Godsmack Complete Work on New Album

The band frontman Sully Erna comes up with the news, also promising to drop the first single off the record soon.

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Godsmack's Sully Erna has revealed that the band has completed work on its upcoming sixth album. Moreover, the singer promises that the disc's first single will be surfacing soon.

As Loudwire notes, Godsmack have been working on the album in earnest since November 2013, at which time they told fans they were in Florida writing for the new disc. The band has since posted a series of updates via its Facebook and Twitter pages, divulging additional progress details along the way.

Today (April 20), Erna took to his personal Facebook page to deliver the big news that work is done on the new disc. He writes the following:

"We are officially DONE recording! And this record is BAD A-S! Haven’t been this excited in awhile! Hope u all love it! 1st single out soon!"

Last week, Erna revealed that the band had tracked 15 songs and were in the process of choosing 10 of those tunes for the new album:

"Just finished tracking 15 songs Fri. New record is gonna crush!! Now it's just a matter of picking the best 10! New Godsmack coming soon!"

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    I'm looking forward to this one as well. Godsmack is a band that cops a lot of flack from people for releasing the "same album" over and over. Bands like AC/DC and Slayer do the same thing but nobody ever condemns them for it. Not sure why it's cool to bash on these guys. They're good at what they do, yes their songs aren't technically difficult for the most part but in my opinion they write really good hard rock tunes.
    I don't know if it's "cool" to bash on Godsmack but they sure are terrible. AC/DC and Slayer have made some similar records but at least they were GOOD records. Godsmack have been releasing the same garbage since the late 90's. I can usually find SOMETHING to like about just about any band or artist but Godsmack has always been one of the few exceptions for me. I couldn't stand them 15 years ago and I can't imagine them doing anything worth noticing now.
    Nice! We haven't had a godsmack cd in a while. Hope they try some different stuff this time around. The last one was still good, but kinda more of the same and nothing too original.
    silent caution
    I love this band, Sully is really awesome. I dont know how people say they sound the same every album, i mean sure its similar 'cause thats how they sound...but its the not the same album, give it a listen next time
    Regurgitated Radio Friendly Mainstream Metal. If it is anything like the first three albums, I will be a fan again.
    I'm reading these comments while shaking my head. Get over yourself people, it is a Godsmack album. You listen, you nod your head and move on.
    you already heard the new Godsmack on every album they already did..worst band of the century..Sully is the worst lyricist ever
    You obviously haven't seen them live
    Agreed! I'm not really a huge Godsmack fan, but I saw them at a music festival a few years back, and was very happy with their live performance.
    I saw them with Deftones, and they put on a very energetic and killer live show. They also had some very cool stage scenery.
    Actually man I have when they played on Mayhem Festival a few years ago and honestly they bored me to death. None of them looked like they were happy to be there beside the drummer and the drum solo and encore was really the only good part of their show. I don't know if it was an off night for them or what but I rest my case.
    Actually I was at the Mayham fest too and they totally blew disturbed out. I wasn't a fan before, but I am now.
    I saw them at rock on the range 2010 and left halfway through their set. It was just average and unexciting. I'm more of a progressive brutal metal fan nowadays but I still enjoy godsmack from time to time. I may have grown out of that radio rock metal stuff but godsmack is better than most of the others.
    It's unfortunate you saw a rare occurrence. They're actually known for their great live performances. I saw them at Earthday Birthday a couple years back. They were a little late, but they kicked ass all the way through. It was cool to see the dueling drums in person
    actually I have seen them live....Get away, go away, stay away, up up and away.....
    They are terrible aren't they? A really shitty Alice ripoff… always have been.
    I know that people say this about nearly every band on the face of the earth, but I think Godsmack's first album will always be their best. It just had it's own vibe. Simple stuff, but it had a raw energy to it, and I thought that it would be a breath of fresh air amidst all the ridiculous "dark/edgy posterboy" rock of the late 90s - early 2000s. Of course, it didn't turn out to be that at all, but... still better than Nickelback.
    Their "Awake" and "IV" albums will always stand out to me as their best ones
    I wonder if the 5 songs they end up leaving off will be on the special edition version or will they save them for some future release or just not release them at all? It's becoming an annoyance how a lot of bands say they've recorded 15+ songs, 10 end up on the record, 1 or 2 as bonus tracks, and then the rest never see the light of day. As a fan of a band, you'd like to hear everything the band has recorded, not just a fraction of it.
    many bands draw from older music when they put out a new album. VH's latest is a perfect example. The majority of A Different Kind of Truth is taken from the 1976 demo they did for Gene Simmons. Matter of fact, the original demo version of Shes the Woman had a part that was used on Mean Street from Fair Warning. The version of Shes the Woman on the latest disc is basically the same as the original 76 demo except for the part that was lifted for Mean Street....you'd be surprised how many bands reuse material written for earlier albums
    They seem to go about being a band in the right kindve way. My favorite band and as for their "lack" of change in music. They create music for their fan base, Ernas solo album was amazing. They're good at doing cover songs and of the bands left from the 90s they're the only ones left standing. Ie: korn, disturbed, nickel back, mudvayne, linkin park, drowning pool, and ofcourse AIC. They made AIC a overhyped band who had a soulless frontman. F You AIC.