Gojira: 'We Want To Tour With Tool, Meshuggah And Deftones'

Frontman Joe Duplantier talks dream tour mates.

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Joe Duplantier has been talking to Loudwire about his dream tour line-ups in a new interview, stating that the band would love to hit the road with Tool, Meshuggah and Deftones.

"Tool, Meshuggah [and] Deftones for the big ones, and then a lot of small bands that we're just curious on how it would fit like Genghis Tron, it's a f--ed up name but the band is interesting. Dub Trio is another one I would love to tour with, and Rage Against The Machine of course, I'm not sure if they tour still."

The singer also noted that the band's stop recent in Vancouver was a highlight of their 2013 tour:

"Vancouver was definitely a great moment on this tour I don't know why there was a vibe that day. I know that when we sell out a venue it's always a nice feeling and last time we played in Vancouver is was 2009 and it was 500 people. This time it was 1,400 and it was sold out this is just an example of what's going on for us right now."

Duplantier goes on to say, "We double, sometimes triple the size of crowds compared to just a couple of years ago and this is without touring like mother f--ers. Our partners usually say, 'You guys need to tour! If you stop touring five minutes then you lose your fans.' It's like, 'You know what, our fans are really into our music, they're very dedicated.' Im sure they will be there next time and it's proving that they are."

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    That'd be a hell of a show, & I think it could happen: Stef likes Meshuggah, Gojira have collaborated with Fredrik, Meshuggah has toured with tool before, so it seems extremely feasible. I'd love for this to happen.
    Add Devin Townsend and this list of amazing bands is complete!
    http://loudwire.com/gojira-devin-townsen... Astute observation tour's over now but they play together quite a lot. Hope they bring this show to the UK at some point, last time I saw Gojira it was through a tent flap due to how packed out third stage was at Sonisphere, would jump at an opportunity to see them again properly.
    Drop Deftones and you'd have one hell of a show.
    Deftones are great, man.
    Yep, might even get Passenger live.
    Big Day Out 2011 had Deftones and Tool but unfortunately Maynard didn't guest for Passenger.
    Manic Compression gets a listen from me at least once a week. Quicksand, and Hum underrated bands of the 90's. Never got their due.
    I'd either add Opeth to this or remove the Deftones until Chi is back on stage.
    Sergio Vega is a fantastic bassist, I've seen Deftones twice with him on bass and I really can't think of anyone better for the job, both times I was blown away, they're still amazing live. I can't wait for Chi Cheng to be back behind the strings, but 'Tones didn't choose Vega arbitrarily, I've actually met the dude, as well as the rest of Deftones (minus Chino and of course Chi) and the reason they hired him was how much his prior band Quicksand had influenced 'Tones. Vega's a legend, on and off stage, and I can't stress enough how much I recommend listening to Quicksand if you haven't already, I didn't know anything about them but when the freakin' Deftones recommend you a band you don't forget about it. The album Manic Compression is the definition of underrated, GO FORTH AND LISTEN TO IT.
    What this guy said about Sergio, plus the two albums they've done with him have been fantastic, some of their best material.
    I was at the Vancouver concert. It was ****ing AMAZING! By far one of the best concerts I have ever been to. And they were stage diving at the end. Also got to meet them before the concert, pretty cool guys.