Google: New Concert Listings Feature

artist: Google date: 02/27/2012 category: music news
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Google: New Concert Listings Feature
Google has launched a new feature which will now display concert listings when users search for their favourite bands or artists. The new feature will now update users of nearby venues and links to sites offering tickets for sale for the searched music act. Google product manager Kavi Goel said in a blog post: "To me, music is best heard live, so it's always exciting to find out that a band I love is coming to town." "If they aren't touring near you, the new results for concerts won't appear, but if the band happens to be coming to your town within the next few months, you can see the concert dates listed under the band's official website. "You can then click on the band's official site to learn more or click on other web pages to learn more about the event or to buy tickets." Ticket links will come mostly major ticket sites, though the feature enables website owners can have their concert dates included. Thanks for the report to
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