Green Day Debut Brand New Material At Tiny La Club Show

Green Day debuted brand new material and played a host of classic tracks at an intimate, fans only club show in Los Angeles last night (July 6).

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Green Day debuted brand new material and played a host of classic tracks at an intimate, fans only club show in Los Angeles last night (July 6).

The punk band took to the stage just after 10pm (PST) and played for two hours, opening with "Welcome To Paradise" and "American Idiot", before serving up new material from their upcoming "¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!" album trilogy. Fans had been camping outside the Echoplex since 5am. Tickets for the tiny club gig went on sale the morning of the show, selling out in seconds.

After playing the opening two numbers, which incited a mosh pit and saw the excitable crowd yelling along with every word, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong asked: "Well how are you?... Are you ready for some new f--king songs?"

The band then broke into "Nuclear Family", "Stay The Night", "Carpe Diem" and "Oh Love", all of which are taken from "?Uno!", which is released on September 24. After playing "Stay The Night", a grinning Armstrong, who was sporting a fitted black shirt with x's on the front asked the crowd: "What's wrong with this picture? What's wrong with this picture?" before answering himself and to cheers from the audience: "There's absolutely nothing wrong with this picture!"

After playing "Oh Love" the new album's first single - Armstrong sighed and said "Ah, I feel like playing that again!" He then took a fan's pair of rainbow coloured sunglasses and put them on briefly, before playing "Murder City". Later in the set, the band played "Kill The DJ" and "Let Yourself Go", which also feature on the first album in the forthcoming trilogy.

As well as new songs, Green Day played a host of early material, including "Christie Road", "Welcome To Paradise", "2,000 Light Years Away", "Longview" and "She". They also slipped the riff from Black Sabbath"s "Iron Man" into the set.

Later in the show, drummer Tre Cool came out from behind the drums and swapped places with Armstrong in order to play "Dominated Love Slave", from the band's 1992 album, "Kerplunk".

Green Day will play headline shows at Japan's Summer Sonic festival and France's Rock En Seine later this month, as well as three shows in Germany in late August. They headline I-Day festival in Bologna, Italy on September 2.

Green Day played:

01. Welcome To Paradise 02. American Idiot 03. Nuclear Family 04. Stay The Night 05. Carpe Diem 06. Oh Love 07. Murder City 08. Hitchin' A Ride 09. 2,000 Light Years Away 10. Knowledge 11. J.A.R. 12. Wild One 13. Dominated Love Slave 14. Kill The DJ 15. Let Yourself Go 16. Christie Road 17. She 18. Longview 19. Brain Stew 20. St Jimmy 21. Holiday 22. Give Me Novacaine 23. Stray Heart 24. Wild One 25. It's F--k Time

Thanks to NME for the report.

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    1 song from '21st Century Breakdown' and not an actual single, 4 from 'American Idiot', nothing from 'Warning', and the rest is all pre-Nimrod (even 'Kerplunk' !!) or new. Their next tour might be more interesting than I thought!
    There's HD videos up on YouTube of a few of the new songs, and they are amazing, I promise you that.
    Their sets for the next tour are gonna be so good. Can't wait. They seemed over-rehearsed and focused too much on more recent stuff around the time of American Idiot, the sets improved for the 21stCB tour... Hopefully this will be as it should be.
    Sid McCall
    That setlist gave me a wicked woody. Knowledge folled by J.A.R.? DAMN! Definitely gonna have to catch them on tour this time around!
    I'll hopefully be able to get a ticket to their next tour. The 21st Century Breakdown shows looked like a hell of a laugh, for the band and the crowd.
    oh Love is awful. What are they doing? I hope the other new stuff is way better. Still not giving up on these guys yet.
    Listened to some of their new stuff.. man they can't get enough of the f word can they? Maybe they should hang it up now.