Grammys Producer on Trent Reznor Rant: 'I'm Sorry He Was Upset'

Not exactly an apology as most media outlets report.

Ultimate Guitar

Grammys executive producer Ken Ehrlich recently addressed Trent Reznor's "heartfelt f--k you" rant following the cutoff of ceremony's all-star jam featuring QOTSA, NIN, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham.

Although most media outlets have reported the story as a direct apology to Trent, this wasn't exactly the case. "I'm sorry he was upset," Ehrlich told the Hollywood Reporter. "I was really thrilled that we were finally getting him on the Grammys. The final jam started with Arcade Fire a few years ago, and LL Cool J last year.

"I want to end on a high, an up note," Ken added. "I did tell them we'd take it as long as we could. The number was about five, six minutes long, and we got to within a minute twenty of the end. We got as close as we could possibly get."

As reported, soon after the jam's credits cutoff, Reznor tweeted: "Music's biggest night ... to be disrespected. A heartfelt f--k you guys."

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    I don't think a minute and 20 seconds more would have killed them to air.
    Mud Martian
    On the flip side of that, is a minute and 20 seconds more worth killing for? I don't think so. I think this is an enormous exaggeration akin to a child throwing a tantrum at bedtime. Sure, the networks blow, the attention span of the masses blow, etc. etc. I'm with everyone on that. But a minute and 20 seconds on the Grammys? Nowhere near enough people care. Lol. Otherwise, they would've played the extra minute and 20 seconds.
    Like they'd sacrifice even a split of ad money, guys it's how networks operate. Rock wasn't treated well but I don't know why it's such a big deal, as if the Grammys were anything more than about mainstream music. When rock was popular they were getting awards, now hip hop and pop people are getting them, follow the money kind of mentality.
    Mud Martian
    When it comes down to business, what the majority likes and wants is the most important factor. Supply and demand is the basis for all consumerism, after all. I've never believed in judging a band based on their popularity or their income, and indeed, awards should not be granted based on those factors. However, once an award ceremony is televised, you have to account for the number of people viewing. And that being the case, you need to award acts who are popular to bring in the greatest number of viewers. These are just facts. Does it suck? Sure, of course it sucks, but if you run a major network or coordinate one of the most famous award ceremonies in America, this is how you have to do it to be successful. A great teacher of mine once told me that the greatest guitar player you'll ever hear may be your UPS delivery guy. Everyone's favorite bands and artists will still be great and talented, even if they aren't universally recognized for it.
    This sounds like when your parents apologize to you because you called them on being terrible. "I'm sorry you don't agree with my choices" "I'm sorry you're upset with me." "I'm not actually sorry for what I did."
    I'm sorry that I'm a bellend.
    Did NOT see that one coming. Well played, Burnt Gay Man.
    "He's not gay!"
    I have a calendar with pictures of naked ladies home.
    Despite not knowing what bellend means (sorry if I'm an illiterate douche) but I think this is WAY better than someone going around and apparently tipping his or her fedora.
    It's not the producer's job to apologize to Trent Reznor, it's his job to make sure the show runs smoothly and in the time allotted to it.
    Pretty much. Plus, all respect to Trent Reznor, but it's the freaking Grammys. Don't worry about it - not worth your time. I'd be more surprised if they didn't cut them off.
    Just looking at that Ken bloke just reinforces why I care so little for the Grammys. He looks like a cave troll.
    Way Cool JR.
    These kind of events run on a very tight time schedule. These kind of things happen and people need to accept that. There's nothing to b*tch about here IMO. Sounds to me that things were made clear to them from the beginning.
    Yes I agree about the time schedule, which is why they should have been more strict with other people on the show, rather than ****ing with well respected musicians, who were not the reason the show was running late. Much respect to Reznor for saying **** you, and hopefully if they ask you to appear again, you say **** you.
    The sad part is that if it were a collaboration between pop stars, it would have aired for about 20 minutes. I agree with Reznor 110%
    The performance only went for four and half minutes didn't it? They got cut off with plenty of time left and the song only goes for like an extra 30 seconds. Producer is an ass
    The only reason for this apology is so the Grammys don't look bad, not because they give a shit.
    Every year they cut the last act off. It's not like this was specific to Trent Reznor. Not to mention the fact that they played the entire NIN song. Queens of the Stone Age got cut.
    "I'm sorry he was upset" - sounds like a direct apology to me, so not sure it isn't 'exactly' an apology to Reznor? Also the guys clearly explained why it happened - the televised version of the Grammy's isn't scheduled an indefinite amount of time. They were clearly running close to the allocated finish time and had to cut. Think this is being blown into a bigger story than it actually is.
    There's a difference between "I'm sorry I did it" and "I'm sorry you didn't like it". The latter basically meaning "Whatever".
    It's exactly the same as "Sorry you feel that way." Which is an attempt to make the other person of the conversation feel bad about how they reacted or felt...but that's horses*** because Trent has every reason to be upset. I was pissed when one second I'm watching QOTSA and the next I see an add for Delta Airlines. I was like "da' f*** is this?"
    He didn't apologize for what he did, he basically said "tough shit, I told you 5 minutes and that's what you got". It's the classic fake apology just so you can say you apologized.
    I am sure that the 13 and 14 year olds that watch the grammy's could care less if the set was cut short.
    It was a jam. It could have gone on forever, Professional s know you work to exact timings.
    What a total colossal ****ing twat. If it was Miley or etc, THEY wouldn't have been cut. Besides My God is the Sun isn't even that long, they would have finished maybe 2 minutes late. Rant over.