Gotye Is Top Single Seller For 2012

Singer beats Carly Rae Jespen in UK top 10.

Ultimate Guitar

"Somebody That I Used To Know", the mega selling single from New Zealand based Gotye, has been revealed as the UK's biggest selling track for 2012. The Official Charts Company has released their top ten for this year. Gotye's track, which entered the UK singles chart at #1 back in February, has so far sold 1.28 million copies. "Somebody That I Used To Know" is one of just 123 songs to have scored over a million sales in the chart's 60 year history. The current top ten list is as follows:

1. Gotye ft. Kimbra - "Somebody That I Used To Know" 2. Carly Rae Jespen - "Call Me Maybe" 3. Fun. ft. Janelle Monae - "We Are Young" 4. Davd Guetta ft. Sia - "Titanium" 5. Nicki Minaj - "Starships" 6. Jessie J - "Domino" 7. Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa - "Payphone" 8. Flo Rida ft. Sia - "Wild Ones" 9. Psy - "Gangnam Style" 10. Emeli Sandé - "Next to Me"

There is no guarantee that these figures will remain unchanged for the rest of the year, as December is traditionally a month for record breaking sales.

This week's UK singles chart has seen a surprise re-entry from Aussie rockers AC/DC, whose back catalogue was re-released on iTunes last week. "Back in Black", which was first a single for the band in 1980, re-entered the chart at at #53.

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    lol, when are you guys gonna stop trying to be cool with this whole "constantly rage against anything that isn't rock/metal" thing
    So many "featurings". Can't say I know half the artists on this list, but I did buy "Somebody." If anyone mainstream song was to get this title, I'm glad it was Gotye.
    Gotye isn't New Zealand based, he's from Australia. Kimbra is from New Zealand. Damn it Ultimate Guitar, get your shit together.
    Call Me Maybe has got to be one of the worst songs... it just keeps repeating and repeating. And if that's #2, then it doesn't take much to be #1. Apparently a lot of young teen girls buying records out there.
    Since I usually avoid the radio and television, especially when it comes to music, I never got tired of this song ( I've heard its airplay time is absurd ). I've got to hand it to Gotye though; it's not a song I consider shit. I actually think it's enjoyable to listen, especially compared to the ****storm that is the 2012 commercial music. I'd probably have the urge to stab my ears if I was napalmed with it everyday though.
    i totally agree. hell the first time i heard the song, it was on a ROCK station. before it exploded. then it was annoying to hear the tween pop-lovers on my bus sing it out loud to the terrible radio station that's playing it. but it is a good song, i like it.
    This is sickening
    Yeah, it's sickening that a musician who writes and records all his own music in a studio he built in his parent's back yard can achieve international success with an independently released record. Please. You don't like something, so it's sickening? You are not the target market for everything. As a small-time local musician and an Aussie, I'm proud of Gotye, and wish him nothing but success.
    Gotye is one of the most talented musicians around. Perhaps that song isn't his best but his other stuff is gold.
    i'll give you its better than most music these days, because he uses some real instruments.
    Gotye is the only artist on this list I can respect. Then again, he's the only artist.
    well Fun. is on the list and i consider them to be actual artists. their singer is actually insanely good. a lot of people compare em to queen. problem is, the band is pretty average while the lead singer shines, whereas every member in queen was great... god damn i love brian may
    Talented programmer, probably, but his overall aesthetic and song writing is steeped in hipster-ish irony. Also, he just records dull music.
    Hate him if you will, but I'm sure as hell glad that he's ahead of a long list of total fakers.
    Gotye deserves it big time, he plays all the instruments on his songs and has been slogging it hard in aus for ages until he got any sort of success. by the way his other songs are better, a lot less pop orientated.
    Wow, didn't expect this guy to get so much hate. It's a very solid song if you ask me, I'd much prefer this over Nicki Minaj or Jessie J. Sure, we've all been bombarded to hell with the song but I still enjoy hearing it.
    This is a classic examPle of people hating a song simply because it's popular. It's an alright song, very Peter gabriel-y and kinda clever in it's story. You don't have to like it, but I'm sure you'd all prefer this to Carly Rae jepson. I would hope his popularity indicates a shift in pop music rather than the way things are now
    the strings on that carly rae japseye track sound quite nice. this, and the fact tha it'd ruin her are the only two good things about that track.
    Mr Brownst0ne
    maybe it's just me but did anybody else think that that Gotye song is incredibly overrated? how it got so much attention and praise is beyond me.
    you know, im so ****ing thankful for the internet giving exposure to smaller and independant artists so we dont all have to listen to trash like this on other mediums, such as tv or radio. its all pre-packaged and cliche with the sole purpose of making as much money as possible for the fat cats who are at the top of the "big three"
    (Sorry or the spaming it keeped asking me to enter those damn "confirm you're not a robot" codes and then posted everything at once.) -_-
    Emily sande is quite a talented singer to be fair , but you guys probably don't consider vocals a talent.
    I'm ok with this. Making Mirrors is a stellar indie pop album, and that single is catchy as hell. As for anyone jumping on the Gotye hate bandwagon, check out his album Like Drawing Blood. Much more abrasive and ambitious.
    gotye is not so bad!...but the rest of the list...oh my god janice!
    Goddammit UG, he's Australian. His collaborator Kimbra is the kiwi. Also, if you're still complaining you don't know who he is, forget this song and check out his album 'Like Drawing Blood'. That ought to appease the hipster in all of you.