Great Things Will Happen for Faith No More in 2015, Band Hints

Does it mean we have to brace ourselves for a new album?

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Faith No More's reunion tour has again come to and end, but this time with an apparently much brighter future.

If the new material they played this summer wasn't a big enough hint, the group posted the following tweet yesterday:

The Reunion Tour is over; in 2015 things are going to change.

- Faith No More (@FaithNoMore) August 19, 2014

The exact meaning of the tweet is a subject to speculation, it could mean anything from new tours to new album. Faith No More have previously hinted at new music and even played two new songs live recently.

Clearly, they're not just practicing old tunes but jamming on some new ones, maybe enough for a full album? But it also could be more gigs – they've already been confirmed for 2015's Soundwave Festival in Australia but there's still a chance Mike Patton & co are through with reunion shows and will actually have a new album to promote.

Do you think Faith No More could come up with a new record next year? Let us know in the comments.

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    So excited about this. Such an amazing band!
    matteo cubano
    Faith no more is not bad but amazing?
    Yes it is, each album of them was great and different, with different styles mixed with so much success. I love The Real Thing. And Patton sounds like he's even better now than 20 years ago.
    FNM new album would not disappoint. Jon Hudson is the man by the way.
    A new Faith No More album would be amazing. I get worried about great bands making a "comeback" record after being inactive for years but if Alice in Chains and Carcass can do I have a good feeling that FNM can do it. The new songs that I have sounds great. Faith No More has always been on a different level than any of their peers as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait!
    God I hope so. Not a fan of Jon Hudson, but I'll take it! If Trey Spruance would return & actually tour with them I would die from happiness.
    If Trey Spruance would return... ...then screw FNM* and make new Mr. Bungle record! *I like FNM, but I love Mr. Bungle.
    I'll never forget when I saw Mr. Bungle for the first time. It was at a SOAD show and I didn't know they were going to be there. After they finished their set I was like, "WTF did I just witness?" LOL. Loved it!
    I had the exact same experience seeing them with SOAD on the Sno-Core 2000 tour in SLC.
    I'm pretty stoked. Not sure why some people are down on Jon Hudson. Seems like a perfectly good guitarist
    Just listened to their new songs performed live. Gotta say, I'm actually both looking forward to any new material, but at the same, nervous.
    I really loved their album from their beginning to Angeldust. Now I am curious.
    A new Faith No More album is exactly what the severely lacking and uninspiring rock/metal community needs!!
    One of my favourite bands. The breakdown on jizzlobber is one of hard rocks finest moments. Still gives me goosebumps. King for a one of my favourite songs. When I hear it I am a student again. X.