayne west got p.o.ed (surprisingly) when pearl jam "played long" and that's why he played late at bonaroo. have either of them come back to bonaroo? no. within the past 3-4 years, concerts HAVE started on time because venues don't want to have to pay their crews who work the shows overtime for a concert running late. 2010 i saw the barenaked ladies at radio city music hall and they were headlining. as the headliners, they were cut off by management of radio city music hall promptly at 11 pm because of overtime rates they owed or would have owed their crews. just because he sang for at one point one of the biggest rock acts in the world doesn't mean he can pull this shit. because in this day and age, starting late and playing late are not the norms and are not so easily forgiven.
    MegadethFan18 wrote: I mean if you buddy says "I'll be an hour late" you shouldn't be surprised and angry when he shows up an hour late.
    ...or that one friend that is always late, even when he says he'll be on time. You don't get mad and act surprised by it every time; you expect it, and you plan around it.
    No offense, but seriously... ...other than providing UG with a ton of gossip, are Guns 'n Roses really RELEVANT anymore??
    Of course he's out of line, but I wish people would stop acting like they're surprised. If you go to a GN'R gig, you must do so in the full knowledge that they WILL NOT turn up on time. So you make arrangements to counteract that, whatever they might be. Whining that you paid lots of money to see him and are annoyed that he turned up late is moronic.
    heres my take, if you buy tix to a GnR show expect the show to start no earlier than 11pm. thats hows it has been for along time. Dont fool yourself into thinking the band will be on at 930pm or 10pm. When I saw them last summer, GnR didnt take the stage till about 11:15 and then played till 2:30am. It was well worth the wait and the show was incredible. Axl has said more than once that he wont go on stage before 11. If you want an 8pm show stay home and watch something on TV
    I love all of you fanboys defending this band. I don't think you understand the concept. You shouldn't have to expect the band to come on late. They should be on-stage on time, no ifs, ands, or buts. The fact that they are purposely late to start is ****ing ridiculous. If you're friend tells you he's gonna pick you up at 7, and shows up expecting no repercussions at 8:30 you're telling me you wouldn't be pissed?
    One of the reasons I will never bother to see them unless its the original lineup. It's just not worth it. Even if Axl manages to pull off a great show, it's just annoying. Though I guess the fans should expect it by now.
    I remember Axl released a statement a while back about this issue. His basic message was this, "You're at a rock n' roll show, you need plan on cutting loose, staying up partying all night, and not going to work the next day" Sorry Axl, but you're fans aren't like you. They aren't catered to and stuck in perpetual adolescence, they have adult responsibilities. You are a classic rock nostalgia act now, and classic rock fans do not want to be out partying till 3am on a tuesday.
    Also I go to a Guns N' Roses show to see Guns N' Roses. Not so that I can be home and in bed by 9PM.
    What a prick. That guy needs a serious reality check, and maybe even a good smack upside the head. One day, when his fans have abandoned him and he can no longer ride on the coat tails of the old (real) G&R success he will realise what a f*cking idiot he is. I cant wait to see that open letter...
    Well I saw them in Birmingham last saturday, Thin Lizzy finished at 10pm and guns were onstage at 10.20pm. They played a killer 3 hour set and Axl sounded fantastic. Guess I just got lucky
    yet another prime example of why Axl is the biggest wanker in the music world.
    We get it, UG. They're late. Do you know how long it's been since GNR played a show on time? I'm pretty sure it's never happened. Yet 25 years later, you're still going on about it. I have been to their show, and I wasn't disappointed or upset in the least. I also wasn't surprised by the fact that the show started 2 hours after the scheduled time. We all know that the show doesn't start when the ticket says it does. The opening act comes out about 2 hours late, and then around 45-60 minutes later, GNR comes out and plays a 3-4 hour kickass show. This isn't an insult, at all, because the real fans know what to expect when they buy a ticket -- a late start to a kickass show that goes on longer than most opener/main acts combined. Anyone willing to shell out the money for a ticket should know by now what they're paying for. If you know you can't get home after 11:30, why buy a ticket to a show that will be just starting then? All this does is makes UG and the fellow complainants look foolish. If you can't be up past 100pm, stay home and put in a concert DVD that you can turn off and go to bed whenever you like.
    Don't worry, all shows planned now will be dropped because Axl is complaining about throat problems, or Slash, or Duff.
    i don't get the ****ing point in everyone giving him shit. since the day gnr started, they never turn up "on time" always go on 2 hours late, so plan you night 2 hours ****ing late? stop moaning. i saw them last friday and when they came on it was the most amazing show I've ever seen. he still has it, don't let anyone tell you otherwise until you've witnessed him in concert.
    I really don't understand Axl's logic on these kinds of things. Where does he figure that going on hours late and losing almost half of his audience is a good thing?
    Xenophy wrote: He wont give a shit, he will keep showing up late because people will keep giving him money. Its not going to stop unless people stop paying to see this asshat preform
    Perform? That's what he does? I thought he just wailed at a microphone and fell over things. I would hardly call that performing at all.
    too* Also, I think this actually benefits the band. It has become such a big thing that they're late, that people get interested. It's the same thing with everything. You all hate Justice Beaver or whatever, and that is why he gets so much attention. You sort of can't look away.
    When I saw GNR live in Chicago this past November, the first band didn't go on until 9ish, followed by GNR shortly after 11. They played until 2:30, yet people still bitched. Come on, guys. We all know what to expect from the band, yet you still complain as though Axl and crew are going to listen to you and show up on time. People are still going to show up in large numbers to see GNR. Get over it already.
    Axl is such a f*ckin joke. This just tops it all. Last line of the article is totally spot on.
    Actually I went to see them in Birmingham at the LG arena last saturday, lizzy were 15 mins late (supposed to be on at half 8) and guns were scheduled to be on for half 10 and they were 5 mins early.Axl's meds must have been working that day
    metalmaniac90 wrote: Seriously? Someone that doesn't like GN'R would pay $75-100 to see them? That's an arrogant statement to make. I think it would just be easy to put 11 AM on the ticket. They did that for the show at Kansas City I saw last year, and they were right on time. It's not that hard to change a few numbers. Then the people that just know the songs, have never seen or heard of their live performance and don't spend their time obsessively researching what it might be like can expect the time. The fact that anyone would say that most people in the audience would waste hours and hours of hard earned money on a band they don't like is pure stupidity. I mean... Congratulations! You just proved to everyone how LOW your IQ is. Brilliant! FYI: The people who don't know, and are not as big of a fan as you are, still paid the same amount as you... your not better than them... The fact that the "real fans" know, is not an excuse... or valid reason to defend making people stand for 2-3 hours waiting.
    Wait...what...Roger? What the **** are you talking about? I meant the people in charge know that Guns will come on late and in turn tell the stagehands etc. to come later, no use paying people to stand around for hours doing nothing. I said someone that doesn't like GnR WOULDN'T want to go see them but bitches about them being late. A lot of comments I've seen online are some variation of "I love Guns N Roses, they were late, I knew they would be and I didn't care because they put on one of the best shows I've ever seen". If you're buying a ticket to a band you've never heard of and don't take two minutes to look on the internet that's on you. You don't have to "obsessively research" to find out that Guns come on late, it's hardly one of the world best kept secrets. None of my friends like GnR and they know they are always late and it isn't because I tell them, it's because it's all over the internet and in magazines. My ticket had 6:30 printed on it but on the Venues website it said: "Doors at 6:30 PM, Thin Lizzy are expected on the stage sometime after 8:30 PM and will play for about an hour. Guns N' Roses are expected to take the stage any time after 9:30PM. I'm not condoning them coming on late but like I said it seems very unlikely that one would like GnR enough to buy a ticket but not enough to know they come on late. I mean come on...
    The problem is that it ****s over the paying fans. If they are going to go on late, advertise that as the time of the show. But see, in Axl's twisted mind, that's punk. And none of his hired guns are gonna side against their meal ticket.
    Why do people even put up with this? There is no excuse to treat your fans like this. It's not "rock n roll" to be an ***** to your fans.
    Axl - this has gone on long enough, and your fans deserve better. It's time your band paid them more respect.
    and your fans deserve better.
    your fans
    Wait. Axl Rose has fans? Probably of the desk variety...
    I saw them on Friday and they were on less than an hour after Thin Lizzy, other gigs I've been to the headliner comes on 30-45 mins after so an extra 10 minutes is hardly "hours" The real fans know they are going to be late and we don't care. The only people that care are people that don't like and wouldn't go see Guns. As for Guns planning it, everyone knows they will be late so they obviously tell people to come on later. I mean if you buddy says "I'll be an hour late" you shouldn't be surprised and angry when he shows up an hour late.
    Axl - this has gone on long enough, and your fans deserve better. It's time your band paid them more respect.
    Wow Axl just got TOLD. Never seen a main page article that completely broke free of the impartial smokescreen. They always get close, but never outright do it. I guess they assumed that most people, like me, never manage to struggle to the end of their articles and just scan for the highlights.
    Given that this person had a call back time usually indicates that he/she is not a member of the G'n'R road crew, but a local stage hand. However, that doesn't mean that this claim is false. I'll leave it at that.
    Seen them in Glasgow a few days ago. They came on late and finished incredibly late. The difference from most people is that I expected this to happen! Who goes to a Guns show after all this time and goes crazy because "OH MY GOD! THEY CAME ON LATE!"? You know what Guns are like. You all know what Axl is like. But the man puts on a goddamn rock show. Yes it's a pain, but since when was Rock about going for a nice show and being back by bedtime?
    I love Guns music, especially the original band but i wouldnt pay to see this line up of fukin nobodies. my friends went to see them in liverpool and the knobhead was two hours late there as well.