Google Slammed For Supporting Piracy

artist: Google date: 07/25/2012 category: music news
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Google Slammed For Supporting Piracy
UK musicians have slammed Google and other search engines for helping aid piracy in an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron this week. The group calling for more action to battle music piracy include Queen guitarist Brian May, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and members of The Who. The letter says search engines and broadband companies "must play their part in protecting consumers and creators from illegal sites." It calls on David Cameron to implement and enforce measures set out in 2010, which includes cutting off internet access to those who illegally download music. The measures are currently set to come into force in 2014. Google has recently been targeted by the music industry for making it too easy to find illegal file sharing sites, but the search engine claims it already removes millions of links every month. Speaking last week, BPI leader Geoff Taylor said: "Once we've told Google 100,000 times that a particular site is illegal, we don't think that site should be coming above iTunes and Spotify in the results." Google responded by saying it should not be responsible for deciding what sites are acting legally, and insist it would be more effective to remove advertising opportunities for the sites that host illegal content. What do you think? Could Google do more to block piracy? Share your opinion in the comments.
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