Green Day Bassist Talks Future: 'It's Important to Make More Records'

"I'm just a dirty white boy that wants to play his f--king music in whatever sh-tty fashion I can," says Mike Dirnt.

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With almost a year passing since frontman Billy Joe Armstrong's Las Vegas stage outburst and the following rehab, Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt stated that the band has since recuperated and is now fully back on track.

During a chat with the Age, Dirnt stressed the importance of charging forward and working on new music. "It's pretty awesome right now," he said. "Before it was tense ... it was chaos [touring the world after] coming right out of recording ["Uno," "Dos" and "Tre"]."

The bassist explained further, "Now we've had time to let the dust settle and get our sh-t together, we're ready to tour and play. [But] we're going to take some breaks in between so we don't kill ourselves. It's important for this band to make more records."

Mike also focused on Armstrong's alcoholism issues, pointing out that health always comes first. "From a personal point of view, there were doubts [about our future, but] my friends' lives come before the band," he noted.

"As much as the band is part of our lives ... we have to be healthy mentally and physically and what we do on stage is not easy, it carries a lot of responsibility, and it carries a lot of physical stress and mental stress. At this point, [Green Day] is held to a higher bar than we would have been a long time ago."

Finally, Dirnt made it quite clear where his loyalty lies. "I feel a responsibility to be faithful to myself," he said. "If that sounds narcissistic, I know where I come from; I need to be who I am ... I keep one foot in the gutter. Sometimes, I want to put the other foot on a mountain. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

"[But] at the end of the day, I'm just a dirty white boy that wants to play his f--king music in whatever sh-tty fashion I can," the bassist concluded.

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    Why doesn't UG know by now that it's Billie and not Billy?
    Because everytime they spell his name correctly, they can't resist writing "meltdown" in the following few words
    I am still at a loss about how they called it an "outburst" this time. It only took a year for them to finally stop using "meltdown"!
    It's "Billie" not "Billy." The guy has only been famous what, 20 years? You'd think people writing news articles would know this by now, or at least bother to check.
    I like Green day but I really couldn't get into Uno,Dos and Tre. It felt like too much filler for me.
    Jacques Nel
    I actually like their old stuff, but they became way too 'radio friendly' sounding (just my opinion) when American Idiot dropped.
    American Idiot is a great album from start to finish. but yeah, it was very "poppy" in comparison to everything before. It then felt like 21st Century Breakdown was just a copy of American Idot, and thats when I think they started to get boring. IMO.
    21st Century Breakdown has some good songs on it, but I definitely agree with you. It does have a bit of a re-hash quality to it. "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" and "East Jesus Nowhere" are my personal favorites from the album.
    Warning has already been quite poppy. Even nimrod did not sound a lot like the heavier stuff they did before that. I think it's pretty interesting that the band also doesn't really like 21BD too much..
    Personally, I like Insomniac. It kept the punk intact, while also being heavy.
    "At the end of the day, I'm just a dirty white boy that wants to play his f--king music in whatever sh-tty fashion I can." Welcome to the club.
    Hey Green Day, how about that 3000 show tour you were talking about? When is the U.S. going to see you?