Gojira: 'We Want To Tour With Tool, Meshuggah And Deftones'

artist: Gojira date: 03/11/2013 category: music news
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Gojira: 'We Want To Tour With Tool, Meshuggah And Deftones'
Joe Duplantier has been talking to Loudwire about his dream tour line-ups in a new interview, stating that the band would love to hit the road with Tool, Meshuggah and Deftones. "Tool, Meshuggah [and] Deftones for the big ones, and then a lot of small bands that we're just curious on how it would fit like Genghis Tron, it's a f--ed up name but the band is interesting. Dub Trio is another one I would love to tour with, and Rage Against The Machine of course, I'm not sure if they tour still." The singer also noted that the band's stop recent in Vancouver was a highlight of their 2013 tour: "Vancouver was definitely a great moment on this tour I don't know why there was a vibe that day. I know that when we sell out a venue it's always a nice feeling and last time we played in Vancouver is was 2009 and it was 500 people. This time it was 1,400 and it was sold out this is just an example of what's going on for us right now." Duplantier goes on to say, "We double, sometimes triple the size of crowds compared to just a couple of years ago and this is without touring like mother f--ers. Our partners usually say, 'You guys need to tour! If you stop touring five minutes then you lose your fans.' It's like, 'You know what, our fans are really into our music, they're very dedicated.' Im sure they will be there next time and it's proving that they are."
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