Godsmack Frontman's Movie Debut Details Surface

"Army of the Damned" DVD release scheduled for January, film poster inside.

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Godsmack frontman Sully Erna's film debut "Army of the Damned" is officially scheduled for January 14 DVD release, following an early December 3 video-on-demand premiere. As Blabbermouth reports, the movie's storyline revolves around a reality TV crew following a group of cops as they receive a domestic disturbance call and suddenly face a situation where they either must survive or join a horde of warriors from hell known as the army of the damned. "This is my first lead in a movie and it's cool," Erna told Dread Central about Tom DeNucci-directed feature. "It's an action/horror and there's some good sarcastic New England humor in it. They put me together with three other cops that play beside me. Everyone has such a different personality and it's really, really cool how we play off each other," the singer added. The film also features Michael Berryman from "The Hills Have Eyes," as well as pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer, TNT wrestling diva Thea Trinidad, Joey Fatone of N'Sync fame and Jackie Moore from "Homeland" and "30 Rock." Check out the movie poster below and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Right where this dork belongs... in a cornball overdone zombie movie with pro rasselin' tarts and clowns from N'Sync. God smack can do the soundtrack and the Affliction tee crowd will eat it up.
    every time he kills a zombie, cryin like a bitch or i f***king hate you will play as the soundtrack
    "..they either must survive or join a horde of warriors from hell" What kind of choice fail is that?
    Gene Simmons should have been in this to make the cheeseball factor come full circle.