Green Day Bassist Mike Dirnt to Produce Indie Film

Dirnt will help bring "Crickets" to life.

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Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt has signed on to produce the film "Crickets," according to reports (via NME).

Billboard says that Dirnt and Green Day manager Pat Magnarella will co-produce the flick, which was written by Alfredo Botello and focuses on the story of two estranged brothers. One of the siblings, an aspiring stand-up comic, is diagnosed with a terminal illness and asks his office worker brother to brave the stage and perform his material for him as a final request.

It was reported in May of this year that Dirnt's wife was battling breast cancer. Speaking about his decision to become involved with the film, the bassist said that the relationship between the brothers felt "very real" and added: "I've been – and a lot of people have been – affected by illnesses and it's a very relatable thing."

Earlier this year, Green Day said they planned to take a "break" after finishing their Australian tour in March of this year. Speaking to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, Billie Joe Armstrong said: "We haven't really been doing much, so it's just nice to kind of do some other things, y'know. When we get ready to do Green Day again, our batteries will be charged."

Armstrong and Norah Jones released an Everly Brothers tribute album, "Foreverly," in November 2013. The track-by-track homage to the Everly Brothers' own 1958 LP, "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us," was recorded in nine days at The Magic Shop studio in Manhattan.

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    Ive had many family members die from cancer. And i have to say this disease is truly a terrible thing to deal with. Im only 17, and my grandmother and several cousins have passed from it. Neighbors and countless family friends. Everyone will more than likely at least know someone who has or had this disease in their lifetime.everyone should be aware of how common this disease actually is and everyone should do their part to bring awareness to this disease...just my two cents