Green Day Frontman Returns To Stage After Months Of Rehab

Billie Joe Armstrong makes his comeback with a special Green Day SXSW appearance at the Moody Theater in Texas.

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With months of rehab, tour cancellation and the infamous onstage meltdown well behind him, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has triumphantly returned to stage with the band's exclusive SXSW appearance at this year's festival edition in Austin, Texas.

After opening their set with the "99 Revolutions" track, Armstrong addressed his return to live performing by saying that "this is not a f--ing party, this is not a first date, it's not a bar mitzvah it's a celebration!"

With some of their biggest hits and occasional snippets of classic tracks such as AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" or "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses, the group kept the audience at the packed venue rocking throughout the entire set. The stage incident that took place seven months ago now seems long gone with the band obviously yearning to prove itself to the world once more. In a recent interview with the Rolling Stone magazine, the singer/guitarist admitted that at his lowest point, he "couldn't predict where he was going to end up at night".

Green Day were also busy promoting their two new documentaries - "Broadway Idiot" and "Cuatro!", with the second one focusing on making of the group's latest album trilogy consisting of "Uno!", "Dos!" and "Tre!" In related news, Armstrong is reportedly working on a Shakespeare rock adaptation called "These Paper Bullets". According to the New York Times, the latest Yale Repertory Theater production will feature the story of a band from Liverpool struggling in the world of music business with a premiere officially set for March 2014.

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    I can't believe it was 7 months ago. The way that UG rehashes the same story makes it seem like it wasn't all that long ago.
    And this is the third time UG reported about it.
    And they're with three and they just released 3 albums and it's the third month of the year and they've got only 3 songs I like... It's a conspiracy
    after reading this 3 times i realised three songs isn't much but then again making 3 albums in a year isn't that cool either, however this is gonna give me at least 3 thumbs down because i stole you're joke at least 3 times and i hit my head against a tree, no wait that killed it.
    I was the third thumb down, and I realized my post is three times as awesome.
    Geez dewd..lighten up.It amazes me how much people complain about UG articles yet they take time to read them then then seem to respond just to bitch and complain. Use your energy somewhere else in a positive way, like working on your music perhaps? Maybe thats a stretch. Or will this interfere with your way of life to bitch about nonsense? Yes I know I will get negative comments but I dont care. Work on being positive people.
    what's with the green day hate on every article? I read a lot of articles on UG and i don't exactly enjoy many of the bands but i don't hate them? I don't get this mentality, i mean, i know this is Ultimate-Metal dot com but seriously? If a band is famous and play music that isn't your cup of tea does it mean it's the worst band in the world? Fuck humanity. Edit: Seriously, if anyone could come up with rational and logical reasoning as to why this band affects their lives i would love to know and discuss in a civil humane manner
    It wasn't a meltdown. **** you UG
    I really don't think it was either but I'm pretty sure a bunch of sites were saying it was also
    I really think UG is calling it that because we keep saying it isn't just to irritate us.
    "Not knowing where you'll end up at night" doesn't exactly carry the same poignance when you're in one of the world's biggest bands. It's hard to imagine he ever ended up anywhere particularly uncomortable/depressing. I'm not dissing him I just don't see why that quote seems to be getting so much focus, I can't take it seriously!
    When you're struggling with addiction, it doesn't matter that you're famous. He's as human as we are.
    it was the most punk thing in recent rock history he should be congratulated and allowed to drink at every mainstream festival
    "Armstrong addressed his return to live performing by saying that "this is not a f--ing party, this is not a first date, it's not a bar mitzvah it's a celebration!" " Sounds like he's still sauced.
    Thrice Capades
    "Halfway through the set Billie became fed up with the crowd, so he ordered the band to play 21 Guns in an effort to induce a mass suicide." Source: Anybody with ears
    Aww, you think you're opinion counts as face, how cute
    Thrice Capades
    I'm having trouble deciding how to respond to this. Part of me wants to ask if you have any grasp of sarcasm, but when I see that you have no grasp on the English language it answers my question for me. So, instead, follow this link and enjoy all the splendors that literacy has to offer.
    oh christ..... now he is going to whine about it in every interview for years to come, like a little bitch
    Because they clearly have had so many interviews with him since then and he is constantly talking about it himself? It has been one interview and the media uses it over and over again. Don't blame him, blame the people who make these articles.
    Rehab? Ha! You mean burying your head until the heat died down over his whiney rant?
    No more like actually not drinking and doing pills, dealing with withdrawal and all that stuff. He really did have a problem, he has been an alcoholic since their Nimrod album, and he has been on pills since like '09.
    12 years is the least he should've stayed in rehab to get cured from blaming the music biz for the current state music's in.