Green Day: Singer Was 'Out Of His F--king Mind'

Bassist Mike Dirnt has revealed what it was like to be around singer Billie Joe Armstrong after he relapsed as an alcoholic last year.

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Bassist Mike Dirnt has revealed his side of Green Day's recent problems, describing it as "dealing with a sh-t show".

Their issues his a peak in September last year when frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was admitted to rehab after relapsing as an alcoholic, prompting an on-stage breakdown.

"It was very tense back there. They locked us in a room for about six hours," Dirnt told Rolling Stone. "I won't say 'locked'. But I didn't want to hang out in the hallway with everybody's entourage. I felt like a rat in a cage. It was a confined space with a lot of weird people around, people we didn't know wandering in and out.

"When Billie showed up, it was, 'You're not right. What's going on?' I kept an eye on things, and it just went progressively downhill. Me and Billie - we don't play like 12-year-olds anymore. But at one point, I was like, 'Let's goof around. Somehow, we ended up wrestling backstage. I thought, 'If I can just get some of this out of him...' But with the mood depressants and alcohol, it doesn't end up in a jovial party."

Dirnt adds that he's not mad about what Armstrong specifically said during his on-stage rant, and agreed with what he said. The problem, he says, was how Armstrong went about saying it. "I was watching my friend and going, 'You're out of your f--king mind'. And we were dealing with a sh-tshow," said Dirnt.

The bassist then tried to reason with him after the incident, but "then it turned to anger. Then it came full circle to 'I'm angry for what you're doing to you. Whatever the f--k is going on, that's not you, and it's gone so far down. You're doing it alone, and you're not letting us in.'"

Armstrong has been battling to stay sober after this period, during which he had so many drinks and prescription painkillers in his bag that it "sounded like a giant baby rattle."

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    A whole article about the incident without use of the word 'meltdown'? UG is making progress.
    they switched to Breakdown... which comes closer, but still it wasn't a breakdown.. he might've been drunk, but he was right about what he said in the video.
    21st Century Breakdown
    So you're suggesting that the whole ordeal is performance art?
    my opinion is that green day should shut the **** up and be a real band again instead of this tabloid shit. looking like stupid spoiled celebrities is the LEAST punk thing they've ever done. It wasn't a meltdown, or a break down. It was a temper tantrum from a grown man. BS.
    21st Century Digital Boy... Oops, that's a band that's still punk! I hope he gets back on track. Their recent years haven't been great, but they deserve respect at least for going at it for this long!
    K UG, I get it. Billie Joe was drunk when he decided to start throwing tantrums. Alcoholism sucks and I'm glad that he decided to clean his liver, but stop making a soap opera out of this, ffs.
    i think that pepole are making this a bigger deal than it needs to be, i mean really? guy gets drunk, and mocks justin beiber and suddenly the whole world flips. so he had some alchol problems, big whoop honestly what rockstar didnt have problems with drugs, dave mustaine had clinical death from cocaine and heroin overdose, and went to rehab over 10 times, a buntch of other pepole too, but no billie is a baddas because he got drunk and made fun of justin beiber still all respect to him and i hope he gets better, but just sayin its not such a big deal
    Yes, making fun of Bieber was bad-ass. Billie Joe waking up in a park (as a 40 yr old father) a few days before was not.
    It's easy to understand WHY it's been seen as such a big deal. We live in an age where 12 year olds can go on the internet and find out about these things and be all like "OH NOES! ALCOHOL AND DRUGS ARE BAAAAAD!" In comparison to the 80s, when bands like Motley Crue were constantly ****ed up, no one gave a shit. Partly because it wasn't broadcast everywhere since there wasn't really an internet as we know it now.
    well its big enough of a deal to get someone like you ranting about it. i thought it was pretty awesome.
    The most interesting thing about that NME article is that Mike accidentally lets slip that they were the Network. I don't think they've ever officially confirmed it before.
    Wow. That's awesome!! I adored that record - thought it was such a cool switch in style for them.
    The Rolling Stone article is a great read and it helps explain the whole situtation. BJ's problems were barely related to the incident or what he said. Don't pay attention to any other garbage about it.
    I really feel bad for Mr. Armstrong. Some people will argue and say "why do you feel bad for him? He's rich, famous, has it all, etc". Well, living on the road is a touch lifestyle. You are away from your family for long periods of time. Maybe he's having trust issues with his spouse. He doesn't get to see his kids grow up. Some people fail to see this.
    You guys really need to work on the titles of these articles. You may be trying to draw attention to it like this but youve made it seem like its about something entirely different. I clicked the link thinking it would be about Dirnt disassociating himself with Armstrong when in reality its about him showing his concern for his buddy.
    Those quotes are totally out of context. Especially the locked in a room part. What a horrendous article.... once again.
    Do not udnerstand why people are claiming he didn't have a meltdown?
    because he didn't. how would you react if you are 1 of the bigger rockbands in the world and your set is cut short, and you find ouy WHILE you are playing your show, because "usher" is more mainstream and gets more time that way? I wouldn't smash my guitar and all but I'd probably rant the same way he did.
    If I had enough money or a as many signature models as I wanted, I'd do all of it AND smash.
    If I had agreed to play a festival whether I was underneath Usher, I'd be fully aware that I won't be getting special treatment, play the gig like a professional and receive the money that was agreed upon beforehand. Basically, I'd act like a professional musician, not a six year old who's picked up the English language from listening in on their parents' arguments.
    "Dad, you're an embarrassment, please grow up" - Billie Joes 13 year old son.
    really?! i bet this is quote isn't made up at all!
    Comment gets -10 and reply that agrees with it gets +10. UG-ers' logic.
    Has anyone ever called you oblivious before, sir? I believe you may be suffering from extreme cranial density. You should contact your physician.
    I still think this is all a front for him to be able to get away with bashing Justin Bieber. Kudos to him either way!
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    Oh wow. Yes now release a new interview every other day. About how it was real and not staged. When Greenday made American Idiot they must have been talking about there fans because they buy everything that comes out of Greendays mouth. Open your eyes They have been Scheming you from the get go.