Green Day Roll Tape in New Video for 'X-Kid'

The budget video simply features an image of a cassette tape playing the song.

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Green Day have unveiled the video for their new track, "X-Kid."

The budget video simply features an image of a cassette tape playing the song. The song is taken from "¡Tré!," the last album in the band's "¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré!" trilogy. Scroll down to watch the video.

The first record, "¡Uno!," was released in September while the second part, "¡Dos!," followed in November. "¡Tré!" came out earlier this month.

Green Day recently announced plans for the release of a film called "¡Quatro!".

"¡Quatro!" is a behind-the-scenes documentary, directed by Tim Lynch, and will premiere next year.

The film looks at the process behind the band's album trilogy, as well as showing footage from their Stateside shows.

Mike Dirnt, the band's bassist, has said (via NME): "¡Quatro! brings our fans one step closer by giving them even more access and revealing what it was like for us to make these records."

Green Day cancelled all their scheduled live appearances for the remainder of 2012 and early 2013 after frontman Billie Joe Armstrong checked into rehab.

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    I'm not a super Green Day fan, and I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I actually like it. I'm only 30, but am still old enough to have memories of purchasing cassette tapes and just watching the reel spin as I listened to my favorite bands. I feel that this video allows the viewer to really focus on the music (the important part) and creates an "old-school" feel for fans. Even younger fans who missed out on this experience can listen to the clicks and the rewinds and try to walk away with a bit of appreciation for how music was shared before the digital age. Thanks Green Day.
    My car is a '96, so I still have a tape deck. I love hitting up the thrift stores and picking up tapes for 50 cents. Brings me back to being a kid. So I too enjoy the video for it's nostalgia factor, which fits in with the lyrics of the song.
    I'm pretty sure they just said let's do one of those videos on youtube where they just show a record spinning but instead it'll be a cassette, we are Green Day - we stopped putting effort into our artistic endeavours in the 90's.
    I like it because I feel like I could have been watching this 15 years ago. It looks and sounds old school.
    So uh, pretty much a rehashed version of the Replacement's film clip to Bastards of Young.
    Green Day are all about blatant stealing. They just think nobodies heard of the Replacements or The Kinks (they stole the riff to Warning from Picture Book) except them because they are just so damn cool...I mean they walk a lonely road, the only road they've ever known... so deep.
    I'm feeling bad for you if you think that Boulevard of broken dreams is a top of GD's repertoire. And yeaaaah...The (Silver) Beatles were lyrical geniuses, were they?
    And I don't know about anyone else but I sort of get a Replacements vibe from the song in general
    Does anyone else find it strange how the trilogy is set up as: Uno - beginning of party Dos - middle of the party Tre - ending and cleaning up of party That's the concept they've been putting in everyone's head. Now after all these "party" concept records, the lead singer/guitarist is now in rehab. He must have taken the concept to a strange new reality.
    i would have said uno was more getting ready to go out to the party and dos was the party, amy at the end was the consequence
    Who cares about the video, this is simply a meaningful song and i think its sets the tone just right at the moment.
    X-Kid is easily my favorite song off of Tre!! It's a song that when I first heard the 1 minute preview of it, I couldn't help but think that it was one of the greatest songs i had ever heard and I hadn't even heard the whole song! The album itself is amazing as well
    Glad they got as much footage filmed in advance to make the videos for Uno, Dos, Tre as they had, and having created the additional videos which don't feature the band. I remember Stone Temple Pilots in the 90's being completely sidelined by Scott's drug issues and unavailability to make videos. Hopefully Billie Joe is doing well in recovery and able to pick up where they left off. Maybe he'll have a bunch of new songs written for the experience too.
    I also believe STP could rarely tour for most of the second part of their career, and no touring def kills a band, especially regarding having a new album and not being able to tour in support of it.
    i think this is awesome, im not a big green day fan, but this video is super original LOL
    Cool idea and all.. but I don't think kids today will understand the concept. Billie is kinda old school, he always keep things kinda simple. I didn't read the comments on the video but I can imagine people will say "worse video ever made..".
    Easily one of my favorites on the trilogy, along with Dirty Rotten Bastards, Missing You, Sex Drugs & Violence, Little Boy Named Train, Troublemaker, Wow That's Loud, Makeout Party, Fuck Time, Kill The Dj and Brutal Love
    everyone's like "oh i like this video so much it reminds me of the good old times blablabla" but although I'm a huge Green Day-Fan I think that it's just total bullshit! I mean I can understand that you liked the tapes back in the old days but to be honest who would want to watch a tape rolling 3 minutes long? :-P Amazing song though!
    its a concept its not "old school" what the song is aobut is billie joes friend who commited suicide the tape is a concept that when the tape comes to an end (i.e life) you can rewind and start it again (i.e a new life) its a complete concept yeah it would be great if there were clips of the band in there too
    Sounds like a metaphor rather than a concept. But I highly doubt this was the idea when they made this video, it is a cool interpretation though.
    "Hey, this Green Day song sounds new and different from all their other music!" said no one, ever
    Last ride in, take back, don't wanna fall in love, espionage, misery, rest, On the wagon again, You lied, Kill the DJ, Nightlife, Makeout party, Brutal love... Shut up, bitch.
    After uno and dos, both of which were 50/50 on good/bad songs, tre is a killer album. Maybe they should have just made 2 albums instead of 3. Either way, this is definitely one of the best tracks off all 3 albums.
    I kinda like this song! I guess it helps that I'm not that much into Green Day and have none of their albums but I'll definitely picking this one up! I like it! Better than 'Oh Love'!
    haha, saw it few days ago, cheap. Love GD though,my lfe long inspiration \m/
    Bruno mars has one pretty similar video but with a record machine.
    Yea but no one cares about Bruno Mars. He is one of most over-rated people in the music industry today.